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Best Actor and Best Score Oscars Winners®️

By YenomiPublished 4 years ago 17 min read
The Killing Joke

First time Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix for Joker with the most real powerful Oscars speech for the ages. Addressing a massive amount of white people to their faces about systemic racism, white privilege, oppression, and him being apart of it. I see someone who’s striving for change and beginning to make change. Also addressing animal cruelty and lastly a few words for his late brother a legendary actor River Phoenix God bless the dead may he Rest in peace. A two time Oscar winner for best actor and best score. Difficult topics are going to be difficult to watch. If you need a check and balance system for your life, for your current statement of mind and position in life than this movie is needed.

You can watch something like this and maybe change the way you treat people. He was treated terribly and then later wanted to treat people terribly.

“It all depends on what you want to take from it.” Which is Art your own interpretation of what’s presented.

Brace yourselves for a thorough review and breakdown of the Joker. Grab yourself a snack, medically induced treat, or just some refreshments and downtime to process this piece touching on three stages of the movie from the beginning, middle, and end.

While lastly touching on the film making aspects of it from the very beginning letting you know what evokes and sets off the tone of this movie, Joaquin Phoenix, three key points made on Mental Health and Mental illness’s, Rich vs. Poor aspect (prosper’s and clowns), and how this is not your over infused action based movie and why.

You may be quite disappointed if you're going into this one expecting to be blown away by the greatest action sequences you think you’ll see in your life when on the other hand it’s exactly the opposite. You may just see one of the greatest movies and story’s told in your life if you just relax with ease and just set back inlet the flow and rhythm of the movie get into you. Eye-opening experience when you realize the build of things, being set into play during the movie, leading even more anticipation for certain moments of the movie, is when a movie grabs in captures your attention. An almost impossible task nowadays. Staying focused on a person’s life, connecting to them and finding similar connections. The same aspect of what we do with our favorite tv show characters or specific movie roles played by someone we connect with and relate to.

The Beginning and Movie Theater Experience of Joker

Experience two hours of chaos in your life cause we all really don’t have that chaos in general. People ask why are you sic hyped on going to see this movie; first thing I only been the theater three times in 2019, I choose films to go see wisely depending on who’s the artist and creators. Lastly I hardly ever get to have a two-hour escape from my day to day life, to do anything I like to do honestly and to experience this unique spectacle was very special to me.

Now let’s begin with the very first few seconds into the film. Beginning with the (1972) Warner Bros. beautiful red and black font setting the tone early to let you know, that this is a different direction and road of film making they’re about to take you on. A nontypical based animated comic book superhero or villain movie. this is so much more than that, after my personal experience seeing the film in theaters Oct. 7th, 2019 full of anticipation and excitement to see what’s the big spectacle about also highly intrigued and interested due to Joaquin Phoenix starring as the Joker. I was relived and it’s a breath of fresh air as far in the vain of modern movies of this decade (2010-2019) from nearly every movie being shot on digital cameras instead of film cameras which is a rawer realistic feel to the entire movie. Not so clean-clear cut aesthetic of let’s say a typical modern Disney movie or your “Marvel franchise films” deafing repetitive movies witch interesting twist in turban but nonetheless straying away from solidly grounded movies. There is nothing wrong with Disney movies also a modern one, in particular, the remake of “Dumbo” (2019) directed by Tim Burton I feel was very well done. Particularly because of who the director of that film is and not the company. Burton’s direction and style shine through beautifully visually stunning no disappointment visual from scene to scene. This movie (Joker) is more grounded and an immersive intense feel, while also giving you the sensation like your being transported to a time period of late 70’s early 80’s. Which was done to a tee along with the director's vision. Todd Phillip’s: (paraphrasing) “we wanted people to feel like they were watching a movie in the summer of 1978” and it was accomplished. Seeing it in the theaters first is a treat to yourself for a movie experience only our elders have experience in may have even forgotten what that has felt like with it being a magical immersion.

Leaving the theater my friends and I where amazed. A round of applause from us during the ending credits dead silence from everyone else with the exception of one person doing a creepy joker laugh a ‘very’ creepy laugh. Trying to spread fear but I personally thought it was funny someone just having a light-hearted experience trying to provoke fear but they were really just having fun. The dead silence from the crowd was I believe from them being truly disturbed, conflicted, and questioning their selves in society today. What roles do they play in their day to day lives in the world, their character, how do they treat people, etc. I loved every second of it. I truly believe that’s what they were thinking because if everyone which everyone I'm sure will see this in their lifetime. Being the number omen movie in the world first ever R-Rated movie to surpass a billion dollars worldwide. Continued: If everyone does not think what the movie is imposing is and asking of you which is to question yourself, how are we truly as a society, and simply being courtesy to others no matter their condition that they’re trying to survive through. Then those that don’t have those questions for their selves truly missed a main point and purpose of this movie to the fullest extent is that it’s here to raise questions.

People wanted a two-hour chaotic movie but that’s the way you leave the movie theater or after seeing it, in a chaotic state without resolution as you should. So that you can better imagine the mindset, the thought process, the potential life experiences, “the potential bad roll of the dice” that can lead someone down this chaotic path.

Maybe that can alter the way you interact with the world and your own personal philosophy.

This is a very important movie. It’s an accurate representation of the times.

Joaquin Phoenix

A longtime Joaquin fan since I could remember actors in the early 2000s. “When people say you only like Joaquin because he’s the joker.” Wrong, Joaquin is cool as a actor not just for the simple fact he is a true artist when it comes to his work, fully indulging himself into the people he acts sublimely to be, with no regard of anyone’s feelings towards his performance in the creations of the actions and choices he uses to put in play to ultimately carrying a movie on his back. He’s just a genuine human being, grounded, down to earth, and could give two sh-t’s about being in the limelight or a star. Simply see him as a regular guy who cares about humanity via also shown in his work by which mainly your favorite actors, the favorite actor does if you can get the drift, which is ultimately through focusing on human story’s more simple movies that are more about people, humans, human connection. Another example of this type of actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, Shia LaBeouf, William Defoe, Robert De Niro, and Denzel Washington plus many more character-based actors. Not a standard plot-based movie, when it’s about the end resolve of the plot which actors of his caliber are not really interested in examples of such films would be your “Marvel franchise films” etc. “Thor’s” etc. where movies like those are really about what’s the ending, how does the world get saved, not hardly ever about who this person really is what are they feeling that we may somehow connect to understand. Instead of the resolve of the people in the story which are more important overall in realistic terms of life.

Examples of such films are (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, King of Comedy, Casino, Goodfellas, Hoffa, and Malcolm X). Just for future reference so that you can understand the two differences between the two different types of movies. Character-based and plot-based.

Joaquin Phoenix: Examples are also shown in his choices of work clearly with (Her) (Gladiator) (Signs) (The Master) and much more.

Popcorn Conversation

Warner Bros.

The use of the 1972 Saul Bass Warner Bros. logo in the film’s opening.

”Why isn’t anyone talking about the real surprise?!”

(click this link for the source and further detail in discussions on this aspect.)

Now back to the very opening of the film which leads to getting you strapped in comfortable letting you know this will be sort of a slow burn movie. Phrased credit to Todd Phillip’s. It set the tone perfectly. This is not your typical action-packed, explosions every five minutes, gratuitous, no substance action-filled Joker movie. This is an ‘Origin’ story movie following in the same realm of movies from the 70’s and early 80’s films. Going into the creation into the so-called “mad man” we all know as the Joker. Seeing what causes the “mad man” to have become “mad”, losing his marbles, etc. The beginning of our journey with him is set in 1981 Gotham City (NYC). A true and realistic recreation of real-life for people in that exact time period, very much relating to the present day as a totality of this movie does so unexpectedly throughout. Shall dive deeper into explanations further down on this piece into the aspects of how the Joker set in 81’ exactly relates to today’s 2020.

Minimum wage, toxins, toxic air, and classism.

Mental Health and Mental Illnesses Breakdown:

Seems like not much has changed.

As someone who’s dealt and deals with mental issues here and there since late 2018 felt for some other reason besides growing up in Joker that it was a calling for me you see this movie unknowing what it entails and it shock and made me so happy in surprised when I seen the best mental health representation to how it actually is and how you feel along with the best descriptions and explanations of mental health that’ll be seen by the world as shown in the above movie still, therefore that it’ll be a major topic and known by all that’s real with mental issues in how we can all give each other a little lead way. Mainly want to speak on how the mental health aspects show how people with mental issues feel plagued and deeply wanting to be a normal citizen in the world with a job etc. earning the end all be all which is money. Makes you think though what society does and how they judge people who want to make money in be successful like everyone else but if they feel incoherent to do so, everyone shuns them instead of helping them leading into the next topic. The rest of this section is referring and relating to the bases of funding my business and creativity via using my voice on ‘Vocal’ which I’m proud to say my observations and thoughts are professionally approved by this corporation.

The Killing Joke

Playing into the disillusions of the main character Arthur Fleck. A huge role and evolvement of this part in the story his Jokers soon to be the counterpart played by Zazie Beats phenomenally. A single mother living in the same apartment building with the man who is soon to be the Joker. Who’s optimistic in being a professional stand up comedian, while also being conquered by loneliness finds comfort in having a friend possibly girlfriend who has been to later on be revealed that she was never for many occasions. Instead of the moment they first met in the elevator. When he sees action of her pretending to commit suicide by pointing a figurative gun at her head. An action he finds connection in and is relieved someone isn't scared to say what he’s thinking possible while that proud smile lit upon his face during the moment. Leading to maybe she’s the one for him, in his mind. Later leading to his beginning of following her through the city. Which he is then confronted about it is their last encounter until the flashbacks surprisingly to be showing he was hallucinating her the entire time. Watching the film for the second or third time in retrospect, when he’s watching the Murray Franklin show with his mother is that he starts to envision himself on the show in the crowd talking to and later called down to Murray. All being an illusion set up a moment that never actually happened but very much seemed so. Stiring the pot in a fun way for you to find out what really happened during the movie In didn’t? Did the riots after the talk show happen? Does any incident actually happen?

I believe so the city was already in turmoil, rioting protests, due to Thomas Wayne being portrayed as a snob, fascist, over self-righteous prick, a 1% one-percenter, putting down any and everyone below him financially as if everyone isn’t still just human beings going to the same place in the end. Some would say inevitably dying.

Being the explanation for why the Joker wants his past to be multiple choice. You figure it out. Aspect iconically and timelessly played by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” (2008) directed by Christopher Nolan. Heath Ledger’s Joker: “You wanna know how I got these scars?”

Rich vs. Poor

As said by Frank Ocean’s mother on his debut album ‘Channel Orange’ quote: “Money, it’s more than money it’s happiness.”

How long will this forever rivalry between two different classes of people last?

Thomas Wayne: Those who made something out of their lives, will always see those that don’t as nothing else but clowns.

Thomas Wayne is tying into classism. A quote from T.W batman’s father in the movie Is: (one of the most important statements said.)

His arrogance, snobbery, and being the quintessential phrase from one statement to show his true colors from what we know as him being a good day and hero of the city, to overturn that as a falsely narrative of his character put in other movies. This movie represents him as a selfish for lack of better words chauvinistic pig to the core and is really the downfall and another hand to start his city’s crumbling. So smoothly done this topic being placed in the movie. Leading to the “we're all clowns”, and “kill the rich” activists, protesters, and riots. Which left you on the edge of the seat while Arthur is being chased by the cops in the midst of what he loves most and started chaos.

If your also just paying attention to the public commentary and chatter throughout the movie you realize in the very beginning, during the tv commentary and T.W’s response to Wall Street guys being killed by someone in a mask, as those who hide behind masks are cowards. A well-done play for his son as we know is Batman, who’s known for fighting crime in a mask, what he’s late father would categorize Batman in the same sentiment as a coward. Showcasing again one’s arrogance from the middle of the movie, until the end. These issues all being spoken on that’s in Arthur Fleck’s mind and everyone else’s surroundings.

Joker Scene Breakdown:

The staircase scenes symbolize the rise and fall of ‪dissension‬ into the madness of him turning into the Joker.

Idols becoming Rivals

The ending of the movie.

The importance and tense suspense of a build-up to these sublime dark transformative moments of his full transformation as we know him to be was a no better word than perfect after I realized watching in the theater. Waiting for it then it hits you so hard that the build maybe one of the greatest you’ll see. Thinking to myself ok an hour into the storytelling is good but it’s dragging slightly until I realized to myself again this is no marvel movie and I’m glad that it’s not, with long placed plot lines and action ever ten to twenty minutes sequences to get me interested. Which is in a no disrespectful way ‘mind-numbing’ content at times. So I set back and relax back into living in the moment and just try to enjoy what I’m seeing. Joyful experience nonetheless anyway once the build of the brutal actions and glamorous chaos came to my attention. I just thought ‘damn that was done so smoothly’ not force-feeding it. The music score was so intense and dark. Beautiful loved it you felt the energy of something very bad about to occur, masterful placements of the music to the movie.

Murray Franklin played by Robert De Niro. A host of the Murray Franklin tonight show. A playoff the Johnny Carson, and now known as the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel.

The shows use of the same drapes as the one used in the (60’s-’70s-’80s) showing of the tonight show with “Johnny Carson” is a homage to the origins of that show. Spinning off into a part of “The King of Comedy” starring Robert De Niro who plays Rupert Pumpkin a comedian who kidnaps leading to a possible killing of his idol, who is the tonight show host, which comedians respect and refer to that person as “the king of comedy”. Sounds familiar no? Nonetheless, the use of De Niro in the Joker as the opposite role of his 1982 film that’s a major inspiration of Joker is ironic and a well-played reversal in its best fashion.

The debate of what’s funny or not leads to something unexpected by De Niro’s Murray character. Arthur flips the script on him as he’s being tormented for his so-called bad taste in-jokes. Where he rebuttals “it’s subjective” meaning opinionated “isn’t that what they say?” Showing him and the World in their hypocrisy, how almost every and anyone can be hypocrites. From the statement “you’re awful Murray.” Prime example during the middle of the film before he got the call to come on the show. He was teased and made fun of to be humiliated. “You’re just like the rest of them Murray...” so the Joker as his idol named him in clowning, tease, destroy, and bring down his character way. To appease and join others in a humiliation act. Arthur now named ‘Joker’ gave him what he felt he deserved after a power clear made point to what happens to people who are shunned, treated like trash, and have no care or regard for in society.

The ending standing ovation for who he now has finally become after his chain of events that caused riots throughout the city. He’s now the Joker as he rises and puts that finally smile on his face.

Conversation for future film makers. Written by Yenomi Wesley.

Social Media: instagram @yenomi.l twitter @imoneyW


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