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How 'GOT' Helped Me

by Christine Wilson 3 years ago in tv
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I've always enjoyed things like Game of Thrones, the fantasy and drama. It was great distraction from all the bad going on in my life. It gave me something to look forward to, even led me to make new friends. It inspired me to write again. When I began to watch the show, I had just found out I was pregnant and my dad had not long since passed so I needed a distraction.

I first heard about it when a friend of mine started talking about it often. With all the twists and turns, it is easy to see how someone could be pulled into the world that George Martin created. My friend had shown me a clip, starting with the opening music—the tune sticking in my head like any catchy tune. I ended up humming away, trying to remember where I had heard the song from. When I finally remembered, I chose to check the show out and so it began.

From the first episode I was pulled in. This amazing show brought a new life and meaning to the fantasy genre in television. It even made me want to read the books. I found something that I truly enjoyed. Over the first season I fell into the rabbit hole that was fan fiction. The amazing community of fans made me love the franchise even more. Now, don't get me wrong, like most fans I did keep wondering, "When will the dragons be coming?" But the question was easily pushed away as the plot grew.

I became a bit addicted to Game of Thrones, bingeing the available seasons. It gave me something to focus on as I dealt with the grief of my dad and the little human growing inside me. The cure for morning sickness for me was a little Jon Snow and the amazing Arya.

Arya became my favourite character pretty easily, her character grew amazingly and it inspired me to change myself. Despite all the hardship she had to endure, she grew strong and became an inspiration for plenty of female viewers. I won't deny that a small part of me was debating naming my baby after her.

As my feet disappeared under the bundle of a bump, I was confined to the couch. Surrounded with my strange cravings of chocolate peppers and apple peanut smoothies, I relied on the show. It was wonderful having something to enjoy... especially since the remote was too far away... (well near my feet) I gladly binged away on GOT. After my little girl was born, it was a difficult time. The birth was hard and I was in the hospital for longer than I would have liked. Luckily for me, I had the books to keep me distracted when the little one was asleep. GOT did inspire my daughters name in a way however, though it wasn't Arya.

Three years on, and I am still loving the show. I am now trying my hand at writing a fantasy novel—all thanks to the inspiration of Game of Thrones. It truly has changed my life for the better. From helping me handle my grief to dealing with a long pregnancy. It has been a huge impact on my life and I will be sad to see it finish. But all I can do is thank the wonderful mind of George Martin and the amazing people who were part of this brilliant show. They truly have been an inspiration, a help and a life saver. This show will be missed by me and many others.

But hey, at least I will have the theme song trapped in my head for life.


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