Jack's Journey

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Jack's Journey

Floating through the void of space in his mind Anime Jack questioned his existence. "Why am I here? What purpose do I serve? Am I destined to be nothing forever?" Countless questions invaded the zone of where a sturdy foundation should be. As he continues to float in the distance, he sees a black hole. He didn't try to float away from the unknown, he accepted what was to come hoping for the best. While he begins to get closer, that black hole begins to shine bright and capture his full attention. The closer he got the more he felt a passion in him growing. Not knowing what the passion was for it impulsed him to move faster towards the hole of light. When he got close enough he heard a voice in his heart that said, "Destiny awaits." The hole of light sucked him in and spit him out in front of an old run down building, full of spider webs and moss. As he stood up he hears that voice again say, "It's in your hands now," leaving him puzzled all he had was a fire of passion burning in him and an old run down building with a sign that read, "Anime Mansion." At that moment he realized, "This is where I belong!

Stepping Into Destiny!

Jack's eyes were enveloped in overwhelming confusion as he stared deeply into the purpose of what stood in front of him. This time around, he wouldn't ask why nor what. He just began planning around what was placed in his hands. "If this is what destiny has for me, then let's get to it!" He walks in the mansion and realizes that the inside is just as worn down as the outside. "I have to do something about this, I cant have my destiny being disorganized." Looking for the cleaning closet he caught a glimpse of the walls that were lined with strips of different comics and manga. Not thinking anything of it he kept going until he found the closet and started passionately cleaning this mansion, making sure every inch was cleaned properly. As he was cleaning he approached a door that read, "The Future" and underneath that it said archives room. Jack opens the door and was completely wowed by what he saw.

The Archives and the Plan!

Taking a step into the room he realizes how enormous it is! Just like everything else that surrounded him, this room was disorganized. But, this room was built differently, there were skylights beaming down from the high ceiling. There was a long red carpet that led down to a chair and a desk facing the northern wall. On the walls leading to the desk there were screens and underneath were archive cabinets full of cobwebs and dust. It looked as if this were an office of some sort, but it hadn't been worked in in ages. It looked like someone abandoned this place and left the work behind. All of this was a lot to take in for Jack, but he knew he had to focus at the task at hand and that was to finish cleaning the place. Something kept telling him that his organization would bring order to his destiny. He seemed to enjoy the uncertainty of what lie ahead. And so, believing in himself he continued to clean and organize. He couldn't help, but ask himself, "What are in those archives? And what was that room used for?"

Organizing is done! Time to explore destiny!!

Two weeks pass by. To others, the time would have been eternal but Jack took pleasure in the work he was doing. He wasn't in a hurry he knew he wanted it done right. There were moments where he became very curious with some of the things he saw but never strayed from the original plan. The work was done, the house was finally looking great, inside and out and now was his chance to explore. He remembered as he was walking in he saw a wall full of comic strips that intrigued him. He thought to himself, "I will start there." Approaching the wall he sees the detail in every strip. Noticing that every single one is hand carved carefully and painted as if done by a master painter. It caught his eye, but it didn't have the author's name, all it had was a title which read, "Sector 7." He then begins to think, "I wonder if I can find more information about this in the archive room? I'll set it on my list of things to do. First, I have to set up the security system and see how this house functions. Excited to see what more surprises the house had, Jack had to take control of himself and stick to his plan. But he couldn't help that Sector 7 seemed to completely invade his thoughts.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode! Hello AIAS! I'm Jack!

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Michael Serrano
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