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By William SolanoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Ms. Ma, Nemesis[3] (Korean: 미스 마: 복수의 여신) is a South Korean television series starring Yunjin Kim, Jung Woong-in, Ko Sung-hee and CNU. The series aired four consecutive episodes on Saturday on SBS TV from October 6 to November 24, 2018.[4][5]

Aside from the title story "Nemesis", the plot of the show also adapts other Christie stories, most notably "The Moving Finger", "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side", "A Murder is Announced" and "The Body in the Library". Ms. Ma is sent to jail after being accused of killing her daughter. She escapes in order to find the real murderer and starts solving other cases. Main

Yunjin Kim as Ma Ji-won[6]

A mystery writer.

Jung Woong-in as Han Tae-kyu[7]

A detective in charge of Ms. Ma's case.

Ko Sung-hee as Seo Eun-ji[8]

A woman who introduces herself as Ms. Ma's niece and then living at her house.

Choi Kwang-je as Ko Mal-koo

A retired gangster who works as a loan creditor.


CNU as Bae Do-hwan[9]

A young police officer stationed at the village where Ms. Ma and Eun-ji currently staying.

Myung Gye-nam as Jang Il-koo

Song Young-kyu as Jang Cheol-min

Kim Young-a as Yang Mi-hee

Sung Ji-ru as Jo Chang-gil

Moon Hee-kyung as Madame Park

Hwang Suk-jung as CEO Oh

Yoon Hae-young as Lee Jung-hee

Lee Ye-won as Jang Min-seo

Ms. Ma's deceased daughter.

Choi Seung-hun as Choi Woo-joon

Lee Myung-hoon as Heo Joo Yeong Original soundtrack

Ms. Ma, Nemesis


Soundtrack album by Various artists

Released 2018

Genre Soundtrack




Vlending Co., Ltd.SBS Contents Hub

Part 1

Released on October 6, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Alone" D'Day

KZGom Dol-goonJeA (Brown Eyed Girls)

JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) 3:37

2. "Alone" (Inst.)

KZGom Dol-goonJeA (Brown Eyed Girls)


Total length: 7:14

Part 2

Released on October 13, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "My Memory" Jin Myung-yong Jin Myung-yong leeSA 3:15

2. "Alone" (Inst.) Jin Myung-yong 3:15

Total length: 6:30

Part 3

Released on October 20, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Flower"

DarooStarJay Hong (Jam Factory)

DarooStarJay Hong (Jam Factory)

UP10TION (Wei, Sunyoul, Hwanhee) 3:35

2. "Flower" (Inst.)

DarooStarJay Hong (Jam Factory)


Total length: 7:10

Part 4

Released on November 3, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Do You Know Back Then" (그댄 아나요)




2. "Do You Know Back Then" (Inst.)



Total length: 7:42

Part 5

Released on November 10, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Run Away" Kim Ho-kyung 1601 Yi Sung-yol 4:06

2. "Run Away" (Inst.) 1601 4:06

Total length: 8:12

Part 6

Released on November 17, 2018

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length

1. "Hourglass" YEIN Master Class, YEIN YEIN 3:47

2. "Hourglass" (Inst.) Master Class, YEIN 3:47

Total length: 7:34 Notes

In order to circumvent Korean laws that prevent commercial breaks in the middle of an episode, what would previously have been aired as single 70 minute episodes are now being repackaged as two 35 minute episodes, with two episodes being shown each night with a commercial break between the two.[1]


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