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Live From the Thomasphere, It's Saturday Night

by Monique Star 2 years ago in fan fiction
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How the Sides react when Thomas hosts SNL

Thomas has been selected as the next host of Saturday Night Live and was preparing himself in the hotel room.

Thomas: *in the mirror* Alright, you've been selected for a reason. You've got this.

Virgil appeared right behind Thomas.

Virgil: But what if you don't?

Thomas jumped from fear as he saw the personification of his anxiety with a purple and black version of his own outfit.

Thomas: Virgil! What are you talking about?

Virgil: I mean, sure, you're going to get lots of support from people watching your attempt through YouTube, but tonight, it's a live audience who isn't used to your antics.

Logan popped up wearing a black and blue version of Thomas's suit.

Logan: We can't argue with that. Most if not all of the audience present consists of adults that are more likely familiar with the events surrounding them than they are with pop and internet culture altogether. There were skits that might've been objectively hilarious, but not all of them were considered favorites.

Roman popped up in a red and white version of Thomas's suit with a bit of gold sprinkled in for good measure.

Roman: Well, he won't be alone in this. As long as we're by your side, Thomas, you've got nothing to be afraid of.

Thomas thought for a while and Logan groaned.

Logan: You do remember we're figments of his imagination, right?

There was an argument between the three Sides on important things to focus on during the show: Roman was remaining focused on stealing the show, Virgil was bringing up what he thought would be reasons for negative feedback, and Logan claimed it would be best to stick with what the viewing demographic might be used to seeing instead of his usual material. Thomas went from uncomfortable to shocked as he realized something.

Thomas: Hey, guys? Where's Patton?

Patton popped up with a light blue and white version of Thomas's outfit and a notebook with cute animal stickers all over it.

Patton: Hey, sorry I'm late, kiddos. I was just coming up with some jokes for Thomas's act tonight. Boy, do I love hearing the laughter that comes after.

Patton handed Thomas the notebook. The latter looked through the pages of the notebook before looking at his Sides with a smile on his face.

Thomas: Patton! That's it!

Logan looked in awe between Thomas and Patton.

Logan: Oh, don't tell me Patton came up with something beneficial!

Virgil glared at Logan and slid a finger across his throat, silently showing support for his Pop Star regardless of tension.

Thomas: Well, I can't exactly see the jokes he jotted down, but the fun and the comedy are what Saturday Night Live is all about. I mean, they even had a host who, in the opening monologue, was talking to himself and performed a musical number.

Roman: But, this is your first time, though.

Patton snickered as a reaction to the statement.

Logan: Well, I guess if they wanted material expected from another host, they would've selected another host. I'm going to be as out of place as Justin Bieber in the 100th Digital Short, aren't I?

Thomas: Well, maybe, Logan. But, I do know that, thanks to you, I'll keep in mind what I will and won't do so I don't make the same failures as the hosts before me. Because of Patton, I'll be able to not take myself too seriously and contribute to the humor along with the other actors. With Roman's help, I'll be pretty spontaneous in my acting. And with Virgil's worries, I'll keep in mind what mistakes I can avoid while I'm performing.

As Thomas was discussing what the Sides could provide for the night, they all looked at each other with proud smiles of big and small growing on their faces for each other and themselves.

Logan: If I may add, Thomas, you might want to carry a small comb with you and head out before traffic makes you late.

Virgil: I think he might need some water, too.

Logan and Virgil were sinking out as they were talking.

Patton: You're really going to 30 Rock it tonight.

Patton was sinking out after his pun.

Thomas: Ready for this, Roman?

Roman: Of course. What an ideal way to achieve bigger and better dreams?

Roman gave a dramatic pose while sinking out. Thomas turns to the camera.

Thomas: Well, until next time, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals, LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!

fan fiction

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Monique Star

I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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