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House of the Dragon

Ep. 9

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

The penultimate episode of House of the Dragon dropped tonight and of course I have many thoughts. This episode was entitled the Green Council which led to a disappointing lack of Rhaenyra and Dameon. And as I am firmly on team Black this episode caused many reactions.

Well the whole episode was angering but essentially Viserys is dead and team green has been conspiring to steal the throne from Rhaenyra and name Alicent's Aegon king. After Alicent cries some monster crocodile tears over Viserys’ death she goes to the royal council to announce it. They then move on with their long laid plans to usurp the throne from Rhaenyra. Plans Alicent was apparently unaware of, further solidifying that she has no real stake in the fate of the throne and needs to back the f off. The commander of the king’s watch resigns his position until there is a king to follow. Sir Crispy Chicken Sandwich is all up on Alicent because apparently he needs to be attached to royal pussy in order to do his duty.

Now we all know that Viserys dying wish was to see Rhaenyra’s Aegon on the iron throne. Last episode he referred to her as his only child, but Alicent seems to be leaning really hard into the “this was the king's dying wish” thing. Now we all know that that’s bullshit and I’m certain she knows that that's bullshit but yet she has used her fake, grieving widow bullshit to convince everyone, including Aegon that this is what Viserys wanted.

Team Green can't find Aegon, because he is off around kings landing bedding whores, raping serving girls and betting on children fighting each other. Aemond and Crispin Cole pull him out of a hole and Aegon fully admits to not wanting to be king, he in no way wants the throne. As Aemond pointed out he is the brother that studies history, the one good with a sword, the one actually qualified to sit upon the throne. Now I am fully team Rhaenyra but if her claim was to be stolen at least put someone on the throne that can actually lead.

Also the foot fetish scene was a bit much, it was also entirely unnecessary. Though it does establish that Alicent knew what she had to do to get the information that she wanted, which means that they have had that interaction before.

They trapped Rhaenys in her room and Alicent begs for her support. We all know that she is firmly a part of team Black but she does toy with Alicent for a moment, making her think it was an option. Her busting through from the dragon pit on her dragon was in fact the best part of the season thus far. It was definitely the best part of the episode. The strong feeling is that she is going to fly to my Rhaenyra and let her know what is going on leading to a fleet of dragons falling upon king's landing to take it back for her. I desperately hope that Leanor is going to come out of hiding to fight for my queen.

Now I semi-blame my Rhaenyra for this mess, for this is what she gets for naming her child Aegon. There are 1000 at this point and really it's hard for anyone to keep straight.

Every episode of this season has gotten better and better, you can definitely tell what scenes are written by women and which ones are written by men. But I am very much looking forward to the season finale, though I don’t want to wait a week for it and I am already anxiously awaiting the arrival of season 2.

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