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Let's Discuss...Predictions for 'the Flash' Season Five

by Christopher Hales 4 years ago in tv

Run, Nora, run.

October is too far off.

The Flash’s season four only ended a matter of days ago! You think it’s too soon to start theorizing the next season? Come on, speed up! See what I did there? No really, there have already been a number of rumours flying around the web even since before the finale aired! Now that the finale has aired, it’s time to do some deducting and sleuthing!

The Storyline

The Allen family keeps on growing!

Season five has pretty much been hinted at since the beginning of season four! Barry writing those symbols/talking past and future dialogue when he came out of the speed force in the season four premiere. The mystery girl showing up numerous times. Mystery girl scrawling those same symbols down in a notebook. Mystery girl revealing herself as Nora West-Allen in the final moments of the season four finale, claiming she has made a mistake. A mistake clearly big enough to make her reveal herself to her family years before she is even born.

The story will seemingly be central to Nora. The speed force symbols need to still be addressed. Some of Barry’s waffling on from the start of season four still hasn’t been explained. What has she done to mess up?

Theories, anyone? The symbols I expect will be revealed quite early on. I reckon they will be a speed force language and Nora’s scribblings in her notebook weere somehow implanted into the speed force for Barry to soak in when he is trapped there to be aware of something in the future. Remember, Barry’s symbols translated to ‘this house is bitchin’ and Nora said those words herself. Or maybe Barry learns the language from Nora and potentially she dies in season five and in a bid to save her life, he integrates those notes into the speed force himself in the hope that the version of him that was trapped in the speed force will somehow make sense of them and see the warning.

I don’t know, the possibilities are endless. One thing to take notice of though? When Harry Wells’s mind was turning to mush in the season four finale, he too appeared to be scribbling those same symbols, talking similarly to how Barry was. Interesting.

Also, speaking of that, the things Barry was rambling on about when he came out of the speed force. The only ones unaccounted for? ‘Nora shouldn’t be here,’ ‘the stars are melting like ice cream,' ‘we’re gonna need more diapers,’ ‘you said it yourself...she goes looking for danger.’ I have theories on their meaning:

  • ‘Nora shouldn’t be here’—I believe this will be Barry obviously referencing his daughter from the future. Whether it’s out of anger or for her safety, I imagine it to go along the lines of: ‘It’s not right, as long as she is in this time, she could cause problems over and over again, she should go, Nora shouldn’t be here’.
  • ‘The stars are melting like ice cream’—I imagine this to tie into season five’s villain. Whatever he/she/they plan to do, I have a feeling it will signal someone to describe the starts melting like a mr. whippy.
  • ‘We’re gonna need more diapers’—I gots a feeling Nora will be conceived this season, with Iris revealing her pregnancy and someone then uttering those words.
  • ‘You said it yourself...she goes looking for danger’—Another possible nod to Nora. I imagine we’ll see some hilarious parenting from Barry and Iris towards the daughter that is near enough their age. I have a feeling Nora will have inherited her mother’s feisty, independent side and will be getting herself in trouble here and there, bringing on this dialogue.

The Big Bad

Does this guy fit the bill?

We were due a pre-credits sting in the finale that would all but confirm the villain of season Five. Unfortunately, due to timing constraints, it was cut.

The heavy rumour circulating around, though, is that the villain will be Cicada. The version of this character in the comics is an individual who was struck by lightning and since gained a cult following as he murders anyone The Flash has saved with a lightning bolt-shaped dagger.

Now a casting breakdown has been released for a character by the name of ‘Desmond Paull’ who is to be played by a male in his mid-forties of any ethnicity. The character will apparently have the ability to disable metahuman’s powers and have a real grudge against metas in general, so he will be on the hunt to wipe out every metahuman in Central City. David Hersch is the real name of Cicada in the comics, but this comes too close. I say Desmond Paull is either a cover name for auditions or a new name the show is giving him as a new spin on the character.

The storyline may be connected to Nora next season, but the villain is also always connected to the storyline, otherwise why are they there? Nora said she made a mistake. My thoughts? She helped her father save the Central City in the finale. Maybe by doing that she altered the timeline and thus it somehow caused the lightning to form that created Cicada. If this is the case, it will expectedly lead to Barry spending the season cleaning up his daughter's mess after jumbling with the timeline.

A Problem for Elongated Man

Chin up, Ralph.

Ralph Dibny will be back for season five after taking control if his own body that Clifford Devoe took over previously.

Ralph is a likable character but...are we forgetting he has surpressed The Thinker into the back of his mind? This surely won’t come easy.

My theory? We’ll have Ralph dealing with a sort of split personality somewhere down the road as Devoe tries to resurface. This would make for an emotional storyline for Ralph and potentially a fun chance to bring back the brilliant Neil Sandilands!

A whole new season, a whole lotta Wells!

...Please don’t let it be Wells 2.0.

Yes, Harry Wells left Star Labs in the Season Four finale. Though we’ll miss Wells and his appearances over three seasons on the show, it’s exciting that we’ll get a new, full-time version of Wells.

We haven’t a clue what type of Wells we will get, but I’m fairly sure we won’t get one we have seen already in a full time gig. The Council of Wells/Harrisons were more jokey and one hit wonders for here and there. We need a new Wells that will have an interesting storyline and not just be comic relief. Maybe an A.I Wells? A mute Wells? An older, wiser Wells? HOPE YOU’RE NOTING THESE IDEAS DOWN, CW!!!

Season Five has so much potential. In fact, The Flash gets more and more potential each season. Next stop, San Diego Comic Con!

Happy Nerding, Metas.


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