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Interesting Anime Facts You Never Knew!

Anime Facts You Didn't Know

By Otaku WriterPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Heya, anime fanatics out there! Wanna read some interesting anime facts that you never knew, that'll shock you? Rest assured, the following entries will surprise you and might even make your jaw drop! Alright, if you're ready, let's get started!! 

Single character had several voice actors.

Eucliwood Hellscythe, a character from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka was voiced by 22 different voice actors. She never actually talked and only used to write her thoughts in a notepads to communicate, however there were small fantasy segments of her speaking all throughout the anime. Each such segment was voiced by a different person.

Longest anime has over 7500 episodes

And you guys were saying One Piece was too long for you guys to watch (of course I'm not talking to you lads who're caught up with One Piece. You guys are awesome ^^) 

Sazae-san is an anime that started airing in 1969 and is still going on!! Crazy as it may sound, it has been airing for over 50 years!!!

Major Anime are banned in China

Main stream anime like Death Note, Sword Art Online, Assassination Classroom, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler and Attack on Titan are banned in China as they include scenes that are against public morality and promotes socially unacceptable ideologies among the watchers.

For example, after watching Death Note some children started writing the names of their teachers in their notes.

Anime dominates the world of animation

Did you know over 60% of the animated content in the world are actually anime! Not cartoon, not Disney, but Anime rules the world of animation!!

Anime production is insanely costly!

You might've heard about this anime fact before. It (normally) costs around $100,000 to $200,000 to make a single anime episode! Then think about how much it'll actually cost to make an entire season!! 

Call 'the delivery god Yato' irl

The anime series Noragami featured a stray God who does odd jobs for survival. He used to leave his number everywhere so he could get customers, and guess what, they actually made it so you can call that number irl and talk to Yato! It was only available in Japan back when the anime was released. It is no longer operational now, but it was a thing back then.

Voice acting in outer space

This is one of those anime facts that'll make your jaw drop. A space adventure anime called Space Brothers was the first ever anime to have a person voice act from outer space. Talk about dedication! They actually made a real person go to outer space for the sake of keeping things real!!

Otakus rock

In Japan after finishing a volume of manga, it is normal for people to leave it in some public places, like tables and benches, for someone else to pick it up and read it!

Pokemon Rules!

Yes, that childhood show we all used to watch, is actually the most popular thing on the planet. As a matter of fact, Pokemon Go is more popular than internet porn, according to Google Trends. Honestly, I never expected anything to surpass porn.

Anime Screams can be a good ringtone

In 2015, there was a poll to choose the best ringtone, and guess what? Armin Arlet's scream, from Attack on Titan, was voted as the best ringtone ever! Imagine getting a call in a public place. Man, that'd be a laugh.

How popular is anime in Japan?

"Otakus" and "weebs" actually fall slightly on the negative side of the Japanese society (even though they have an entire district (Akihabara) dedicated for Anime). Normal Japanese people shun these extreme anime fans, however, over 85% of the music listened in Japan are anime openings and endings. How ironic.

Comiket is grander than Comic-con

Comiket is similar to comic-con, however it is limited to anime and manga, and is much much grander than Comic-con. Comiket is a biannual event held in Tokyo that attracts a multitude of audience from all around the globe.

Hentai - the place of new beginnings

Did you know many authors and artists who made popular anime right now actually started as hentai artist? For example, the author of Food Wars was once a professional hentai artist! By the way, if you didn't know, hentai are anime porn.

One Piece's ending was actually revealed!

Echiro Oda, the creator of One Piece once visited a child who had cancer. The child wanted to know the ending of One Piece so badly, and so Oda told the child the entire story! How compassionate!!

The authors are the true, respectable men of culture!

The author of Kuroko no Basket helped the author of Haikyuu!! to draw volley ball attack position and sweat, in return for ramen (noodles) for a month.

Death Note is a rip off?

Of all the anime facts mentioned here, this might be the most shocking and confusing one. A manga called The Miraculous Notebook or Fushigi na Techou was released in the year 1973 that centered around a middle aged worker who comes across a note that can kill people when their name is written in it. And Death Note manga was released in 2003. Could this be a coincidence? Or could it be that the Death Note's author knew about Fushigi na Techou?

Anime predicted the future!?

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a character called Boingo uses his stand ability to predict the future. But what was actually surprising was, it seems like he actually predicted the 9/11 attack! This manga was drawn in 1990, eleven years before the incident!!

There was a laughing plane and a man wearing a shirt with 911 written on it (However the 911 was removed in the 2015 anime version). Even the author was shocked when he came to know about this fact!

Don't underestimate the Boku no Pico staffs

I was truly shocked when I read about this. If you din't already know, Boku no Pico was an infamous hentai that was, well, hated upon, but popular at the same time among the anime fanatics. The same staffs who worked for Boku no Pico also worked for renown anime like Fullmetal Alchemist (literally the top most rated anime ever), Gundam seed, Baka & Test, Future Diary, etc.

That's it people! These are all the interesting anime facts I intended to tell you guys in this post. I know there are still a ton of anime facts out there, but I'm gonna go ahead and end this post here. Thanks for reading ^^


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