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I Never Thought I’d Be An Artistic Person

Writing Has Helped Me Embrace the Idea

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
I'm looking forward to getting into photography! Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

Growing up as a sheltered, fearful, religiously-influenced child, I had no idea what my future was going to be like. I’ve felt fairly lost in life compared to many others around me. I was not a confident kid, young adult, or even a middle-aged man until recently.

What? You? C’mon. That can’t be right, can it?

I kid you not. I’d never bullshit you. I have never had a passion in life related to my career, until recently. This has changed in 2022. I love being a writer. And I’m embracing being more of an artist than your typical career-driven, money-chasing person.

This is not to say I’ve never enjoyed artistic things in life. I have. I just didn’t consider myself particularly good at any of them. At least not talented enough to call myself “an artist” or a “performer.”

For example, I’ve always loved music. But there were restrictions and roadblocks in the way of being able to fully appreciate it. My dad was a pastor. Our learning about popular music relied solely on what he and my mother would play in the car. 50s and 60s music only. Christian tunes, most of which were quite boring.

He did teach us about playing music. He played the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano and keyboards, and even the trumpet. He also sang Christian contemporary music during church services, one solo performance with background music, most weeks.

I was always proud of him when he’d sing in front of his congregations. He had a good voice and people seemed to enjoy those performances greatly. This was probably the early stages of my enjoying singing as much as I do today.

I couldn’t be a rock star until I was an adult. Maybe I should get the band back together?

Since rock and pop music wasn’t acceptable in our home, I learned to play instruments. I first learned the trumpet in 5th grade. This only lasted a year, as I moved on to something cooler in my mind, the drums.

I played in my dad’s church with him as he led the worship part of the services while playing acoustic guitar and singing. Then came the electric bass. My dad taught me the basics of that and I was pretty good at it, again playing in his church services.

As my love for music was starting to build, writing became fun as well. I’d always been a reader, since age 3. So it seemed reasonable that I’d taken to writing, as well. I was good at it in grade school, junior high, and high school. I became the editor of our literary magazine during my senior year.

Frog’s Skulls and Fried Eggs.

I can still see the artwork of a cartoon frog in a chef’s hat, flipping a pan of eggs. Published by The Thumbs Up Publishing Company. I even submitted two writing pieces that made it into the magazine. A poem about a soldier wounded in Iraq and something I called, “The Mother of All Cliche Stories”.

My creative writing teacher taught us one day about not overusing cliches in our writing. So I wrote an entire piece that was made up of 90% popular cliches. It was pretty damn funny. I’ve always been sort of a smart-ass.

I didn’t write much for pleasure after that. 30 years later, here we are, 413 blogs published and a year’s worth of enjoyment now. I’m starting to feel like an artistic person.

I’ve fully developed a love for music for over 30 years now. I sing in the kitchen when I’m cooking and drinking a little wine. You not only get amazing Italian food when you come over to eat but a free dinner show as well.

Chef Provencio, at your service. I may not be a piano man like Billy Joel, but I can sing it for you!

I also sing in the car. My brother used to chastise me for singing over the radio when we rode together. Tough shit. I sing it loud and proud these days. Get over it or take an Uber, Butt-Face.

I’ve watched my eldest daughter perform in musicals, drama clubs, and improv groups. I feel that I’d enjoy doing some acting, too. Perhaps we’ll give community theater a try when we’re both not so busy with our current ventures. I’d love to be in a show with a talented person like her. She inspires me.

The next artistic endeavor I’m about to embark on is photography. I’ve met a few amazing photographers this year through Medium and they’ve inspired me to get my first camera and add it to my repertoire of artistic things I enjoy doing. I think it will pair well with my blogging.

After discussing this with my Bride, we both agreed that I’d be far better off purchasing my first camera, some lighting tools, and zoom lenses rather than spending the ungodly amount of money it costs to renew my real estate license and pay board dues along with all the other costs associated with it.

I’m so excited about my next artistic endeavor. Time to snap some pics. Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

That’s a huge shift in my career outlook. I’ve been a licensed real estate agent now for almost 20 years. But the joy I once had for the business has been gone for at least the past five of them. Probably longer, if I’m being completely honest here.

I’ve become less materialistic and business-driven. I’m no longer chasing the almighty dollar as my primary goal for doing anything. I’ve given up my typical short, professional haircut and grown it out. I don’t shave daily anymore. I’m not into doing things that I no longer feel obligated to do.

I’m an artist. I’m embracing that. My writing, photography, cooking, singing, and possibly acting are calling to me. And you bet your ass I’m going to answer the call.

Life is short. Do what feeds your soul. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned in 2022. Thank you to everyone who’s here for it and supportive. You mean the world to me. &:^)


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  • Martha Ball2 months ago

    What a great, personal piece! Thanks so much for sharing

  • Morgan Stokes2 months ago

    This article is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing.

  • ArmasA2 months ago

    A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

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