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Let’s Play a Versus Game-Black Romcom Edition

I have decided to opt out because it’s tough…

By Jay,when I writePublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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Hello, I just love making people make tough decisions for me, so here you go. Here are some classics, and some noobs to get into.

*no spoilers*

Let’s start with two bangers. I love me some Queen Latifah, so I’m happy either way.

The Last Holiday

Released: 2006

Here we have Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) as a woman who is told she has a terminal illness and sets off to do the things she has never allowed herself to do. No more playing it safe. And of course there’s love in it, or it wouldn’t be in this list. Beau who has her eye: Sean Matthews (LL Cool J), and she’s all “I’m doing all of this, but I still don’t have the guy.”

It’s so cute (and sad. I really felt for her) and I absolutely love the costume designers for this movie because her fits were on point!


Just Wright

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Banger released: 2010

This one has Leslie Wright (get the name of the movie now?), played by Queen Latifah, as a physical therapist who runs into basketball player Scott McKnight, played by Common. Though Leslie tries to deny it, she is smitten, but unfortunately her friend, Morgan (Paula Patton) has dibs (you can’t claim dibs on a person, but you know what I mean). So, he falls for Morgan aka “Trophy Wife Wannabe” aka “I’m not saying she’s a gold—yes I am…and she admits it.”

How about Love Jones & The Photograph

Love Jones

Year: 1997

You have Nia Long playing Nina(aspiring photographer) and Larenz Tate (aspiring writer) playing Darius. Picture these two in a dim lit Chicago club locking eyes for the first time and instantly connecting over music, art, and being very attractive and Black while they’re like making eye love. The romance is…messy, but full of passion. And I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t call it much of a comedy like hahahahaha. It’s like a “cool friends get together and have a short laugh over drinks and talking about the women vs men, but it’s tame compared to like About Last Night or something with Tyler Perry hands in it.” More just about a messy artful love. I mean, Nina moves away at some point so there’s the “will they, won’t they” and getting back with exes thing.

Not a fave, but I love us in movies where there’s art and not just typical stuff. Like it’s feely and chill.


The Photograph

(You thought I was gonna say Brown Sugar. Didn’t you?)

Year: 2020 (I actually saw it when it came out for a date…my date fell asleep)

Issa Rae plays Mae, a woman who is hurt and wrapped up in following the life of her deceased mother Christina Eames through photos she left behind. She meets a journalist named Michael Block (LaKeith Stanfield), and their love becomes, tangled and unfolds over some time with some setbacks due to pain.

What about Really Love vs The Photograph

Really Love

Released: 2020

This movie might be taken from Netflix by the time I release this.

It’s a chill romance movie (again, little comedy that’ll have you dying of laughter, but you’ll get a smile in), about a painter named Isaiah Maxwell (Kofi Siriboe) and a law student named Stevie Solomon (Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing). Isaiah is trying really hard to make great art and share what he wants to say, while trying to build his relationships, but it gets a bit too much for him.

The Photograph 2020

*Insert the same photo and info*

Honestly, I don’t know about this one. Both are oh so sweet with some messy and sad moments. They’re about balancing love and art and creating love through art and The Photograph plays with time in a way I think is cool, but I love the art in Really Love and both talk about making something of yourself and being afraid of love.

You’re on your own here too.

So, was this hard or a bit challenging?

Thanks for playing. Peace.


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