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by Rini Mulani 18 days ago in tv

Dramedy Edition

10 Things I Hate About You defines life as an adolescent. Hungry with an appetite for romance and an unquenchable thirst for self assurance. Emotions run high and hormones pump like fire through the veins, igniting our physical and psychological transition into adulthood. Twenty years later and 10 Things I Hate About You still holds up majestically! This near-perfect slice of teen romantic comedy will forever be a classic engraved in our hearts for two reasons. Firstly, the message the film conveys being that happiness truly comes from within. Secondly, the pure nostalgia for life in the role as a youngster. As we age like fine wine we recognize that time is of the essence. Events and situations that once held great importance as a teen now crumble. We’ve opened our eyes to the illusion of the over idolized interpretations of what youth should be about versus what it is realistically about. The doubt of self, fear of rejection, and first acts of unadulterated intimacy make a youthful life worth living and in this instance a script worth watching. If 10 Things I Hate About You is high-ranking on your list here are some strategically formulated suggestions any dramedy enthusiasts would call entertaining!

Each visual entertainment media is categorized by genre, ratings, and relatedness. To ensure superb findings was an instrument used to filter out the broad categories in the genre menu. For ratings IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Common Sense Media were chosen. We’re not always looking for an academy award winning cinema, sometimes just a refreshment of entertainment will suffice. That’s why IMDb is excellent from the perspective of the general audiences while Rotten Tomatoes offers opinions from the top critics. Common Sense Media is ideal for aged based reviews for family friendly interaction.

Ratings and Genres:


The characters in the productions range from ages 15-19. Each leading character doubts themselves, craves a love deeper than the ocean, and wishes life came with a step by step manual (because adulting is rough). The TV-series and flicks encompass life as a youngin and the struggles they entail. Mood swings, rebellion, and curiosity take the lead making room for plenty of trial and error. The teacher is now experience, the parent authority figure must loosen the ropes and let their adolescent child see and judge the world through their own eyes. Throughout the suggested pieces you’ll notice that others merely project their inner realities onto one another. If I knew then what I know now I’d recommend not taking everything so personally and remove the tendency of overestimating how much others notice our flaws. Every person is fighting their own internal battles and their irrational thinking and behavior can be a silent cry for help. Watching these shows and movies helps give an outside perspective on how life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Learn how to roll with the punches and take risks! When we’re young we dream of being an adult but blink too fast and you’re all grown up. Watch these with a friend or sibling and share laughs, help other adolescents learn what you wish you knew at their age!

Never Have I Ever -

Devi Vishwakumar is an Indian American girl who believes having a boyfriend and popularity will solve all her problems. Little does she know that in order to be fulfilled she must look internally and resolve the psychological trauma that lurks in her shadow. Broken from the sudden death of her father Devi longs for attention going great lengths in order to feel accepted and wanted. Devi’s mother is set in her ways trying to control every decision causing a toxic dysfunctional mother daughter relationship. While her two best friends also deal with a rollercoaster of emotions Devi is blinded by her mission to fit in with the popular crowd abandoning those who need her most. She’s crushin’ on Paxton the “hottest” guy in school, posting thirst traps and dressing like an “Indian Kardashian.” Devi constantly questions if she’s “hot enough” not realizing that she has all that she’ll ever need is on the inside. How much are you willing to twist the truth for your fifteen minutes of fame? At what point do the lies become better than real life and who you are is a sham!

Ginny & Georgia -

Ginny is always the new girl who hardly sticks around. She’s fifteen, never had close friends or a boyfriend. She struggles to understand her mother Georgia who has a pattern of latching onto different men in order to survive. With the recent move to Wellsbury Ginny gets all she could have dreamed of starting with friends, a boyfriend, and a secret lover. Georgia promised that no man was going to get between her kiddos but on day one she’s already scheming. Ginny cuts no slack for her mother not realizing that this pattern is childhood trauma that needs healing. Ginny falls in love with two guys who are on opposite sides of the spectrum. One is clean cut and direct with his emotions while the other is rugged and unsure about what he wants in a relationship. Guess which one she can’t take her mind off of.

Moxie -

Eleventh grader Vivian keeps a low profile and her thoughts to herself. When a new outspoken girl Lucy joins the mix her fearless personality clashes with Mr. macho Mitchell who is the “king” of the school. He bullies those who dare to question his bad behavior and authority. When Vivian watches Mitchell torment Lucy she steps in as an anonymous vigilante writer “Moxie” exposing Mitchell and his gang of clowns. Vivian finds comfort in her new friendship of girls who share a common interest in taking down the bullies. Her childhood best friend Claudia finds herself struggling to adapt to the new Vivian causing friction between their once unbreakable friendship. Vivian juggles her anonymous writing, friendship with Claudia, along with scoring a chance with her crush Seth. Vivian is brave when she’s speaking her mind anonymously, will she be the same fierce woman once Moxie is unmasked?

After -

Tessa is fresh out of high school ecstatic to be living on her own in her college dorm. She is a goodie goodie who follows the rules and obeys her mother. When her new group of acquaintances introduces her to bad boy Hardin she falls head over heels in love with nobody to catch her. Her mother doesn’t approve and she rebels against her wishes, resulting in her mother cutting ties with Tessa leaving her to fend for herself. Hardin has his own personal issues that he projects onto Tessa leaving her confused and questioning if he only loves her behind closed doors. Hardin is unpredictable and is Tessa’s chocolate cake, so good but bad for her. Tessa tries to change Hardin into the man she knows he can be but she can only go so far until he needs to help himself.

Rini Mulani
Rini Mulani
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