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Investigation: Brainiac-Luthor Crisis

by Clark-Joseph Kent 8 months ago in tv

SCOOP: The Cadmus Project

Investigation: Brainiac-Luthor Crisis

This is a disclaimer on Justice League Unlimited that is not claiming to report real facts or charges of terrorism. It is an investigation on the Brainiac-Luthor crisis. The events of the Justice League Unlimited are of great importance for the super powered development that forms the perception of our current entertainment climate. It is meant for our own reflection on the priorities of the US government and of its attempts.

The Brainiac-Luthor crisis was the determinant event in the Justice League Unlimited. It involved a pivotal moment, during which the members of the Justice League Unlimited were digitalized by Brainiac, and their information was downloaded. It was particularly important for the traumatic experience of the Brainiac mothership, a giant monster. I surmise that at the time, people in America were traumatized by the presence of this monster in a cartoon, in a realistic sense, I was.

The show revealed that Brainiac-Luthor had downloaded the information of the Dark Heart, an alien nano-tech species, in order to become God. Their purpose as Brainiac-Luthor was to digitalize the universe: this presents the danger of the Internet in the digital age, as the Internet poses the temptation to omniscience.

The prospects of a digital world is one that represents the hallmarks of an advanced society, a danger that causes great anxiety in the American people.

In Divided We Fall, Batman reveals that "the real purpose of the Cadmus Project was to give you superpowers." This raises the claim that America—Lex Luthor—might be experimenting on aliens to develop super-powers for Americans. This is the problem of false identity, of making people believe that they are Superman in order to develop super-powers instead of having them develop super-powers as Superman.

The Ultimen were a team of super-powered clones developed by The Cadmus Project. Longshadow, their leader, actually believed that he was Superman's clone.

This is the claim that, the State is actually killing the American people, a terrorist state. This raises the question that the US State may be developing super powers for American people, a claim that it is engaging in a war for developing super powers in Americans to engage in war with other nations. This is a claim that is based on the Cadmus Project. The show shows that this is merely conjecture with no real-world facts and evidence. It does make important claims that attempt to reveal a global national strategy centering around developing superheroes.

The pivotal moment is Brainiac altering Lex Luthor's cells to grant him super powers. The Cadmus Project's purpose is to grant Lex Luthor super powers. Brainiac actually cures Lex Luthor's cancer. The Cadmus Project develops to combat the Justice League Unlimited banding together. They are perceived as over-powered.

Amanda Waller heads The Cadmus Project directing the Ultimen, the super-powered clones. This raises the question of cloning. Cloning is used around the global national strategy of developing superheroes to fight war with other nations. In this case, the other nations would refer to The Justice League Unlimited and the threat to the US government. In the "Ultimen" episode, at the beginning, the Justice League Unlimited are seen battling volcanic figures invasions from the Earth's volcanic tectonic plates. It is not clear whether the threat is global but the Ultimen intervene and deal with the threat. This reveals the suggestion that the Ultimen are better equipped than the Justice League Unlimited to take on threats of a global nature and other nations. This is seen in the Ultimen's popularity upon ending the threat.

The Brainiac-Luthor crisis is a crisis of super power development and may have contributed to the general perception that everyone is a superhero, due to the popularity of the show, a symptom of mental illness.

The central claim is that the US government may be using television and media to educate Americans as super powered superheroes to serve the country's war effort with nations. During the Brainiac-Luthor crisis, The Cadmus Project actually develops counters to the Justice League Unlimited and methods to propaganda the masses with the belief that the government is taking care of their needs, while at the same time, developing technology that is dubious in reality, such as Lex Luthor's fusion device. This is in fact, part of the propaganda that the government is developing the country with advanced technology while providing experiments.

This claim is not supported by real-world facts, though the US military remains the most well equipped army in the world and the possession of drones portends the prospect of a war that involves machines against humans, and even enhanced American soldiers against other armies.

Clark-Joseph Kent
Clark-Joseph Kent
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