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Kevin Feige Talks Captain Britain In The MCU—How Could He Be Introduced?

Just when you thought Marvel had no intention of cramming more superheroes into their movies, we learned of the prospective addition of Captain Britain to the MCU's lineup.

By Allie Z.Published 6 years ago 4 min read
Captain Britain [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Just when you thought Marvel had no intention of cramming more superheroes into their movies, we learned of the prospective addition of Captain Britain to the MCU's lineup. KevinFeige confirmed that talks of Captain Britain becoming part of the MCU did take place during last week's joint interview with Amy Pascal. Here's what Feige had to say:

"We have discussed it. There are a lot of actors that come in and ask about that part, so we’ll have to see.”

From the sound of it, Captain Britain's world could be one of the next settings explored in the MCU. With Feige pointing out that Britain has been discussed, a believable entrance for the character was likely discussed at the same time. If that's the case, the most believable entrance for Captain Britain would probably take place during the MCU's Phase 4, seeing as how there's no room for another superhero to jump into the Infinity War arc.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

For anyone unfamiliar with Captain Britain, he's essentially a British version of Captain America. The two possess completely different backgrounds but the core values they put into their work as superheroes is identical and they've even worked on a mission together. They're both enhanced super soldiers, except Captain Britain's abilities originate from a magical amulet given to him by Merlin, whereas Captain America gained his superhuman powers from an engineered serum. One other notable difference is their weapons: Captain Britain carries a magic staff as his signature weapon, while Captain America is known for carrying a shield.

In terms of how Captain Britain could believably make his way into the MCU, there are only so many ways he could. With that in mind, here are the two most plausible scenarios for Captain Britain to join the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Assuming Kevin Feige doesn't just intend to randomly place Captain Britain into an MCU movie, he'd probably be best suited for a role in Doctor Strange 2. This is largely because the mythology around Captain Britain has already been discussed as well, with the Ebony Blade's existence in the MCU—well, almost existence.

If you don't recall, a prop for the Ebony Blade was supposed to make an appearance in Doctor Strange, but the scene was cut. So it's not part of the MCU canon, but it at least means the idea has been tossed around and is still out there in the ether. The Ebony Blade is important to acknowledge because it was a mystical item created by Merlin. He was also responsible for giving Captain Britain the amulet which granted him his powers, so exploration of Merlin and that side of the Marvel universe will likely be where Captain Britain's introduction takes place. Merlin's role as creator of the mystical items like Britain's Amulet of Right could be cut down to focus more on Captain Britain or more central characters to his side of the world, namely Doctor Stephen Strange.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Or A Third Spider-Man Movie

Another potential scenario that could see Captain Britain join the MCU would be Brian Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain journeying to America. In the comics, when Braddock left England for an exchange student program in America, he partnered up with Spider-Man. With that in mind, Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 could be the setting for Captain Britain's introduction. Since Braddock's comic-book counterpart wound up rooming with Peter Parker/Spider-Man at Empire State University, Captain Britain could be the next hero to join Spidey in his solo adventure following Avengers: Infinity War.

'Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Granted, Peter Parker probably won't be out of high school by the time Homecoming 2 rolls around, meaning he won't be able to room with Braddock like he did in the comics. But, Braddock could easily be introduced as a resident of the building Parker and Aunt May live in. In which case, he'd be in close enough proximity with Parker to work with him as a joint superhero taskforce. In reality though, any chance of this taking place probably lies in the Homecoming threequel. Since it's fair to assume the Homecoming sequel will continue the story established in the first movie, a new story arc would probably be relegated to a third installment.

Where Else Could Captain Britain Show Up?

Apart from the scenarios explained above, any of the upcoming Marvel movies could believably be the setting for Captain Britain's introduction. There are several projects currently in development, so the hints at Britain's future in the MCU may be in anticipation of a reveal being made. For all we know, Phase 4 of the MCU could consist of a feature centered around the Captain Britain Corps or Champions of Europe. Kevin Feige did say the MCU's Phase 4 would be different from its past three phases, meaning the exploration of a different world from anything we've seen so far could be in the cards.


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