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Harley and ivy

by Krystal Hilda about a year ago in fan fiction
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Part one in a fall in love again fan fiction, after leaving joker Harley need to start over and who better to help then ivy

It all started after mister J and I had a fight. A horrible fight that ended everything. When I left the Mr J’s it was raining and cold so I found the closet car I could and Hot-wired over to only gal I knew could help.

Ivy ah what a gal my best friend she alway knew how to help. Cuz Ivy is the only gal who I trust besides her place my be covered in plants but she always knows how to make me feel better

“You gotta leave him Harls like the is the worst I’ve seen ya, your jester hat is torn and your suit can’t be classified as a suit more like confetti, and I know that’s not your mask it’s just two big black eyes, look you know I love ya so you gotta leave him”

“But ivy”

“No buts I’m serious text him now it’s over”

Ivy was right it was time to become Harley Quinn solo act

“Okay I know your not gonna do it so give me your phone and go take a hot bath” ivy said as she grabbed my phone then one of her vines grabbed me and threw me into the bathroom

And locked the door

“Bath now”

The next morning I awoke from a text from Mr J say “fine by me, see if you live long enough tho 😂😂😂”

I went through my phone to see what he meant and that’s when I saw what ivy texted him

“Hey jerk face it’s me Harley and we are over I’m going solo I’m gonna take Gotham myself I’m gonna make it my bitch”

I rushed over to wake ivy up, I shook her “what is this” I asked point at my phone “a phone?”

“Don’t play dumb with me you dumbed Mr J on my behalf”

“No that was you, after I locked you in the bathroom you found my bathroom wine and sculled I that then bashed my door in and grabbed the phone outta my hand and sent that text while screaming I’m gonna be queen of Gotham, don’t believe me have a look at my bathroom door”

I looked over at the broke door. Damn I hate when Ivy is right

“By the way you need a new look I love your old look and all but that look says to the world your jokers show them your not” and again she’s right

So I went down to the store grabbed some make up a new pair of jean shorts fishnets and red and black tights and white boots then I grabbed two spray paint cans

Oh I didn’t buys these I don’t have any money besides ivy handling the talking to the store people

I got back to ivys and put my new beautiful look together and I made the fishnets into a top. Look at the picture above that’s my new look I love it

Next stop mr J’s ivy came with me

“Well well we’ll like what the plant dragged in Harley new look digging it” mr J was trying to flatter me

“Not gonna work pudding we are done your abusive and ya don’t love me, you only ever need me around to get away from Batman”

I started to walk away

“Goons get them!” Mr j said

I turned around then a vine came out of nowhere and grabbed all the goons hung them upside down

“Yeah no not gonna happen asshole” ivy said she then threw the goons at mr J

“Oh ivy your the best”

“Want to get some food?”

Ah ivy we went off and got some Indian my favourite, then off to the power plant to end our day by kill all those workers, while Ivy was dunking them in acid (not the kinda that gives you powers) I was smashing in a few faces all of a sudden Batman comes along to ruin the fun

“Ivy and Harley what a pair you two are going to Arkham” he said then he threw those bat thingys at us but ivy stoped them with a vine

“We’re not doing anything wrong we’re just giving these men what they deserve, I’m just doing to them what there doing to my precious plants to your planet”

“Yeah some people are real villains that shouldn’t be here Ivy is just trying to help our earth we live on what’s so wrong”

Batman got mad he started running at us “But killing people should be a solution” he threw a punch at me hit me I fell back

“Leave her alone“ ivy grabbed him with a vine he started to cut it with a knife ivy screamed I looked at her she was in pain trying to hold him I reached for my gun

And shot him in his dumb shoulder he dropped the knife “don’t hurt my best friend “ then smoke started filling the room ivy dropped to the grown I started running to her “ivy..”

I awoke in a room I looked down I was wearing orange I was back at Arkham I rolled on the ground to see ivy in the cell across

“Quinn where’s joker!” A deep voice said then Batman steeped infront of the door

“I don’t know I left him”

“Don’t play with me Quinn!” Batman said

“I’m not mr J and I are done”

“There done asshole leave her alone” ivy said I looked over to her she could barley stand

“Ivy are you alright!”

“I’ll be fine Harls” She said

“Fine I’ll find him anyway you two are staying in here” Batman said then he walked off

Ivy looked up at me and smiled I couldn’t help smile back I felt happy even tho I was behind bars I can’t explain it but it was warm in that cold cell

To be continued..

fan fiction

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Krystal Hilda

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