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Horror Is Taking Over Again

Movies, television, and Twitter are featuring all new spooky content just in time for fall.

By Kelsey E. LangePublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Photo by Thomas Roberts

The movies, television, and social media are all sources of media that have been overtaken by horror lately. With Halloween on the radar, these media outlets have been encouraging fear.

Whether it be the new Stephen King inspired movie, an exciting new episode of American Horror Story’s new season based on killer clowns, or a man broadcasting his paranormal experiences to Twitter, you can get your scary fix on whichever screen you choose.

Movies: IT Returns

The recreation of Stephen King’s IT is predicted to be a block buster hit this September. In theaters Friday September 8, it has been 27 years since the first production directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. This time gap was also picked up by many users on Twitter with the realization that Pennywise the clown comes back to terrorize Derry every 27 years in the original film. Well played, director Andy Muschietti.

The new adaptation focuses on the “Losers Club”, a group of children who are being terrorized by a shape shifting clown. The group sticks together in hopes to defeat the child hunter despite his access to all of their personal fears.

According to IMDB, Stephen King was shown the film about six months prior to the release. He was impressed with the producer’s vision of the film and it exceeded his expectations.

Andy Muschietti has plans to create a second installment to the story. The release on September 8 is mainly focused on the plot line which involves the children in King’s novel as opposed to part two. This leaves room for a sequel.

Though only the creepy trailer has been released, much of the buzz that revolves around this movie is from those who have previous knowledge of the story. This knowledge has sparked inspiration and pranks. Well, just hope that they’re pranks.

Recently there have been reports of red balloons being tied to sewer grates. Much like last year’s “clown” epidemic, pranks like this are expected to continue with Halloween in the near future. Just hope that these balloons don’t inspire a Pennywise recreation.

See IT for yourself in theaters this weekend.

Television: Clown Cult

The seventh season of American Horror Story debuted September 5. While fans have awaited this return since October 4, 2016, the release of the series title of Cult wasn’t announced until July 20. This was after the reveal that the footage from the election of Donald Trump would be used in the premiere.

Though politics have never before been a main topic for American Horror Story’s plot line, it goes hand in hand with main character, Ally Mayfair-Richards’ extreme reaction to the outcome, creating a real life horror story. Ally, played by Sarah Paulson, is practically losing her mind post inauguration and keeps envisioning killer clowns following her every move. They appear at the grocery store and her wife Kai’s restaurant. When the police are called, they find no such evidence to these accusations and Kai seems to be losing hope for Ally, asking if she has taken her medication.

Fast forward and Kai and Ally have left their young son Oz at home with a babysitter, a very creepy one, named Winter. Oz sees a group of people in clown masks out his window and Winter takes him outside to follow them. She lifts him up to window level where he witnesses them killing the next door neighbors.

This is a very intense start to the season, but for AHS this is hardly much of a shock to its loyal watchers. Tune in next Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern Time on FX for the next addition to the season and a weekly horror fix this fall.

Twitter: Dear David

Adam Ellis (Twitter user moby_dickhead) has a horror story of his own. This Buzzfeed artist and writer has a racked up 403k followers with his experiences. His journey began on August 4 when he first tweeted about the unwelcome paranormal roommate.

To start off his first thread of confessions he writes, “So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he’s trying to kill me. (thread).” Subtle. The thread describes a ghost child known as David that first appeared in his dreams. Adam is instructed to say “Dear David” when acknowledging him but he is only allowed two questions.

However, Adam mistakenly asks David a third question in a second dream and has been updating his Twitter followers with many paranormal encounters since.

The first of the weird behavior comes from Adam’s two cats. At exactly midnight they gather around the door as if they can see or sense something on the other side, even meowing and crying at the door. But when Adam finally musters up the courage to check, there is nothing.

Next, Adam purchases a polaroid camera and takes a few pictures around the apartment, all of them developing without a problem. However, when he takes a photo of the hallway outside of his door, the polaroid develops completely black.

He tests a couple of explanations with help from his followers like accidentally covering the lens or the photo failing to develop. Unfortunately this does not calm Adam’s nerves. The undeveloped photos are white and a photo being covered by a finger looks entirely different than the hallway photo.

This leads to the creepiest part of Adam’s ongoing story He installs a camera that lets him watch his cats while he is not there. The camera is connected to an app that alerts him when there is noise or movement detected. You can guess where this is going.

Adam has uploaded multiple videos. The first, a video of a rocking chair seamlessly rocking by itself only for a few seconds, but eerily simple. The next video shows Adam’s cat jumping over an invisible mass to look to the coffee table in which a green mug suddenly moves by itself. And finally a video featuring his cat is sitting on his hind legs and suddenly swatting at the air.

If you would like to follow Adam’s story for yourself, all of his tweets referring the haunting are still up on his Twitter. This might be just the beginning to Adam and David’s story.

Whether it be the big screen, the one in your family room, or the one in your pocket, horror is easily accessible this Halloween season. You might even choose all three to get your fix. But don’t forget you might not be able to just walk out of the movies, mute the TV, or log out when chasing a good scare. Horror is everywhere.

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