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Hulu is America's Preferred Streaming Service [New Data]

New data reveals America's preferences on streaming as well as the most cost effective

By Pam JannesPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Remember the original Netflix? You subscribed to receive a few DVDs a month in the mail. You’d watch the movies and send them back to select a new set of movies for the next month. That concept seems so foreign today when we have so many streaming options at our fingertips!

While Netflix was the one we all remember being first in the streaming game, the competitors that came after have stepped it up in the past few years in an attempt to become America’s favorite streaming service. In a recent study from Versa Networks, they took a look at the “Big 4” streaming services to find out which ones are really stacking up against Netflix.

According to their research, the Big 4 streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+. They took a look at data over the last 5 years to determine which streaming service reigns supreme. Hulu came in as the overall winner as the nation’s favorite streaming service, putting Netflix in second place. Disney+ and Amazon Prime tied for last place. States like Virginia and Utah are the states that prefer Disney+ and are probably big fans of the Marvel movies or enjoy having the entire Star Wars catalog at their disposal. Those states who preferred Amazon Prime probably love their movie selection, with titles like House of Gucci and The Hunger Games series.

On the surface, they all look similar, but any good movie buff knows they all have their own specific offerings! Original content on these platforms has taken the world by storm and given a whole new meaning to binge-watching. With streaming services dropping whole seasons of their original shows at once, it’s easy to get infatuated with a series and its characters!

The study took streaming service popularity even further by discovering which service has the best original series. Ever seen a show that is loved by critics and viewers alike? It’s rare, but it is the case for Netflix’s original series Dark, which according to the study has an almost perfect audience and critic score on Rotten Tomatoes! Dark was searched for in 9 states, dominating first place for the most popular streaming service original series in the U.S. There was a tie for second place, with What If…? And The Haunting of Hill House. Some honorable mentions for shows America is loving are The Queen’s Gambit, Sneaky Pete and Hawkeye if you’re looking for new shows to binge in the new year!

Prices are on the rise in all aspects of life, and it’s no different for streaming service prices. Netflix’s original standard streaming price started at $ a month, but the most recent price increase has taken the platform’s price to almost $16 a month - double what it started out at. With new streaming platforms coming at us in every direction, it can be hard to figure out which service is worth the money. Thorough in their research, the team at Versa Networks broke it down for us.

According to Versa, Netflix and Hulu give you the best bang for your buck - taking their average original content ratings compared to their monthly rate. It’s important to note that the price breakdowns include each streaming service’s basic plans, so there’s room to pay for fewer advertisements if that’s something you’re interested in!

At the end of the day, we can all agree that there’s an abundance of great shows out there we can pull up on our TVs at a drop of a hat. No matter which streaming platform you prefer, you’ll be able to find dozens of shows you’ll love and find yourself obsessing over.


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