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'Ironheart' Is Shaping Up To Be A Battle Of Tech Vs Magic. Which Characters Might We See Appear?

An interesting Clash.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

After Dominique Thorne makes her MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Riri Williams/Ironheart, Marvel's spiritual successor to Iron Man, she will hit the smallscreen in her own series, Ironheart, due to arrive on Disney Plus in late 2023.

Thanks to some recently released set pictures, fans have gathered that the series will see Riri put her newly built suit to use battling villain The Hood, played Anthony Ramos. In the comics, The Hood is a criminal mastermind given mystical powers through the use of a cloak and boots with links to Dormammu, the evil entity that rules the Dark Dimension. MCU fans will recognise Dormammu as the villain of the first Doctor Strange film.

Pitting Ironheart against The Hood, a villain with more mystical leanings, means the core conflict of the series will be one of technology vs magic, which is relatively new ground for the MCU. With this in mind, what other characters could we see make an appearance in Ironheart?

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness, played by Kathryn Hahn, made her debut back in WandaVision. Initially posing as Wanda and Vision's nosy but friendly neighbour, Agnes, towards the end of the series she reveals her true identity as Agatha, a centuries old witch drawn to Westview by Wanda's hex. Agatha is the one to tell Wanda that she is the mythical Scarlet Witch, and, claiming that she takes power from the undeserving, covets Wanda's powerful reality warping abilities for her own. After defeating Agatha, Wanda traps her in Westview as her 'Agnes' persona.

Agatha is set to return in her own spin-off series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, however, recent rumours suggest that she might also appear in Ironheart as a magical mentor/advisor to The Hood. Both Coven of Chaos and Ironheart are currently scheduled to hit Disney Plus on late 2023, but neither has a set release date yet.

James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/War Machine

Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, the best friend of Tony Stark, began as a supporting character in the Iron Man films before eventually joining the Avengers. In Iron Man 2, he becomes the operator of the War Machine suit, and aside from a brief stint as Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3, has remained War Machine in subsequent films. After suffering a serious spinal injury in Civil War, he requires a specially built piece of Stark-Tech to walk, but this did not stop him from continuing to suit up as War Machine.

As Tony's closest friend, Rhodey would likely take an interest in Riri when she appears in a similar suit to one of Tony's. It makes sense that he would want to investigate the situation, and ensure that she is someone who can be trusted with that sort of tech. Rhodey is also set to take centre stage in his own series, Armor Wars, believed to take one of the many currently empty spots in the MCU's phase six slate. Riri, as a fellow armor/suit user, is also rumoured to appear in this series.


Wong, initially a Librarian at Kamar-Taj in the first Doctor Strange film, later relocates to help Strange protect the New York Sanctum. In the years following the Decimation, Wong rose up the ranks to become Earth's new Sorceror Supreme. He is quickly becoming one of the MCU's most prominent supporting characters, having appeared in three of the seven films in Phase Four. He will also be seen in the upcoming series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

As the Sorceror Supreme, Wong is in charge of protecting the world from mystical threats. If the origin of The Hood's cloak remains the same as the comics, Wong will surely want to investigate how artifacts of Dormammu's made it into human hands.


Despite being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and leaving a will stating that he was not to be revived, S.W.O.R.D director Hayward revives and reprograms the original Vision, sending him to kill Wanda and Westview Vision in WandaVision's final episode. However, after Westview's Vision unlocks his memories, the original Vision abandons his mission and flees. He has not been seen since.

Since then, fans have been wondering where White Vision has gone, and when we could see him next. Hayward needed some of Wanda's power to revive Vision, making the new Vision a combination of tech and magic. So, while most fans initially had Armor Wars pegged as the most likely project for Vision's big return, a cameo in Ironheart is also a possibility.

America Chavez

Introduced in Multiverse of Madness, America Chavez is a teen with the ability to punch through the fabric of reality and hop universes. America spends most of the film fleeing from the Scarlet Witch, who wants America's powers so that she can find a universe where she can be with her children. With help from Strange, America eventually learns to control her powers, using them in a creative way to defeat Wanda. At the end of the film, she is seen training with the apprentice Sorcerors at Kamar-Taj.

If Wong does appear to investigate The Hood, it is possible that he could bring America with him as part of her training. Having America meet and interact with Riri Williams could be another step towards the creation of an MCU Young Avengers team.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Victor Von Doom, as fans of Marvel comics are well aware, is one of the biggest villains of the Marvel Universe. Though his biggest rivalry is with Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, he regularly battles other Marvel heroes. Unfortunately for most of them, he gets away with many of his evil plots due to diplomatic immunity after becoming King of the fictional country of Latveria.

While a man of science, Doom has also made himself an expert in magic, and is unafraid of using more dangerous spells to get what he wants. In a recent story, Doom drew the ire of the Scarlet Witch for digging up the long-lost original copy of the Darkhold in the misguided belief that he could control the evil book’s power, exposing the Earth to the threat of Chthon.

While neither the Fantastic Four or Doom have appeared in the MCU just yet (Aside from John Krasinski’s Reed Richards cameo in Multiverse of Madness), it has been confirmed that the upcoming Fantastic Four film, which will open the MCU’s Phase Six, will not be an origin story. This suggests that the F4, and Doctor Doom, already exist in the world of the MCU, and could potentially appear before their focus film. There have already been whispers of Doom being the secret villain of Wakanda Forever, which as mentioned earlier, will mark the first appearance of Ironheart. Now, with the talk of Ironheart being a battle of technology vs magic, and Doom having strength in both of those areas, some fans theorise that he could be pulling the strings in that series as well.

Whatever happens, we can't wait to meet Riri Williams in Wakanda Forever, before she takes centre stage in Ironheart next year.

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