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Marvel's biggest superhero headache, he will not be joining the marvel movie!

April 1939. In a landmark moment for Marvel, the first marvel superhero, Namor the Sea King, is born.

By 黄德新Published 10 months ago 3 min read

April 1939. In a landmark moment for Marvel, the first marvel superhero, Namor the Sea King, is born.

A fiery and aggressive sea Lord, Namor is not averse to assisting the overland world, but he will not keep peace when the natives invade his home. Extremely irritable personality, so namor has become the ground people love to hate meta-human.

An Atlantean, a king, a mutant, a hero, a villain who often threatens the world above ground...

Namor's identity and story are fraught with conflict, most notably with his Allies. It's hard for Namor to have a long-term honeymoon with the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, any superheroes on the ground.

It was Namor's violent temper, mixed feelings about good and evil, and vindictive personality that made him the biggest obstacle to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Namor and Captain America, conflicted war heroes

By the time Namor was born, war was already creeping into the real world. In the comics, Namor and war hero Captain America team up to fight the Nazis. His reasoning: The Axis armies were as much of a threat to the seas as they were to the Allies.

Namor, Along with Captain America and Bucky, becomes a world War II hero. However, in the process of team up, contradictions are also born. Namor has difficulty adapting to the customs and habits of various parts of the ground world, because of anger and anxiety, Namor and Captain America often quarrel.

Namor is arrogant, stubborn and proud. In the face of war, he always looks too optimistic because of his strong strength. Captain America tries to teach Namor the value of human lives and fallen comrades.

Namor, however, is ambivalent, mourning the loss of his comrades while despising these vulnerable and easily defeated warriors.

Namor and the Avengers, always on the break

After World War II, Namor's problems didn't go away, as his world War II comradeship with Captain America led him to join the Avengers as an unhelpful extra.

But Namor doesn't feel a sense of belonging to the Avengers, and he joins the group more because he trusts and admires Captain America.

Namor's power, influence, and status lead him to be invited by Iron Man to join earth's greatest organization, the Illuminati.

Iron Man once suggested that the Hulk be exiled into space, but Namor rejected the proposal, almost drowning him in the ocean after a heated debate.

Namor and the X-Men, a genetically bound friendship

Namor is the first mutant in Marvel comics history, and he has always had a good relationship with the X-Men. In Avengers v X-Men, Namor takes one of the Phoenix Force's five pieces from Iron Man and attacks the Avengers under the name of the X-Men. But compared to ocean blood, mutant genes aren't enough to give Namor everything he has.

Combined with the manga Namor's participation in various major events is summarized as follows:

Namor has a strong sense of responsibility, belonging and protection for its people. For the superhero on the ground, he befriends the X-Men because of his mutant identity; Working with the Avengers because of his friendship with Captain America; He joined the Illuminati because Namor wanted to make money.

Reckless, impetuous, arrogant, and stubborn, Namor is not destined to be a mainstream Marvel hero, even if he is the eldest son of marvel.

Namor and Marvel Movies

After Avengers: Infinity War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has entered its fourth phase, which is the phase of "tolerance".

Eternals, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel... All sorts of races, women's rights, and subcultures shine through in Marvel's fourth phase, and Namor is left out of that circle of inclusion.

The controversy and uncertainty surrounding Namor's caricature made marvel Studios loathe the bad boy who stirred up shit everywhere.

If Namor does make an appearance in a Marvel movie, marvel's much-maligned family-oriented production line could be turned upside down. Still, Namor may be the needle that breaks marvel's bottleneck.


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  • Gibbles10 months ago

    Namor has been set to appear in the MCU this November in Black Panther Wakanda Forever played by Tenoch Huerta. That news has been out for months.

  • Andrew C McDonald10 months ago

    Personally I always thought Namor was underdone in the overall Marvel Universe - comic or cinematic. With his pride, temper, and arrogance he does indeed present a conflicted version of hero / villain with the potential to go either way. I would love to see Namor play a larger role within the MCU as he could both be a redemption story as well as a tragic twist. By the way .. Namor is not an Aquaman copy and never was. Lol Thanks for your insights.

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