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House of the Dragon

by Alexandrea Callaghan 3 months ago in review / tv / pop culture / entertainment
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Episode 2

Well the second episode of House of the Dragon is out and though I liked the first episode I am approaching this show with caution and a lack of expectations. The likelihood of horrendous treatment of its women characters is damn near 100%. So here we go, my live feed thoughts on its second installment.

Raenyra is announced the heir of the iron throne and she is still serving the council wine, instead of, I don’t know sitting in on the meeting and learning how the court works, maybe offering an opinion.

This hand to the king is looking for a fight, treating the princess like nothing more than a little girl. Even though she is more intelligent and strong then most of the men on that council.

Corlys Velaryon is the only person on this stupid court that I remotely care about. Just kidding I actually hate him too, Raenyra is the only person I care about.

Raenyra chooses the knight that will protect her and of course she chooses someone the hand doesn’t approve of but as I implied before, he can suck it.

The king is still “being comforted” by Alicent who is a literal child and his daughter's best friend, you can not convince me of a world or time period where that isn’t disgusting.

So this is already 6 months after the first episode, that is quite a jump with no context. In 6 months Raenyra hasn’t been acknowledged or treated like she is the heir to the throne. For 6 months Alicent has just been spending alone time with the king. For 6 months Daemon has just been chillin somewhere else? All bullshit sorry, that was poor planning and shit writing.

“I have not given marriage much thought” you mean since you murdered your wife? That thing that I will never ever let go and I genuinely hope you get killed off because of.

And we are pimping out a literal 12 year old? For what? Explain to me again how this show wasn’t going to be deeply sexist and gross because ooo look we’re telling stories about girls.

So we are going to point out how sexist this world is and then lean into it? This is EXACTLY why men should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to write women characters. Honestly having a token woman on the writing team does not magically make you exempt from shitty, sexist writing.

This council is as tactically braindead as season 7 Tyrion, we’re taking 11 guards and no dragons to go get slaughtered by Daemon. Ridiculous really.

Raenyra can do whatever she wants forever, my babe brought her own dragon to stand against her uncle since the king's hand is a MORON. She is stronger, smarter, more clear headed and even minded than ANY other man on this show.

My type is pretty girls on dragons.

The princess’ ability to stand up to her father and show understanding in the face of being replaced as his heir shows maturity, courage and strength, you know the qualities of an incredible leader….like a queen.

And we are in fact marrying your daughters best friend, which is creepy and gross even if they were adults. This king’s hand is on a fucking power trip and you just destroyed these girls relationship.

I am starting to see tropes emerge that I am not loving and quite frankly I hold very little hope for this show. Raenyra is written well but the rest of the show is very dedicated to being misogynistic in the name of “historical accuracy” again, in a show about dragons…so we will see how this continues.

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