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Just Grubbin Series: Game of Mic Drops

MK's Thoughts on Episodes 3 & 4 of Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

By Just GrubbinPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
"Ah ....shit...."

Spoilers Ahead!

Episode 3

So we all know Jon Snow is Daenerys’s Nephew but that hasn’t stopped us from rooting for them to bone. (For the good of the realm ya know) Well, we finally got to watch as they stood face to face in pure sexual tension and this is what happened: Messendi started things off by listing all 37 of Danny’s titles which, was quickly followed up by a classic Davos response: “Ah this is Jon…he’s king in the north…so yeah.” Perfection. While Danny took an intense angle, going into why she is such a bad bitch and her struggle to the top, Jon went with logic. His approach was simple yet elegant: “everyone chill about the Iron Throne, there’s zombies now.” (I’m paraphrasing of course). Davos almost blew it by dropping the whole Jon Snow resurrection bomb fifteen minutes into their first conversation. Come on Davos, you can’t lead with zombies and follow it up with resurrection! Too soon! Far too soon!

I must admit I know Euron Greyjoy is an absolute nutbucket but can we all agree he’s hilarious? Like let's just forget about him dragging our home girls through the streets and focus on him asking Jamie if the Queen, “likes a finger in the bum.” I mean the man is insane but come on he is also amazing. It was good that we got a laugh in before watching Cersei double down on savage forms of revenge. I thought she was for sure going to go for over the top violence so it was extra soul-crushing when she went for mental destruction.

Speaking of mental destruction I want to jump ahead to arguably the baddest bitch in all of the Seven Kingdoms, Olenna Tyrell. First of all she was straight chilling, just accepting the fact that her army was useless. She made a point to triple-check the poison she was about to drink was 100%, absolutely and completely painless before chugging it. Then like a verbal ninja delivers a truth bomb of epic proportions, she killed Joffery followed by “Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.” BOMBSTICKS. A fade to black was the only way to follow that shade.

Episode 4

I felt so many emotions during this episode I watched it four times in under twelve hours just to process what I saw. Let’s start off with my life, my heart, and my bae, Arya Stark. My baby girl has finally come home and even entered in her classic flawless assassin manner. Good news, bad news Sansa: Good news your brother and sister are home now. Bad news: Arya’s got a murder list and Bran’s weird now. But hey, when Sansa said “no one can protect me,” I hope that “no one” was Arya because someone needs to take little finger out. Regardless, seeing those Starks walk through the courtyard of Winterfell just made me have all the feels.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow is spitting his game at our favorite Queen, even going for his classic –take her in the cave move. Despite those big brown eyes Danny still won’t accept logic and abandon her “bend the knee” initiative. I think we all let out a collective sigh like please girl he is THE KING IN THE NORTH. (And come on zombies) We’ll let her slide for now because she did also just find out all her friends are dead or captured. She did turn to Jon for battle advice, which, I personally feel, might be her form of flirting.

Now it’s time to talk about the main event, what we’ve been waiting 7 season for….DRAGON FIRE. Everything about this scene was executed with the utmost badassery. Not only did you seen Daenerys come riding in on Drogon, you also saw Dothraki literally standing on the backs of horses! (I admired Jamie’s optimism though like, it’ll be ok guys we can do this lol jk) I must admit I was conflicted during this battle because while, I do love Bronn and Jamie as characters I also love watching Daenerys rain down fire. I had so many thoughts going through head when Bronn and Jamie tried to take her out; first of all, how dare you. One thing’s for sure if Bronn ever dies, Jamie is fucked.


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