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Logan Trailer: Who Is the Clawed Mutant Trying to Kill Wolverine? And It's Not X23!

Some were skeptical of the direction of Logan but those fears were definitely quelled.

By Allie Z.Published 7 years ago 3 min read

20th Century Fox has done an excellent job at marketing Logan. Over the past few months, director James Mangold has been posting various images from the film. And with each new image, fan interest piqued quite a sum. Some were skeptical of the direction of Logan but those fears were definitely quelled with the trailer debut earlier this week.

Now that the trailer is out, diehard fans of the X-Men are going through every screenshot, every split-second, analyzing each moment in hopes of learning more hints towards the plot, despite the official plot synopsis having been revealed earlier this week. However, there is one particular screenshot in the trailer which many fans have overlooked, and the screenshot in question could very well see the plot of Logan expand exponentially.

Which Clawed Mutant Is Attacking Wolverine?

In the image, we can that Wolverine is being attacked by an unidentified assailant with what looks to be adamantium claws similar to his own. We can probably assume it's not X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, the little girl seen accompanying Wolverine in the trailer since her claws are only two-pronged, whereas Wolverine's are three-pronged; the assailant in the trailer can be clearly seen with at least six metal claws - as in a pair of three-pronged claws.

Could it Be Daken?

It's unclear who's attacking Wolverine but accounting for the indication of an assailant with six claws, similar to Wolverine's, it points to only one candidate from Marvel Comics being this clawed assailant: Daken.

In Marvel Comics, Daken is the only direct descendant of Wolverine's bloodline. X-23/Laura Kinney is his descendant as well, but she's a clone made from Wolverine's DNA. Daken, on the other hand, is Wolverine's son.

Daken's mother, Itsu Akihiro, was a Japanese woman whom Wolverine fell in love with. Wolverine impregnated her but she was murdered by the Winter Soldier before giving birth. At the time of the murder, Wolverine left Itsu's body unattended, fearing the child had died with her, and never returned. Romulus, an ancient mutant with his own agenda ripped the child (Daken) from Itsu's womb and gave Daken to a wealthy Japanese family, later convincing Daken that it was Wolverine who killed his mother, leading Daken to attack Wolverine on more than one occasion.

Daken's history in Marvel Comics is quite convoluted and his reunions with Wolverine haven't been all that hospitable. The first time the two met, Daken attempted to kill Wolverine over the false assumption that Wolverine was responsible for his mother's death. Similar events could play out during Logan if the aforementioned image of a clawed mutant attacking Wolverine does turn out to be Daken.

Would Daken Be a Hero or Villain in 'Logan'?

It may seem far-fetched to consider the notion, but Daken may turn out to be an ally to Wolverine and X-23 in their final battle with Donald Pierce. Accounting for the image of that clawed assailant being Daken, his first interaction with Wolverine might see the two in some type of physical confrontation — but if Wolverine is able to explain the truth to Daken, he may be able to persuade Daken in to helping protect X-23.

It would be amazing to see Wolverine, X-23 and Daken all lined up to take on Donald Pierce's army of Reavers. That in itself would drive fans insane with excitement.

It's Also Possible That Daken Isn't The One Attacking Wolverine

There are two other clawed mutants in Marvel Comics who have quite the vendetta against Wolverine, and either of them could be the assailant in the Logan trailer. Those two being Romulus and Lady Deathstrike. However, I'm guessing the most probable candidate is Daken since the claws are a big indicator of his identity.


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