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How WandaVision And Marvel Sparked The Growth Of My Wife's Nerd Flower

by The Nerd Habit 14 days ago in superheroes

From Woman To Nerd Girl - The 4 Stages Of Growth

By Wade Braden

Buddha once said, "If we could see the miracle of a single episode of WandaVision, clearly our whole life would change." Ok, I admit, Buddha was talking about flowers, not a TV show. But maybe if he had watched WandaVision or any other Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, he would have had them in mind.

As Buddha appreciated a flower's growth, I appreciate my wife's recent growth as a nerd. And like watching a flower grow, I liken her nerdy development to that of a flower–A nerd flower. Let me explain.

Wandavision Started The Nerd Flower Germination Process

Wandavision: Sprouting The Seed

It is safe to say that you will never see my wife, Samantha, at a comic convention. The thought of standing in line to see an actor that once played in a low-budget science fiction movie is probably nauseating to her. It is laughable to even think she could debate with others discussing which superhero has the best abilities. Samantha's lack of nerdiness doesn't end there either. Anime, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, and The Hobbit are just a few on a long list of nerdy things that make her stomach churn. That was until recently. You see, my wife has had some sort of revelation, and thanks to the WandaVision television series, her inner nerd flower has sprouted.

When Disney released WandaVision on their popular streaming service Disney Plus, Samantha was excited to watch. I was actually a bit stunned and caught off guard at how excited she was to watch WandaVision. Her excitement may have been due to the buzz the show was getting on social media, or maybe even because it was just a new show to watch. Either way, she definitely did not know anything about the characters or the backstory needed to fully appreciate the show. I also lacked some knowledge about the back story leading up to Disney's newly released television series. All we knew is that the show's timeline was going to take place after the Avengers: Endgame movie. Regardless, we both watched, and Samantha became instantly hooked.

The Marvel Universe Provided The Soil For The Nerd Flower To Grow

Marvel Universe: The Soil

After a few episodes of WandaVision, my semi-nerd wife decided she wanted to go full throttle. As more characters were introduced into her new favorite television show, Samantha wanted and needed to watch every Marvel movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She had to know what happened in those movies to influence certain situations in the television series. A few words came to my mind when she told me her plan:

Stunning! Amazing! Fantastic! Hell yes!

I was all aboard the nerd train. To fully grasp my excitement, you have to understand that any time I suggested we watch a Marvel movie in the past, it would be quickly denied. Now my wife is the one requesting to watch a bunch of superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe's long list of films became the soil needed to help Samantha's nerd flower grow.

Superheroes Are The Water For The Nerd Flower

Marvel Characters: The Water

Each Marvel movie gave her insight into why fans fall in love with superheroes. Samantha found herself gravitating to individual superheroes as well. She loved the cocky attitude and suave of Tony Stark (Iron Man.) The never-give-up attitude of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and the Guardians Of The Galaxy heroes' funny wisecracks. She also embraced other superheroes that she had never heard of before her nerdy adventure. Superheroes like Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel became lovable characters to her. The Marvel characters became the water that helped Samantha's inner nerd flower take root.

Star Wars & The X-Men Provide The Sunlight To Complete The Nerd Flower's Growth

Star Wars & X-Men: The Sunlight

Samantha's nerd flower has sprouted because of her experience with WandaVision. It has taken root in her interest in the Marvel Universe. It has kept growing by the water received from her favorite Marvel superheroes. Now, the growth of her nerd flower is at its most crucial stage.

Samantha needs the sunlight of all the other bright and shiny nerd experiences out in the world. Star Wars and The X-Men are two nerd experiences she has mentioned since the growth began. I will continue to provide those nerdy experiences for my beautiful wife to help her nerd flower grow.

This brings me to the question, can I say that Samantha is a full-on nerd now? I can't say that yet. Hopefully, one day, she will blossom and I will come home to see her setting up to play some D&D in the living room.

Ok, that is wishful thinking. The thought of Samantha throwing a handful of dice at a D&D table is downright unimaginable. I have to slow down and take this one growth stage at a time.

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