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House of the Dragon Ep. 7

by Alexandrea Callaghan 2 months ago in review / tv / pop culture / entertainment
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House of the Dragon has been on an upward swing as the show has gone on (thanks to more women involvement behind the camera). That said with the emergence of women who are treated as actual characters you get truly terrible people. Alicent is on my last damn nerve and Rhaenerya continues to have my heart, as we enter the latter half of the season curiosity builds as to where they are going to leave us. So here we go with episode 7…

Rhaenerya trying to reign in her son is going to prove dangerous for her I fear. And boy was I right. When the kids all get into it and Aemon calls Rhaenerya’s sons bastards it costs him his eye (he deserved to be stabbed through the skull).

Aegon’s brother talking about “keeping their blood pure” as if Alicent isn't the fucking mutt that muddied the bloodline in the first place, it already isn't pure so marrying Aegon off to his sister is WEIRD

“The gods can be cruel” The gods weren’t cruel, you were just a reminder that Viserys murdered his wife and I have negative sympathy for him whenever he brings it up.

“History does not remember blood, it remembers names” DAMN. This is proven more by the King's repeated willingness to look past his daughter's obvious transgressions. He committed himself to his daughter and he has thus far kept his word, it's totally gonna be a free for all once he dies though.

Daemon and Rhaenerya are still clearly (and disturbingly) attracted to each other. Asthey share how their lives have gone she totally makes a move. I will never get over the incest in the Game of Thrones universe, why would anyone root for this?

Alicent’s kids are just as arrogant and stupid as she is and Aemon deserved what he got. In fact he deserved worse and he got off easy.

“And now they see you as you are”, honestly the last two episodes with Alicent publicly being a bitch is just the greatest thing ever. It is truly the greatest.

I get empathizing with Alicent but I've said it before and i'll say it again, no one gives a shit about your trauma. The ONLY thing that matters is how you handle it and how you treat other people because of it. Yeah she’s been through some shit that is in fact true, but she's also a hypocritical self-righteous bitch. People blew up at me for comparing Alicent to Cirsei but I stand by my analysis and double down after this episode.

Damn it Rhaenyra I like Leanor please don’t do this girl…I love you and you are making it really difficult. This plan is absolutely brilliant. Laenor gets to live a life free of responsibility and Rhaenrya gets to strengthen her claim on the Iron Throne. And Daemon also moves up the royal ladder.

I loved this episode. It felt very quiet. It was more subtle in its moves, it was far more internal for most of the characters. And I do love with my whole heart that Rhaenyra is ahead in this game. The court and everyone important think Alicent has lost her mind (which she has), and Rhaenyra is making very important decisions that will win her favor with the court and the public. Aemon and Aegon suck as much as their mother does and I am ready for them to die as well. House of the Dragon definitely feels like Game of Thrones, as in I am rooting for the hot, powerful blonde girl and absolutely no one else. But it's still on thin ice.

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