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I Would have a Silly Death in the Zombie Apocalypse

by MM 18 days ago in tv
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After all the Zombie content I've consumed and survival planning. This realization sucks.

AMC'S The Walking Dead

*Spoiler at the end*

A few months ago, I started rewatching The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead used to be one of my favorite shows, and I used to binge-watch it with no problem. I loved analyzing the politics and getting involved with the drama. Also, ZOMBIES! Now, this show has a different meaning to me as we move through the pandemic.

After two days of binge-watching season five, I developed a painful headache (no, not because I was watching too much TV). This was a survival anxiety-induced headache. My survival instincts wouldn't turn off. While watching, I couldn't help but think something like this could happen in real life. I know, how silly of me to think a zombie apocalypse could actually happen after experiencing the pandemic where leaders ignored that it existed. Others were unwilling to take the basic measures to keep the virus from spreading.

We could literally be zombies right now.

Every episode shows how the group lives another day, just surviving from day to day in the zombie apocalypse. It reminded me of our quarantine period and how the world stopped...kind of. We had to keep away from each other; we didn't know who to trust. The show taught me you need a group to survive, and it takes corporation with a community.

When watching a mob of zombies attack the group, I wondered, "Was there ever a point where it could have been contained? How did it spread so fast?" Then I realized, "Damn it! if it were me, I wouldn't have lasted long."

You know how in some zombie movies, there's that one person that dies foolishly or dully. Maybe they slipped while running or got an infected cut on their leg. They didn't die because they were bitten by a zombie or trying to be a hero, but it was a little accident. Deep down, I know a tiny mishap will happen to me as I try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

I know this because 3 months into the COVID pandemic, my niece brought the COVID virus home, spreading it through my entire family. My niece decided to hang out with a friend the week before, and SURPRISE, he had the virus and passed it on to her. In order, my niece, nephew, me, my brother, and then my mother.

How did I get the COVID virus you ask? Why thank you for asking-

A PANERA BREAD LEMONADE! I shared a Panera bread lemonade with my niece, and that's how I caught the virus. I'm still not over this because if it were the freaking zombie apocalypse, you're telling me I would have only lasted three months! I did everything right to keep myself and others safe. I stayed inside; I wore my mask.

I can't help but think that in season one of The Walking Dead, I would have been a zombie. Not because I didn't fight, but because I shared a drink with someone who was hiding their bite.

My all-time favorite character in a television Series is Michonne, and I've always thought if I was in a zombie apocalypse, I would fight like her. I thought I would be able to make it on intelligence, strategy, and determination. After my experience in the pandemic, I can't help but think I'm one of those that are destined to accidentally die. It feels like I wasn't given a chance.

I'm happy to be here expressing my thoughts and emotions about this. A few people in my life haven't caught the virus at all, and I'd like to think they would be part of Rick's crew. I've accepted I would be a memory in that universe.

I lost some loved ones during this pandemic, and it's not fair that humanity is expected to return to "normal." We know good and well that things can't go back to normal. Anything can happen at any point, and it's time we gain control of what we want from life.

Also, side note, to The Walking Dead Fans, we all agree the series lights went out after the death of Carl Grimes- right? Season 7 and beyond are not good, the storylines have potential, but I shun the showrunner who decided to kill off Carl for shock value. Why would you kill off one of the main characters that drive Rick's purpose?

Michonne and her Katana Sword.


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