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How to Write Amazing Articles Even if You're a Bad Writer

If you follow any of my posts, you'll notice that I talk a lot about writing.

By parth rakangorPublished about a year ago 4 min read

How to Write Amazing Articles Even if You're a Bad Writer

If you follow any of my posts, you'll notice that I talk a lot about writing.

Why? What's the big deal about it? Why am I so preoccupied with this subject?

On a personal level, I write about writing because, well, I appreciate the subject.

There's another factor as well. I'm right there with you when it comes to writing failure!

I used to be a terrible writer! So I understand your predicament. However, I received a lot of assistance in improving my writing and blogging abilities, and I want to pay it forward by assisting those who have faced similar challenges.

It's not simple to write. It can be difficult to write long-form, research-intensive, substantial pieces on a daily basis.

I write about this because I understand where you're coming from and can provide some advice.

Finally, I talk about writing since it is the primary emphasis of content marketing.

Written material – words, articles, blogs, and so on — is the focus of content marketing.

Of course, content marketing is more than simply blogs, whitepapers, and ebooks. Social media, infographics, films, and live video may all help you achieve content marketing success.

However, the most significant influence of content marketing occurs through this channel - lengthy form blog material.

Examine this out. Every year, the Content Marketing Institute conducts a poll to assess the condition of the content marketing business.

CMI questioned respondents in its 2017 B2B poll, "Which content marketing methods that your firm utilises will be most crucial to its overall content marketing success in 2017?"

To put it another way, "what is the most significant content marketing tactic?"

Blogs were the dominant response.

More than half of those polled chose blogging as their top marketing approach for 2017.

Do you see why it's important?

That's why I spend so much time, effort, and money teaching others how to write quicker, better, and more successfully.

That is why I prepared this essay - to assist you in improving your writing.

The essay focuses on a technique for producing long-form blog posts. I walk you through the precise approach I used to enhance my own writing, as well as the technique you can use to achieve the same.

I'm dedicated to help you better, no matter how bad you are at blogging, how bad a writer you are, or how little you know about blogging.

Do you struggle with writing?

Nobody is being accused of being a bad writer! But when it comes to writing, I hear a common complaint.

This is how it works:

I realise there are advantages to blogging, but I'm terrible at writing!

This is something I completely understand.

My writing was terrible when I initially started my blog, Quick Sprout. Take a look at this screenshot from my blog's ten-year-old article!

Bloggers are classified into three types.

When it comes to writing, some people have an inferiority complex. They believe they are terrible, but in reality, they are not.

Some folks experience the inverse issue. They believe their writing is fantastic, but there aren't many individuals who agree with them.

Some folks fall somewhere in the centre. They realise they aren't the worst in the world, but they aren't the greatest either. They are aware that there is still potential for improvement.

Each group of authors has room to grow. But how exactly?

Outsourcing the entire process is the most usual solution. According to one of CMI's content marketing surveys, 68 percent of B2Bs choose to outsource their content generation!

There is nothing wrong with contracting out content creation!

But what if you're a fledgling company with a shoestring marketing budget? Or are you a solopreneur who cannot afford to employ a writer? Or do you prefer to do it yourself?

Then you most likely need to work on your writing skills.

You can and should improve your writing skills regardless of where you are on the awesome-or-not scale.

This is how it's done.

Determine what your readers believe is wonderful.

Let me break things down for you. This is my position.

You want to create fantastic stuff.

Your readers are the folks whose opinions truly matter.

As a result, your readers must decide what fantastic material is.

We have a tendency to overthink what it takes to generate outstanding content. Heck, I'm guilty of it myself!

I'm so focused with content quality, SEO, reading comfort, content length, and all the other criteria that it's easy to miss one very crucial factor: the readers themselves!

Here's a little disclaimer. Keep in mind that if your material isn't search engine optimised, your viewers won't see it in the first place.

If necessary, refresh your knowledge of SEO and general content optimization. Make certain that your fantastic content will appear in search engines.

Find out what your readers believe is wonderful if you want to create awesome content.

How do you go about doing that?

I'll walk you through a three-step procedure:

Use Alexa to find out your basic demographics and stats.

Discover your most popular articles by using Google Analytics.

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