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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review

A Beautiful Film

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

*Warning: Spoilers

In these days of remakes, reboots and sequels, it is very rare to come across a film that preserves the essence of the original while standing out on its own. However, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle does so and with flourish. I was a little skeptical of it holding up against the original masterpiece starring Robin Williams, but it certainly is a good homage to the legendary character's legacy. Now on to the review:

1) The Story


The movie begins with Alex Vreeke dismissing the legendary Jumanji board we know and love from the original game and dismissing it before it transforms into a game console. Now he's transported to the world of Jumanji. Fast forward twenty years and four young teenagers get trapped in detention together to clean out the basement of their school and discover the console. They, obviously, get transported to Jumanji and become their chosen game characters. There is a love story, a camaraderie, and some really good character development in Jumanji, with a side bit of female empowerment that really drives the story to break the stereotype of the damsel in distress and/or the female vixen really well. It does feel a bit like the typical videogame/matrix style trope but overall it holds itself really well... The backstory behind Jumanji is also listed very well and makes sense and fun.

2) The Acting:


Whether it be the brave yet afraid Dr. Bravestone, the useless Mouse Finbar, the vivacious yet socially anxious Ruby Roundhouse, or the fat drama queen Shelly Oberon, the characters are well made. You can actually see the teenage aspect of the personality well into the adult which makes this story so intriguing. Kudos to the cast for performing well. The romance between Bravestone and Roundhouse is cute while Kevin Hart literally had me in splits from his wacky antics throughout the movie... The Rock as usual is everyone's favourite family film hero and he is that again. Jack Black acting like a teenage girl with tantrums is also epic by the way. There is even a very special tribute to Alan Parrish, Robin Williams character when they meet Alex Vreeke at last so look out for that in the film.

3) The Scenery


I do not go into movies looking for scenery. Ever since Avatar, I've been spoiled by the magnificent sets and locations to consider everything else to be inferior. However Jumanji literally blew me away. The jungle, the mountains, and the characteristic beat of the drums, especially in the cinema, were fantastic. Each location is well made and set beautiful. I especially liked the final scenes where the final quest is made.

4) The Downside

Jumanji now has a villain problem. Russell Van Pelt is a typical video game villain, without a proper backstory or much screen time. Unlike the last film, he comes off more cartoonish than sinister and there isn't much we genuinely fear from him. This was my only and main gripe with the movie, while the heroes are superbly developed, no proper time is given to character development of the villain. What drives him what makes him want nothing but power, those are things that I would have liked in this movie.

5) Verdict?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is an amazing film. Unlike most sequels it brings a fresh original story, a stellar cast and not a single dull moment. These days we have such an onslought of reboots and content that basically tries to reap the cash crops of the past even with inferior content that it is both pleasing and remarkable that a film such as this came out. Oh and if you have issues with the hamminess the Rock generally brings to film, worry not as his playing of a teenager brings out a much more grounded action hero than most of his characters. It is the family film to see this year and I say you should definitely go watch it before it goes off theatres....


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