Learn from the Past

by Monique Star 3 months ago in fan fiction

Will the lovers who lost each other once lose each other again?

Learn from the Past

Includes: reincarnation, a referenced anxiety attack, death

"Many years ago, there was a pair of lovers who couldn't keep away from one another. They were friends since childhood, but were destined to be something more. As the the time they spent together grew, so did their hearts for one another. They both swore that they would wed at midnight so that the sun would rise over a new era for them. On the way to their favorite spot, a tree fell on one of the lovers. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't get the tree off of herself. She waited for her love, her hero, believing he would look for her when he'd notice her absence. She tried calling, also, but no one heard her. Her body could only put up with so much strain and pressure for so many days."

"He didn't know, though. After many hours of waiting, he feared she seeked another life without notice and he left heartbroken. After many days, he found a frail and pale figure in the woods. The figure was pinned under a tree, so he lifted it off and moved the figure's hair. His heart dropped as he recognized his love. As he understood what happened, the regret and heartbreak took his life."

"So... how do I know I won't be abandoned again?"

Roman had proposed to Virgil and the emo felt nervous. Memories of a former life flooded back to Virgil as he was trying to come up with a response. The memories came back to Roman as Virgil was recounted what they had gone through all those years ago.

"Here's how: I've learned from my mistakes from then and learned a lot more when we got together in this century. I will never leave you alone unless you certainly need your space. I know you love me and would have your own reasons for hesitation and nervousness. I would never think you'd intentionally keep me in the dark since I'd been doing my best to learn about the different factors surrounding us and within your head. So, with all that in mind, Virgil, if you agree to marry me, I shall do my best to be the husband you deserve," Roman answered with a menagerie of emotions within his voice.

Virgil took in all that Roman had told him and looked into his eyes; the very eyes that first revealed the soul of his love from all those years ago. He gave a small smile as he continued to look over the proposing man.

"Roman...of all the moments you have been stubborn..." Virgil chuckled before he could continue.

The man in purple pulled his lover back on his feet and kissed him with more confidence than he ever felt in his entire life. Once he slowly pulled his face away, he answered "Of course I'll marry you."

On the day of their small wedding, Roman was at the alter with Patton as the pastor. It took longer than Roman had hoped for Virgil to show up, but he stood still like a patient groom in love. Virgil arrived in a purple suit with his best man, Logan, by his side, but ran ahead of Logan into Roman's arms upon seeing him.

"You... stayed..." Virgil muttered while sobbing.

"Of course I did, my love," Roman muttered back.

"I... had an anxiety attack. I thought history would repeat itself," Virgil confessed.

"I refuse to make that mistake again, my love. We were meant to be together and we will stay together," Roman assured Virgil.

The two lovers were able to marry at their favorite spot after many years of waiting and throughout the many years that followed, Roman kept his promise to the love of his life.

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Monique Star
Monique Star
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