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Hunter Feels Found (Heartwarming The Owl House one shot)

by Ben RS 2 months ago in fan fiction
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This takes place right after S2 Ep 16 "Hollow Mind." After finding out the truth about himself, Hunter runs off. This story is about what happens after when boiling rains force him to find shelter at the place The Owl House. I'm using the song "Found" from Steven Universe.

Hunter, happy on a brown background with the title above his head

I can't believe it! I was just a pawn to him! Were the thoughts running through Hunter's mind as he ran out of the owl house after finding out the truth. He didn't know where he was going, he just needed to get away. After he didn't know how long he had run before he clasped against a tree. Flapjack landed on his shoulder. "It will be ok," he chirped.

This made hunter laugh, nothing was funny he was going crazy! "How are things going to be ok!? My life! Everything I did was for a terrible purpose for someone who doesn't care about me and has been lying to me my whole life!"


Somewhere, somehow


Trust again"

His palisman chirped.

"Yeah, I doubt that EVERYTHING was a lie!" he buried his head in his hands.

"You just need to find someone

Someone who

Treats you better

Someone who

Wants you around


Somewhere, somehow


Gonna feel found

He tried to glare at the bird, but his tear-filled eyes showed there was no anger backing it up. "Say it, it will make you feel better," Flapjack told him.

"Someday, somewhere, somehow, I'll trust , Again , I just need to find someone, someone who treats me better, someone who wants me around, someday, somewhere, somehow I'm gonna feel found," he begrudgingly repeated and somehow it did make him feel just a little bit hopeful. He looked at his palisman, so small yet so important. He leaned against the tree looking up towards the overcast sky. "Heh, who would care about me enough to make me feel found?" he sighed, not even knowing what that meant.

"Those at the Owl House?" Flapjack suggested.

"Yeah, right after all of the trouble I caused them, I'll just be all like 'Hi I know I tried to capture you, but would you mind if I moved it?'" his voice was squeaky, and the nervous laugh was back.

"Yes," he responded sternly. "It's late and you need a place to stay. Luz was nice to you," as if on cue, the first drops of boiling rain started to fall. He needed shelter and didn't have a choice. Flapjack was able to make a temporary umbrella as he went back to The Owl House. Flapjack remembered the way.

He nervously knocked on the door the house demon seemed to be too focused on keeping the rain away to notice him. He looked down embarrassed as Eda opened it. "What are you doing out in the rain at this hour? Come in," this completely took the boy by surprise, she was treating him like he belonged there. He stumbled in.

"There's a spare room, I'll get some blankets you can sleep on, we'll get you something better later," Hunter couldn't believe what was going on. He just followed Eda around as she gathered blankets and let him into an empty room. "Get some sleep, it looks like you need it."

He arranged the blankets to be as comfortable as possible. It was weird he felt safer in the house of someone that his whole life he was told was evil than in his own room in a fortified castle.

~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He woke up to the mid-morning sun streaming in from the window. Not knowing where he was, he bolted upright, completely on guard. Flapjack reminded him where he was, and the witch calmed down slightly, looking for a way to escape. He tried to leave through the window, but it wouldn't open. He'd have to go downstairs. "Come on, if we're lucky we can leave without anyone noticing us," he told the bird in a hushed voice. He tweeted in protest, wanting Hunter to stay. Regardless he was quiet as he perched himself on the witch's shoulder. He tried to be as quiet as possible as he walked down the stairs. He was even holding his boots knowing that that would reduce the sound of his footsteps. He paused at the base of the stairs, he heard people there, and they all sounded happy? He wasn't used to people sounding happy for no apparent reason.

"' Morning Hunter, are you ok you went through a lot last night?" Luz was the first to notice him. Why did she care about how he was feeling? Luckily, The Owl Lady spoke so he wouldn't have to answer the human's question.

"Good, you're up, your breakfast is getting cold," Eda tapped a loaded plate by a seat at the counter. He was just shocked at all of this, people were never just nice to him. Not knowing what to do he sat down and ate. At this point he didn't care if it was poisoned, living didn't seem as important anymore. Then he felt something warm wrap around his leg, he looked down to see their pet demon hugging him. "Luz told me what you saw, and I thought you'd need a hug," he told Hunter, who looked away not knowing how to respond to this. He didn't know how to react, from the demon, who he now knows is named King, hugging him, people cooking for him, people caring about his feelings. The day went on and no one even hinted at wanting him to leave. They also tried to include him in conversations and tried to get to know him? It was unlike anything Hunter had ever experienced. It was nice, weird but nice.


Right here, right now

I already

Feel found

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