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House of Ninjas Review: Only for Fans of Action

House of Ninjas Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
House of Ninjas Review

Hey friends, remember watching Ninja Hattori as kids and doing the "ding ding ding" thing? Well, now there's a grown-up version on Netflix called House of Ninjas. Just kidding! There's no connection between Ninja Hattori and the House of Ninjas. They're totally different shows. I'm here to share my thoughts and give you a review of House of Ninjas. 

In House of Ninjas, you are going to see the story of Haru or his family, who are secret ninjas and work for the government, but now they have left their work. The twist in the story comes when some bad ninjas come to Japan. And then Haru or his family have to get back to work. To know what happens next, you will have to watch this show, which is out on Netflix and has eight episodes whose length varies from 45 to 55 minutes.

House of Ninjas Review

Now, if I were to review House of Ninjas for you in two words, it would be Action Blaster. If you are an action lover, then you will definitely like this show because every episode is full of action scenes or pieces, and the hand combat scene is, of course, totally fun for you to watch.

The real plus point of this series is its action, which is quite good; it has been well choreographed and also performed very well. What I really love about this show is the action. The excitement and tension in every action scene are just spot on. You can feel the energy and suspense in each one. Personally, I found that aspect really enjoyable.

Besides that, the comedy in the show is pretty funny, and the easygoing relationships between the characters are nice to watch. The characters also grow in a cool way, and you'll like seeing their stories unfold. It's a good part of the show.

This is a Japanese series, and like the Korean series, the Japanese series also takes its time completely. At some places, you will get to see long shorts, which some people will like and some people will get bored of. Everyone's acting was decent, the production value was also decent, and all the characters whose childhood roles were seen are more interesting despite the adult version.

Negative Points

Where the action in the show fulfills the intensity completely, then its BGM is very bad. I mean, after a very long time, I have seen such a show whose music or BGM is very poor.

You know, there's this super intense scene happening, and the background music playing makes it feel like everything's relaxed. It's kind of weird, right? I just couldn't get why they put this strange music in different places. It was just confusing.

Apart from this, there are many subplots that were uninteresting; I mean, they just increased the length of the show and were not having as much fun as they should.

There is not much newness in the main plot of the show. I mean, on one side there is good and on the other side there is evil; there is a clash between these two; there is a battle between these two; we have seen this many times before.


In short, you can give your time to the House of Ninjas show once. I will give House of Ninjas 7 out of 10 stars. Although there is no nude scene or vulgarity in this show, a kissing scene is present. So this was my review of the Japanese show House of Ninjas that came on Netflix. I hope you enjoy this review ride. Don't forget to give me one like and one comment.

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