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How the Internet Changed Slot Machines

The internet has changed gambling in a lot of ways.

By Jasmine Smoot-LeyvaPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Remember when the internet was just something you could play games on? Something that would make a weird noise and stop your mum from using the home phone?

Well, a lot has changed since then. It’s now super fast, everywhere you go, and accessible from a tiny device in your hand. And now you can use a home phone whilst you surf the web—imagine that in 2001.

But, what do you know, you can still play some brilliant games online. In fact, the internet has taken gaming to a whole new level with online gaming: now the most popular way to spend a bit of leisure time on a video game over at

But the likes of FIFA and Call of Duty are not the only games to benefit from the internet and likewise; Xbox and PlayStation are not the only platforms that have excelled thanks to online gaming. The gambling industry is basking in the glory of "the age of the internet," with the online slot game being one particular sector of this industry that is absolutely booming.

Taking over from the humble fruit machines that sit in the corners of pubs, clubs, bars, and chip shops, now sadly collecting more dust than they do 20p coins, the slot machine is thriving online.

Of course, slots are not the only thing that has changed with the prevalence of the world wide web. Look at social media, shopping, TV, music, and just about everything else you can think of. But for this article, we focus on how the internet changed the slot machine forever.

Amazing Graphics

If we are being honest, there was always something slightly lacking in the graphics department of slot machines.

More about the symbols themselves rather than what they actually look like, look at a fruit machine today and you can describe their appearance as ‘retro at best.’ But all of this has changed now, as the online slot game has energized graphics and appearances of slot games like never before.

Smooth animations, detailed backdrops, and well-designed symbols have made for a way more engaging slot game experience online.

Big Cash Prizes

Although we all have memories of that mate who apparently took the jackpot out of the fruit machine down the Dog and Duck, even his winnings—fictional or not—cannot compare to the amount of money that is being won by those spinning online slots.

Some games online are tailored to those exclusively looking for enormous jackpots, and titles like Mega Moolah have broken world records for the amount of money they have dished out.

Not to mention, most online jackpot-type games consists of a 'pool' of money—usually generated from the millions of users playing. Which means you have a much better chance of winning than if you were to take a girl's trip to Vegas—and the profit margins are far greater.


You used to be only able to spin a slot game in a pub, or maybe one of those tiny casinos at a service station. Now, thanks to online and mobile functionality, slots are widely accessible, and this is perhaps the biggest way that they have changed. There are, quite literally, tons of apps, websites, and programs available to play a whole slew of these games—and, from the comfort of your own home (or, wherever you happen to be when boredom strikes).

So, whether you're new to the gambling scene or are a well-seasoned veteran, I think we can all agree that slot-machines and casinos alike have been affected by this internet-dominating age. Go out there, have fun, and win big!


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I’m a professional photographer, filmmaker, musician, podcaster, and author based in Dallas, TX. I'm obsessed with tattoos, my two huskies, and being my own person.

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