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Hotel For The Holidays


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In doing my best to cover just as many Christmas movies as possible, and as many movies released in 2023 as possible, we are now reviewing Prime Videos' other original movie, Hotel for the Holidays. Again I am drawn to these movies because of actresses that I like. Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale is the star of this prime video original. So here we go with our Hotel for the Holidays review.

Hotel for the Holidays takes place in New York because that's one of 3 acceptable settings for Christmas movies…or any movies really. Immediately the tone of it is very classic Christmas movie. There is very generic, upbeat and very jingly Christmas music in the background. And the acting is…Christmassy. The hotel manager and the head chef are of course gonna fall in love. The Chef is pining but she is too busy and in love with her work…classic.

It seems like the entire hotel is pairing off for the holidays. And there is of course a Prince checking in for the holiday season. A chef + an overworked hotel manager + a prince and a popstar = the most formulaic and wonderfully cheesy Christmas movie.

This is so ridiculous and I love it. The hotel manager has this new project she wants to work on but it requires her finding investors so she of course has to find a way to get it from guests that are staying at the hotel. She also can’t tell any of her friends from her current hotel so she’s got to hurt the feelings of this very cute and sweet chef that is so clearly in love with her.

This popstar wants to go undercover to get in touch with her fanbase or whatever. It really just has a lot going on. We’ve got an undercover popstar, a prince that has abdicated the throne and just wants to feel normal, an unrecognized love and an overachieving hotel manager. It’s a lot and it's a lot of tropes in one movie but I kind of appreciate it. I love when people draw attention to how ridiculous most Christmas movies are because that is exactly why I love them.

This chef boy is getting all jealous and bitter over this Prince because he saw him kiss the hotel manager’s hand. It's so not that serious first of all and second of all she doesn’t belong to you. Jealousy without a relationship is super weird and I super hate it. Also trying to sabotage her…gross. Why do cutesy Christmas movies have to have men that are giant red flags? Normally they're just boring with no personality…I would rather have that if we're being honest. Just a little small town guy that has no ambition and no real character traits….is that too much to ask for?

God these B and C plotlines are taking up a lot of screentime. This is a mess. Look it's a cute, Christmassy mess but there is too much going on. They really had like 12 ideas and just decided to go with all of them. That is never good.

And because we’ve got to have some drama Georgia’s friend/assistant finds her plans to open the new hotel. And chef boy is still unable to tell Georgia how he feels about her. She of course tells everyone about Georgia leaving the hotel and their mixed responses. Meaning half the staff was reasonable and happy for her and the other half was bitchy and rude.

Honestly overall the movie was really messy, we didn’t need to follow 6 different relationships, especially when the main one was not built up very well. Also the main couple we were supposed to be rooting for had no chemistry whatsoever and the one that was supposed to derail her was far more interesting to watch. Also a lot of these characters are just terrible so I don’t care what happens to them anyway. ALSO she gives up a dream she’s had for a long ass time for a dude, hate it.

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