I'm A Furry...So?

by Blazzer The Wolf 2 years ago in cosplay

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I'm A Furry...So?
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Everyone is born different, no matter the age, sex or race. And everyone has a different hobby that they like to pursue.

Mine just happens to be that I like being a furry or anthropomorphic, in technical terms.

Furries get a bad reputation in the eyes of non open-minded people. Once they see a man or woman dressed up as a giant talking animal, the first thing to pop in their mind is WEIRD or PERVERTS.

They go based off what they see on TV, as all they do is get together and have orgies or all they do is rape animals. Not going to lie, there is a small percentage of furries that do this. But out of the 99 percent of other furries, we raise money to save restaurants, animal shelters, breast cancer, and charities like Red Cross. We dress up as animals to get away from the life that we live, for even if it is just for five mins. We become something we’re not and even the shyest of people bring so much life to a character. You wouldn’t even know that it was this guy that was just hiding in the corner because he’s scared of crowds.

The fandom has open arms for anyone that wants to learn about it. Even at conventions you see people intrigued in the fandom and wanting to learn more about us. That's what makes me happy to be a furry. Seeing people smile for a change.

Just remember to not be judgmental when you see a group of furries. Come chat with us and raise your paws, cause baby we were born this way.

Oh and if you want to see my YouTube channel it’s www.youtube.com/fursuiterblazzer

Blazzer The Wolf
Blazzer The Wolf
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I'm a furry...get over it

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