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How to write a good movie review?

by victor trotta 10 months ago in how to

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Before writing a book review, you must first read the book, and before writing a movie review, you must first own the movie. We can't just watch movies, we must see emotions and be prepared to write excellent movie reviews.

1. How to watch a movie? Everyone likes watching movies, but not everyone can read movies. To write great movie reviews, we need to consider some pre-set questions for ourselves before watching the movie for the first time. These questions may be very basic. For example, what is the connection between movie title and story content? Why did the movie start like this? Why did it end like this? Go to the movie with questions, record where you are in the movie and the questions you have when watching the movie, and see if you can answer these questions for the first time. If you want to write a great movie review, you can’t just watch the movie once, because you can’t capture all the details of the movie just once. We need to watch it repeatedly, twice, three times or even more. When we watch a movie for the second time, we can start to think about some deeper questions, such as how is the narrative of the movie constructed? In what order are the stories told? Are the characters in the play real? From those aspects? In the second, third or even more times, please take notes in as much detail as possible, not only the characters and content in the film, but also some photographic forms, angles, light, etc.

These are our follow-up film review writing materials. Remember: repetition is the basis for understanding movies.

2. Determine the theme. Now that I have watched the movie several times and took a few pages of notes, what should I do next? When we look at the notes, the most important thing is to determine the theme of the movie and consider what the movie is talking about. The theme of the movie is not the central idea, enlightenment, etc. summarized when reading the article, but the many concepts used in the movie to help people understand the plot of the movie. Example: Who is the protagonist? Why is the story conveyed by the film not coherent? What does the character's relationship with others mean? When viewing movies and organizing annotations, we sorted out some topics about movies from this information. These are the basis for our next movie review. Writing a movie review will inevitably involve some technical terms and technical content, the connection between the movie and other arts, the arrangement of the movie's scene, the editing of the movie, and the sound in the movie. These four main aspects are our professional perspectives into handwritten film reviews. After establishing the theme, we can consider writing movie reviews from these aspects.

3. How to write a movie review? After watching the movie, I have taken notes and decided on the theme. It's finally time to start writing. Timothy J. Corrigan introduced six methods of analyzing movies, which should be paid attention to when writing movie reviews.

1. Writing methods: Six methods of analyzing movies.

2. Historical method: This is one of the most widely used methods in film and television criticism. When writing in this way, you can start from the perspective of historical development according to their position in the history of film. We need to consider knowing the historical context that can help us explain the narrative or technical skills in the film, or which part of history applies to our writing.

3. National film: In addition to historical methods, film review writing based on ethnic and cultural characteristics is also a commonly used angle of film review. The film must have its cultural environment. Putting the film under the historical conditions of the time and learning from a culture we are not familiar with will help us understand and understand the social environment reflected in the film.

4. Genre: Classify movies according to the mode of form and content. This distinction is an effective way to check how the film organizes the story and audience expectations. For example, we often say that science fiction movies, musicals, Western music, etc. are all based on classification.

5. Author's theory: Author criticism is a widely accepted method of film criticism. It connects the movie with the director or protagonist of the movie, because each director or actor has his own unique style, and they or their movies also have their own similarities. The feature of this method of film creation is to analyze the main actors, directors, screenwriters and other creative personnel as "authors", so it is called "authority".

6. Types of formalism: An analysis method that discusses the style and structure of movies and the organization of movies is the type of formalism. This analysis method looks at the modes of the movie, such as how the movie starts and how it is shot at the end.

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