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Mandalorian Review


By JT SPIDAPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Season three of the Disney hit television series the Mandalorian has not disappointed. One of the pivotal moments of the series thus far, is the quest for redemption undertaken by the Apostate, so branded because he removed his helmet in public, Din Djarin played by the intergalactic child protector Pedro Pascal. In his quest to bathe in the living waters of the mines of Mandalore, Mando drops in on Bo Katan Kryze, played by Bo-Katan herself Katee Sakchoff, at her castle on Kalevala, a moon of Mandalore. Bo-Katan quickly dismisses Mando and the premise of the “creed” that he adheres to in favor of anguishing in her own troubles of having lost support of her army after failing to return with the dark sword which was taken from Moff Gideon by Mando himself. Bo proclaimed Mandalore a cursed planet and sent Mando away. In episode two of season three, Din Djarin finds his way to the capitol city of Mandalore and begins his search for the mines and the living water with the help of Grogu and R5 D4. After Mando is captured, fans are treated to a glimpse of Grogu’s use of the force, which is the clear result of his training with the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker. Grogu returns to Kalevala to seek the aid of Bo-Katan in rescuing his “dad”. Back on Mandalore, Bo-katan rescues Din Djarin with an absolute display of mastery of hand-to-hand combat, and the use of some unique suit of armor melee weapons that have not been seen in use by any other Mandalorian up until this point. Bo-Katan agrees to take Mando to the mines and the living water. Along the way she recalls life as a member of the royal family on Mandalore, clearly showing her disdain for the traditions of the creed and lore and mythology that is itself at the core of what being a Mandalorian is. To Bo-Katan, being Mandalorian is about the status of being the greatest warriors and the personal gain that status brings. She scoffs as she tells Mando that the mines were the lair of the mythological mythosaur and stops to mockingly read an inscription describing the creature. Mando begins to say the creed and plummets into the waters BO dives in to rescue him once again. As she is bringing Mando back up from the water where she sees something, she sees a real living mythosaur! This is the moment that things change for Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze; this is when she finally starts to believe in the legends of her ancestors and begins to replace her doubt of the traditions of Mand’alor with faith that the creed may be as alive as the once mythical mythosaur. The change from fervent skeptic to at least some acceptance to the creed of the Mandalorians doesn’t completely take hold of BO-Katan until she is accepted by the secret covert of Mandalorians after unintentionally being redeemed when she dove into the living waters to save Din Djarin. It is in episode four of season three when we see alteration of Bo-Katan become real to her. She begins to understand the life of being a Mandalorian is much different from the status of being a Mandalorian. She begins to grasp the reality of how the creed of her ancestors and choosing to walk the way of the Mandalorian is in fact the essence of what her father died trying to protect. Her previous acts as a Mandalorian were centered around conquest and much more of a self-serving nature. After her actions in episode four she learns that by saving the child through selfless acts she has lived up to the highest standard of what being a Mandalorian is. I for one cannot wait until episode five airs tomorrow, watching one of my favorite Mandalorian grow and become what she was meant to be is fascinating to say the least.

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