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‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 10: Ending, Explained –

What Happens Between Aemond And Lucerys?

By kamika eleanor Published 7 months ago 4 min read

It is often said that there is no greater misfortune than greed. Westeros was bearing the consequences of greed and lust for power. Otto’s mission had been successful. One of his own, now sat on the Iron Throne.

‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Is Lucerys Velaryon Dead Or Alive?

In the 10th episode of “House of the Dragon,” we saw that Rhaenyra wanted her elder son, Jacaerys, to first go to The Eyrie, the seat of House Arryn, and then to Winterfell to meet Cragan Stark. She wanted Lucerys to go and meet Borros Baratheon and remind him of his oath. She had presumed that Baratheons would easily swear their allegiance and wouldn’t need much convincing. But what she didn’t realize was the fact that Otto Hightower had already asked Aemond Targaryen to visit Storm’s End and ask for the hand of one of the daughters of Lord Borros Baratheon. Lucerys reached Storm’s end, and he suddenly felt that he saw a huge shadow. He turned to see that Vhagar was already standing there. It sent shivers down his spine. He knew at that moment that it was not going to be an easy task. He reached the court and saw that Aemond was already standing there. Rhaenyra had very clearly told her boys that they were going to different houses as messengers and not as warriors. But even if she had said the opposite, Lucerys wouldn’t have dared to pick up a fight with Aemond. Borros Baratheon misunderstood the tone of the message. He felt as if Rhaenyra was trying to threaten him, whereas, on the other hand, Aemond had offered a matrimonial alliance. Aemond had reached earlier, and that worked in his favor. Borros Baratheon didn’t agree to swear his allegiance to Rhaenyra and asked Lucerys to leave. But how could Aemond let him leave without intimidating him? He asked Lucerys to give him one of his eyes. The two almost came to blows when Borros Baratheon interfered and asked them to stop. A scared Lucerys mounted his dragon as he wanted to leave Storm’s End as quickly as he could.

But Aemond was not done yet. He chased Lucerys’ young dragon. We realized during the chase that both the riders were not in complete control of their respective dragons. Arrax spits fire on Vhagar, on his own accord, and that, in turn, angers the wild beast. Aemond tried his best to control Vhagar, but it was a bit too late. Just when the skies became clear, and Lucerys thought that the danger was over, Vhagar came and ripped both Lucerys and his dragon apart. The expression that Aemond had after he saw that Lucerys was killed said it all. He knew that he had called forth his doom. The news of Lucerys’ death reached Dragonstone. Daemon told Rhaenyra about what had happened. That last thread that was holding the realm together had broken.

The death of Lucerys marked the beginning of the Dance of the Dragon. Rhaenyra had tried her best to unite the realm and save the kingdom from impending doom, but now she was not left with any option. Her innocent son had been snatched from her, and she was determined to make the Greens pay the price for it. In season 2 of “House of the Dragon,” we will probably get to witness how she takes her revenge. We would get to know whether the blacks are able to take over King’s Landing or the greens are able to maintain and protect their stronghold.

Luke’s death will have a massive impact on the Dance of the Dragons. Rhaenyra was considering accepting Otto’s terms, but the murder of Luke proves peace is out of the question. Aemond is also apt to tell Aegon that he murdered Luke on purpose rather than on accident due to his inability to control Vhagar – he would rather be interpreted as evil and unforgiving than weak. The circumstances of Luke’s death also prove a line from Viserys in House of the Dragon’s series premiere correct, as he warned Rhaenyra under Baelerion the Black Dread's skull that their control of dragons is a dangerous illusion. Nevertheless, Lucerys’ death is what will bring the war from a race of alliances and pacts to a realm where fire and blood reign.

What The Final Shot Of Rhaenyra Means

In House of the Dragon episode 10’s ending, Rhaenyra is informed by Daemon that Lucerys has been killed, leading the new Queen to walk toward the fire, clutch her stomach, nearly fall to her knees, and stare at the camera with tears and fury in her eyes. Daemon had become increasingly frustrated with Rhaenyra’s restraint, but Lucerys’ death ignited a wave of burning anger inside her that will not be extinguished by peace terms. Alicent’s message about remembering the love they once shared now means nothing after her son killed Luke. The final shot of Rhaenyra says one thing: “War it is.” When House of the Dragon season 2 arrives, there will be no acceptance of peace terms, only the fight to reclaim the Iron Throne.

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