"Michael and Jim" Moments

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A few wholesome moments you might've forgotten about

"Michael and Jim" Moments
Goodbye Michael - Season 8, Episode 22

We all know that there are a lot of memorable moments in the Office, with many of the characters and their dynamics. Here are a few of my favorite Michael and Jim moments, and even though I do like the "Goodbye Michael" episode, I wanted to include ones that some of you might've forgotten about.

Spoilers ahead!

The Client - Season 2 Episode 7

This one is small and maybe even goes unnoticed, but both Michael and Jim are trying to have something with the women they care about: Michael with Jan and Jim with Pam. At the end of the episode, where both failed to establish something other than friendship or a fling, they both look up at each from their desks and shrug, as if to say, “Who gets them?”.

Email Surveillance - Season 2 Episode 9

Jim sends out an evite to everyone in the office about a BBQ he’s having at his place, but doesn’t invite Michael, in fear that he'd ruin the mood. He finds out though when a new IT comes and does an email surveillance, from which he finds out about Jim’s invitation. At the end though, when Michael gets back from a failed improv class, he shows up and everyone feels annoyed by him, especially when he starts to sing a duet karaoke solo. Jim steps up though and sings along with him.

Booze Cruise - Season 2 Episode 11

Michael takes everyone on a cruise as an analogy for his presentation on what’s important in sales. Motivated by what Captain Jack tells Michael and Dwight, Roy decides to set a date for his and Pam’s wedding. Jim is down by it, dumps Katie (purse lady) and steps outside. Michael, after causing a panic, gets cuffed outside and tells Jim that he should not give up on trying to be with Pam and that it doesn’t matter if she’s engaged.

The Convention - Season 3 Episode

Dwight and Michael head to the Mid-Market Office Supply convention in Philadelphia where they come across Jim, who now works at Stamford, and his current boss, Josh Porter. Michael decides to throw a party in his hotel room, but from all the people he invites, including Jan, nobody shows up. Except for Jim. Micheal and Jim have a talk about why he even left Scranton in the first place, a.k.a, being rejected by Pam.

Survivor Man - Season 4 Episode 7

After not being invited on a camping trip with corporate from Dunder Mifflin, even though Toby was, Michael decides to spend some time alone in the woods. He invites Jim, to which he declines, and has Dwight leave him there with only what he has on, duct tape and a knife. Michael, being taken care of by Dwight unknowingly, proves that he can’t survive on his own and gives up. Back at the office, Jim stays in charge and messes up the birthday party thing that Michael had going on. He and Michael have a moment of reflection when they realize that they both didn’t think they’d be spending their whole lives at Dunder Mifflin, but there they were.

Goodbye Toby - Season 4 Episode 14

After Toby’s awkward hand on Pam’s thigh situation leading him to announce that he is moving to Costa Rica, a new HR rep is transferred to Scranton, who will be a very important part of Michael’s future (hint, hint). Michael falls for her after a light conversation revealing how funny she is. Michael reveals to Jim that he’s in love with her, but Jim, worried that he’d just push her away, suggests to Michael that he should take it slow and become friends with her, just like he did with Pam. Good advice, Jim.

Koi Pond - Season 6 Episode 8

A funny episode in itself, it gets better as we see the two bickering over Michael’s position in Jim’s co-manager dilemma. After a corporate meeting, the two head back to the office with Michael soaking wet and in Jim’s extra business suit. Out of jealousy, Jim lets Michael fall into a koi pond, which results in the office making fun of him. After clearing out an issue revealed in a security camera Meredith was able to get, the two laugh it off and things go back to normal. As if there was such a thing as normal in Dunder Mifflin, Scranton.

Murder - Season 6, Episode 10

In panic that their branch will be shut down, Michael attempts to distract everyone with a game called Belles, Bourbon and Bullets, set in Savannah, Georgia. Jim thinks that everyone should try to stay focused on work, but Michael insists that they must solve the murder. After a small outburst in Michael’s office, Michael makes Jim understand that this game is all that the office has, so Jim decides to go along with the murder mystery.

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