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How The Mandalorian is supposed to be the opposite to Darth Vader

Josh Hart

How The Mandalorian is supposed to be the opposite to Darth Vader
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From someone who grow up with the star wars franchise in all its shape and forms, including playing with plastic light sabers too watching the clone wars. even though i had grown with a and loved star wars, I knew deep down that it was always a over rated franchise with only a few, top level achievements, the best of which being empire strikes back. the Mandalorian is able to deliver a delightfully fresh new look at the galaxy from far far away, to show the audience what its truly like to be a character in the star wars universe, with no idea about the star wars universe. Confused? Let me explain.

From the very first episode we are shown how the titular character operates, he has proven himself to be a formidable figure not unlike Vader within a new hope. The stoic, face covered, main character of there respective story's while one is a bounty hunter, who only truly cares about the job. The other a sith lord biding his time for Vengeance for his presumed deceased wife and children. both characters wears a helmet constantly and refuses to take it off in the presence, of another person. Remind you of anyone, tall dark and murderous? Darth Vader.

The Mandalorian titular character shows a great juxtaposition between the main character of this show, and the main character of the movies, Darth Vader. This is shown not only through the differences in parenting, (Mando actually raises his children, while Vader has a tendency to, in light of better words miss- Handle it). The Mandalorian not only makes us second guess our favorite dark lord of the Sith, but also makes sure that even in a galaxy full of terrible parents and sometimes even worse children, *Cough* Ben solo *cough*.

The main character Din Djarin, is born in a universe that we all as the audience know all to well, but he does not. he doesn't know about the Jedi, the sith or the cosmic entity known as the force. But he does know something from this franchise that is ripe ready for exploration as one of the most under rated facets of star wars. The bounty hunting.

While Anakin sky walkers journey was supposed to show the audiences of the ways and teachings of the original Jedi council, the Mandalorian is supposed to show the ways and practices of a bounty hunter. Each main character shows the audience the different rules of their respective story's while still existing within each others, Its thematic layers to do with parent hood also, only make each characters story richer when compared to each other.

Where Vader wanted to be a father with his wife and children, the role of fatherhood was forced upon the Mandalorian when he had come across the child, sure he could of cut off little grogus hand and gave him to empire but what does he do? He saves him and attempts to change is formally emotionally closed off ways, and learn thanks to the love of a youngling, how to open himself up.

Who knows, maybe the Mandalorian is supposed to be a representation of how Vader could've been as a father if it weren't for his own, tragic down fall and being lied to on the fate of his wife and children, this in the long one, just makes the Mandalorian even better within its thematic layers. Even more so when a certain young Jedi comes into the fold, on the second season finale of The Mandalorian just further proves that this is what the creators had in mind when creating the show and the main character, someone new with a subtle connection of the past.

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