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King of the Ocean

by Hannah Sigler about a year ago in superheroes

'Aquaman' (Possible Spoilers)

King of the Ocean

One of the most underrated characters within the comic book world is Aquaman. Most people remember him as the man in orange and green tights, with blonde hair, and who's only main use was in the water.

In 2017, when Justice League had first come out, it had given us a newer and fresher look at the king of Atlantis with longer hair that wasn't as blonde as most were used to. He helped more so on land than water and just made us laugh like crazy. Also, he was mainly ready to die at several points throughout the film. But he always had a smile on his face.

Jason Momoa plays the newer version of the sea king. In a way, he shows a different side of Aquaman that most have yet to see. He is funny, he makes funny jokes, and plays the part really well.

When it comes to Aquaman, most see him like the man from the sea. Can't do anything without being in the water—or anything else, for that mater. In a way, it's kinda like Batman. We know that he will always fight the bad guys, he never kills, and he never really uses guns. He usually uses his head to get out of problems, and in a way, he became one of the most well-known comic book heroes ever.

But everyone loves Batman. Aquaman: Most people see him as boring. Although Justice League didn't do so well with the reviews, moving way too fast due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lots of people started to talk about him and how well he turned out in the end.

With Wonder Woman doing incredibly well, in both ratings and people in general, lots are hoping that Aquaman will do just as well or even better. And people raving about it across the globe in places where it has already been released.

Within the movie, it shows the backstory of Arthur Curry. Born to a queen and a fisherman out of love, he grows up a bit different. He can breath underwater and "control" animals, or in a way talk to them. He eventually is brought to Atlantis after his mother's death and asked to rule by a guard of the queen.

But some believe that he can't due to the fact that he is part human, and his half-brother is "full royalty blood" (she had a son with her husband, the king at the time).

His half-brother always tries to take over the throne and rule the birthright he believes is his. However, most facts and comics state that Arthur was born before his brother. Others state that he had been brought by Mera to take his brother down and take the throne.

There have been many different stories for the king of the ocean. And in this case, DC has done an excellent job with renewing an old favorite that was just considered a dude with green tights and blonde hair.

Aquaman has not gotten as big of a rating as Wonder Woman or any of the Marvel Movies, but audiences keep coming. For the fourth week in a row, Aquaman has been number one in the box office, since its release before Christmas in the US.

And although it didn't get as high of a rating as Wonder Woman, it did pass how much money was received to DC. Aquaman is the first movie in DC to pass one billion dollars. Most people thought it was Batman, one of DC's most famous heroes (alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc.).

Who will be next?

Although Batman and Superman have had many of their own movies and shows over the years, they could have yet another appearance in another solo movie.

Along with some others that DC decided would be something, especially after Justice League and Batman vs. Superman brought even more heroes and characters into question and interest.

But what will go on in the movies?

Most people know the backstory to DC's characters due to the many interpretations of them. Batman and Superman especially. It's well-known, but what will happen next for the upcoming heroes popping up and being there.

Hannah Sigler
Hannah Sigler
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