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It's Complicated reminds you to move on

"…even though your dad and I once had something extraordinary, now, we no longer really fit together."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 8 months ago 9 min read
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Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, John Krasinski, and Lake Bell are part of the cast of It's Complicated.

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A divorced couple, Jane and Jake were married for 20 years. A reconnection makes them question giving their relationship a second chance. They reach a new agreement for their relationship which confuses everyone before a final decision is reached.


Jane's friend, Sally says that they were getting along and it almost felt like old times. Jane responds by saying, "We do know how to do this by now. It's been 10 years." 

Jake and Jane embrace the notion of an affair and they more spend time together. After Jake praises her for taking the salt from him, she says, "I have a confession to make. Back when we broke up, I knew it wasn't all your fault." He asked if she meant that since she had never said that before and she said, "I know. Because when you cheated, I didn't have to. I think in some way. I gave up on us. And I'm not sure you ever really did." He said he still hasn't. He appreciates this moment and holds her hand saying, "We got really close there for a moment."

Jake says to their kids, "Okay, just let me explain. The reason that I left Agness was not just because my marriage wasn't working. I've also fallen in love, back in love with your mother. Maybe…I never stopped loving her. I know it's shocking, but I think this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Your mother and I have been seeing each other ever since New York. I found my way home. I hope she'll take me back." The kids could not be happy about the possibility because they were still processing the divorce but they were saddened when Jane said there was no chance of a repair.

Jane tells them, "Knowing how to be divorced is next to impossible and sometimes, over the years, I have thought that your dad and I weren't quite finished. And as it turns out, we weren't. So, I went out of my comfort zone, which I found out if you're really honest with yourself, isn't all that comforting. And I experimented with a part of myself because I wanted to know if after all these years there was still something there between us." She adds, "And I realize that even though your dad and I once had something extraordinary, now…we no longer really fit together. But he is a part of me. He always will be."


Jane had to learn how to live by herself and adjust to her new normal. They were married for 20 years and divorced for 10 years. She enters another new normal as an empty nester. She runs a restaurant and is making changes she always wanted. When talking to the architects, Jane says, "I've been thinking about this addition for ten years." and she adds, "I'm finally getting a real kitchen with four walls and a place to put everything I want."

When talking to Adam about the number of sinks in her bathroom she says, "Oh, God, we're talking code about my life now. The truth is, in my current bathroom, I have two sinks, and sometimes, the other sink makes me feel bad."

Her friends feel she's selling herself short. She had said that Agness has a big job running a whole marketing department which is something she often says as her friend, Trisha points out. Diane comments on Agness and Jake by saying, "he cheats on you with her, your 20-year marriage ends. Then six months later, she leaves Jake and runs off with some random guy, has a baby, then leaves that guy for Jake. And she's not nuts?" Jane expresses her difficulty as she tells Joanne, "Oh, Jo, you are so lucky Jerry is dead. No, I mean, you don't have to bump into him."

She visits her therapist, Dr. Allen for sound and unbiased guidance which leads to even more confusion. She was conflicted but came prepared with a list of numerous things the affair was possibly about. She asks to be told what to do and she's told, "What's interesting is, I'm already seeing you open up more than you have in some time. I'm thinking, through this affair, you may learn to view the world in a different way." She says she can't let go of the guilt and fear and he shockingly encourages her by saying, "Let go, Jane. It can't hurt."

They carry on with their affair but he misses one of their appointed dates. When they meet, she expresses her feelings about things. She says, "You were worried about rocking the boat at home. Well, you're rocking my boat now and I don't like it. You don't understand. I'm not even blaming you. I fully participated in this but I just don't want to do it anymore. The last thing in the whole world I should be right now is your mistress. Sitting around at 9:00 at night wearing heels and perfume and blowing all the candles out and wrapping everything in Saran Wrap because your wife cancelled her plans. It was just - it was humiliating." She carries on by saying, "Look, I've had a pretty good life these past 10 years. I have figured it out. I no longer feel alone or divorced. I just feel normal. You know how long it took me to get that balance back?" After he said 'no', she said, "Well, I'm going in the wrong direction here. You know, the worst part is, it feels like it used to feel. All the little untruths…hard to catch but they mount up."

When she spoke to her friends about this earlier they had a few opinions. She informs them about it by saying, "I am having an affair with Agness Adler's husband." They laugh about calling it genius until Jo says it's also kind of wrong returning to her morality on the issue. Jake had cheated with Agness and married her so this was ironic. However, Jo says that she had him first anyway. Trisha says that she could do better than Jake anyway after Jane says she doesn't really want him back. Feeling insulted, Jane sarcastically thanks her but Trisha explains by saying, "No. I mean, you've outgrown him. You've blossomed. You've feng shuied your whole life. Just please don't let him talk you into saving him."


Harley and Adam

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After their first night together, Jake says, "You're so great, Janey. I forgot how great. Holy shit!" After vomiting in the toilet, Jane asks, "What is wrong with us?" He answers by saying, "What do you mean? This was amazing. We just had a great time." She expresses her retreat by saying, "Oh, a great time. This is the dumbest thing two people have ever done." 

However, he doesn't believe that this is wrong. He counters her fears by saying, "Something feels right in the universe again, doesn't it?" and "Fate brought us together once. maybe it happened again."

On the day of their son, Luke's graduation lunch, he finally gave her accolades for everything she's done. He said, "I would like to propose a toast your mother. Now, I've done my part with you guys, but Jane, you…very talented you. Jane, you've done a magnificent job, as you always do. When I look at you three beautiful kids all grown up, I think of all the work your mother did, much of it without my help. Janey, I take my hat off to you." He said this in the presence of everyone and they cautiously listened. This was so strange that he had to tell his daughter Gabby that he was serious. Jane swiftly interjects by saying, "Okay, Jake. Thank you. Out of nowhere, sudden appreciation. But, thank you, really." He informs her that is not totally out of nowhere if she knows what he means. This refers to their recent intimate moment. He's only appreciating her because of it.

Later on, Jake said they hadn't had fun like that in forever. She replies by saying, "Yes, because we're not supposed to have fun like that. We are divorced.' Then she asks, "are you, like, what, unhappy at home? Does she not understand you? Or did you just want to know what it would be like with someone my age?" He confirms that things are bad at home and he's a walking cliche but mentions that he's been thinking about her since their time in New York.

Jake adds on by saying, "And I know you've moved on with your life, I get it. But you can't deny something real and honest happened that night. Can't we just go with it? See where it takes us? No one has to know." At this point, he is an enemy of progress. He also says that she's lonely but having someone who's known her since she was 23 to hold her at night as she still opens her restaurant should be good.

She felt morally wrong and he kept trying to push away her guilt to get what he wanted despite her saying that she hadn't been able to sleep in days and felt like a horrible person.

He had joined the conversation with Adam as they talked about her kitchen plan. After he sees the blueprint and questions her about the bedroom size, he says, "Wow! You're finally getting that kitchen you always wanted."

He says, "thank you for saving me Janey" after emotionally blackmailing his way into staying at her place with the kids and Harley around. Jane confronts him by saying, "You knew all the kids were here. Shouldn't we have talked about this? Agreed that it was the right thing to do?" He apologized but she said, "This is just so typical. Only thinking about what works for you." Then she correctly guessed that Agness threw him out instead of all that he claimed. At the end of their conversation, he says, "I love knowing that I'm coming back here."

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I'm happy she chose herself. Jake was selfishly doing this to her. He seemingly reconnected with her to avoid doing his fatherly duties for Pedro. Yes, to an extent it could be genuine curiosity and seen as brave but it seemed to be of ill intent. Jake cares for her but seemingly not in the way she needs.

Jake apologizes and after she questions how far back it goes in need of one going 'way back', he says, "Consider it an all-inclusive apology. From not being the husband you needed to showing up nude on your bed last night."

He says, "I can't believe I got up to bat again and blew it.' She responds by saying, "You didn't blow it. We blew it. We blew it the first time around. This time we just should've known better. Too much time has passed. Too much has happened."

He expressed that he didn't regret doing this and she said, "Probably would've been better if you hadn't been married." Then he says, "It may never have happened if I wasn't married' which they laugh about.

She started seeing Adam who likes her as is but he took himself out of the situation to preserve his heart. There's hope for her and Adam at the end as they reunite. He didn't abandon working on her home so they have opportunities to meet.

Also, I want to say that I liked Harley. He was thoughtful and a great addition to their family as Gabby said. He was considerate and helped to ensure stability when he could.

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