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Here Are 10 Great Cosplays From Los Angeles Comic Con

Another weekend, another great convention.

By Jay VergaraPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Another weekend, another great convention. Cons have suddenly become my favorite activity. There's a lot love from talking about your favorite games to seeing great cosplay.

This time it was Stan Lee's L.A Comic Con (formerly Comikaze Expo) which wrapped up a stellar gathering on Halloween weekend, which is a pretty great time to have a con as far as I'm concerned.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and as expected there was a lot of great cosplay to be seen (and absolutely no parking per LA). I was there for all three days and I don't think I even got around to half of the awesomeness to be had. There were a lot of familiar faces walking around the con floor including my boys from the UK, Sneaky Zebra.

Between throwing my money at things-I-don't-necessarily-need-but-also-kinda-absolutely-need, I took some pictures of the fantastic cosplay at the convention. Here are ten of my favorites.

Punk Dead Pool - Marvel

I tried to teach him how to whip. It went poorly. On the bright side, his costume looked great. I fell in love with the design immediately, but I'm always a sucker for variant designs. I don't know if the head spikes would help or hinder in crime fighting though. Knowing Wade, he'd try to headbutt everything while making Triceratops noises.

Dante - Devil May Cry

This dude looked every bit like Dante down to the abs. Fantastic abs. Abs that I wish I had. Did I mention he has solid abs? Anyway, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can pull off leather. I can't do it. Then again, I don't have great abs.

Spider-Man - Marvel

Spider-Man was a popular cosplay at the convention as to be expected from a gathering with Stan the Man's name on it. It was hard to pick just one, but this spider was willing to put his camera down for a spider landing pose so big ups to him.

Juri Han - Street Fighter

I always found Juri's character design to be quite interesting and it's always great seeing people cosplay as her. I imagine you gotta stay limber to pose as Juri. There's a lot of kicking involved. Also rage.

Tracer - Overwatch

Cheers, luv! I don't even play Overwatch but the internet has so inundated me with art, comics, and memes that I feel like I know the characters so well to the point where I have my favorites., like the always-iconic Tracer.

Vi - League of Legends

I also don't play a lick of League of Legends, but the same concept as Overwatch applies although I don't know nearly as much as the characters. There's actually a story that goes with this picture that involves me getting hurt. And before you ask, no, it's not because Vi punched me in the face. I actually saw this cosplayer painting those hands on Friday and she managed to get them done by Saturday with a bit of help. Boss.

Wellington Wells Citizens - We Happy Few

If you haven't played We Happy Few, you really should. It's absolutely chilling and the concept is wonderfully creepy. It's always awesome to see people cosplay characters from Kickstarter games. This lovely couple pulled their cosplay off quite well even down to handing people their daily dose of Joy. I mean, they were actually Tic-Tacs, but that's pretty much the same thing, right?

Psylocke - X-Men

I believe this was her first time cosplaying and I'd say Psylocke was a pretty good choice as a first time cosplay. It's always cool to meet someone trying something new to them and just rocking it.

Luke Cake & Jessica Jones - Marvel

I used to love Jessica Jones before I spent all my money on conventions and couldn't afford to keep my Netflix subscription. Still, it was a fun character to watch and I might just have to pick up the comics to tide me over until that year end bonus. These two made a great pair and their outfits were on point. I forgot to ask if the bullet holes were cut in or if he actually shot at his clothes. I'm guessing it's the former, but it would have been way more fun with the latter.

Storm - X-Men

I'll be honest, I sort of hovered around like a creeper until people cleared out and I could take a picture of this Storm. I absolutely loved her look and had to snap a picture. Mohawk rocking Storm looks pretty dope. People still say "dope," right?

Bonus Round!

Hey! You made it to the bottom of the post. Look at you! As a reward, here's a hilarious video by YouTuber D-Piddy of Spider-Gwen getting into some shenanigans.

And there you have it! Huge shout out to all the great cosplayers that let me snap a pic of them. Also, thank you to Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con for throwing such an awesome con! (The after parties were pretty great, too.)


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