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By D. L BesterPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Here We Go
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So basically I wasn't exactly sure how to start with this.

I really just wanted to begin, especially because I am not knowledgeable about this so I'm going to be using my podcast not only for helping others to learn technological terms or about coding in the first place but more along the lines of teaching myself as well because I find that is something that I keep coming back to of my life it's a big part of my life somehow even though I really have not learned much about it at all and if we compare my learning from now versus high school I 100% learned a lot more in high school and so that is why I feel like it's just something I am always going to come back to.

It's something that I am always going to be interested in and I feel like I'm always going to feel like this until I actually learn the end and out of programming.

I know that technically programmers will tell you that you should probably start with python you should probably learn with python first you should probably start with even C+ first but I really just want to start with HTML. I feel like that's what was easiest for me in high school to start with that's what was easiest for me to learn from and to understand easiest because I've always believed that it's hard for me to learn even though I try really hard and I tried hard to understand complex things it's just always something I struggled with even at high school.

Even though I succeeded a lot with coding and web development it was just hard for me to understand a lot. I have to have a lot of help from my teachers to try and understand that kind of thinking even though I really really was trying it was still hard for me to understand so I really want to not only just use this because it's going to be super fun and we're going to talk about gaming we're going to talk about coding and syntax and then all of these other really fun computer terms.

I'm excited to become more of a nerd than what I already am because if you don't know I actually have four podcast working on starting a fifth one and my podcast range from magical things to books to music to science and it's just something I want to learn more about and know more about and the reason I start my podcast is not only to help others learn that they can learn things by just talking about the more and being more interested in them then just saying that they want to get started on something just talking about it I want to actually be able to communicate in a more intelligent way and express my thoughts and a clear precise manner because growing up I just always believed that I wasn't able to do those things that I wasn't able to learn certain things that I wasn't able to focus.

I always told myself that that is something that I had trouble with even though that was just my own kind of mindset I would constantly tell myself that though I can't learn this oh I can't do that kind of thing and because I constantly put myself in that mindset that's always have grown up and I've always just not have that much confidence in my answers in my way of learning so I struggled a lot through school because I was just going around assuming and pretending that I knew things when I really didn't and this ended up damaging a lot

So this podcast is not only going to be for people who don't know anything about coding but people who have also felt the way I feel and have pretty much felt my whole life because I really have always wanted to be super smart and feel super smart and I know that I am but I know that this way it literally forces me to learn.

I really like to keep up with things this forces me to learn and this forces me to talk about other things that I have never talked about before so this is going to be a lot of fun for me and I'm giving myself this opportunity to thrive in areas that I have never even truly focused on because yes in high school I did focus on coding because I took a lot of those classes at once but I didn't focus that deeply because I still was in that mindset of row this is too hard oh I can't learn this oh just trying to keep up with everybody else is really tough and that also sucks because you can't really keep up with everybody else everybody else is not the same kind of learner.

I didn't understand what kind of learner I was in the first place so tell me this was just something yes I know I've always wanted to do but at the same time I feel like I couldn't do it even though I was just trying to make it seem like I could at like I said it was very difficult for me and that's not the only class I remember I actually ended up taking AP English just because I wanted to prove to myself that I could and technically I did I pass the class and I was proud of myself to they put me back in AP English know even though I've always been very good at English or so I told myself but I've never been good at writing essays and that's also something I want to try and accomplish.

This is more along the lines of talking about coding and technology and understanding a lot of the terms that people like myself have not really heard before high school for me was a very long time ago so to get back into this and to really dive into it and it to give it a lot of my attention is going to be a bit of a struggle because this opened up this kind of complex Theory and my head this complex kind of learning that I haven't focused on in such a long time.

I'm really going to give it my all. I'm going to give it as much brainpower as I can.

So I'm really excited that you are joining me along this journey I'm going to be putting my podcast episodes on here so that way you can listen and check out what I will be talking about I'll also be leaving a link to all of my other podcast and talking about my approach to coding and getting started and just learning as much about it as possible also sharing resources and ways that I learned in the ways that I'm still learning and growing.

I really appreciate you for checking this out don't forget to follow me and subscribe so that way you can be notified every time I upload a new post also be on the lookout for my podcast that will be starting within the next two weeks which will be focused on coding gaming technology talk and so many other things that I'm thrilled to get into so let's begin.


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  • Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Amazing iniciative...

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Terrific!!! Subscribed and hearted!!!

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