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Greatest Movies of All Time


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

I watch a lot of movies and do a lot of movie analysis so I obviously have a lot of opinions. As I am incapable of keeping those opinions to myself here is an irrefutable list of the greatest movies of all time. These are in no particular order as in my head they are all equal. These are all films that I have rewatched 20+ times and hold very close to my heart, but they are also all films that are cohesive and well executed in; Acting, writing, directing, pacing, and overall aesthetic.

First up we have Kiki’s Delivery Service, which feels like a warm hug every time I watch it. It is one of the best studio Ghibli movies and the way it reflects on growing up, depression and burnout, and the ups and down of turning something you love into a career is done so well. The movie is so comfortable and relatable and whether you watch it in the original Japanese or in the English dub it is a truly delightful watching experience. P.S. Debbie Renyolds is in the English Dub and it makes my heart so happy.

Next best movie of all time is The Princess Bride. Now this is something that I can watch over and over and over again. I know every single word to this movie and can recite the entire thing. This is a film I would refer to as an everything movie. It is an action movie, it's comedy, it's romance, it's a period piece. It is seriously such an incredible film, it is one of a very short list I refer to as perfect.

The next movie is Footloose (the original, not the remake). It's quotable, the dance scenes are fun and Kevin Bacon is amazing. Truly an amazing 80s movie. Also as a ballroom dancer I get a lot out of the music. I think the message and execution of this movie makes it go down as one of the greats.

Now this next one is non-negotiable: Lion King 2. This is Romeo and Juliet but with lions and the world's most amazing soundtrack. Seriously, the music in this movie is so incredible and I could listen to nothing but this soundtrack forever. If you haven’t seen it because it's a Disney sequel then you have to watch it because it's perfection.

Of course we can’t get through this list without including Iron Giant. This is one of the most emotional kids movies of all time. And though it is heartbreaking and it makes me cry like a little bitch baby, it is an incredible movie. A truly great story that is made for both children and adults.

And of course to end this we have to include the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. All of them, and the extended editions of course. Now my personal favorite is The Two Towers. I love the battle of Helm's Deep more than anything else in the world and you really get some amazing dialogue between Legolas and Gimli which is my favorite thing in the world. But all the movies are of equal entertainment, quality and rewatchability. And thus they all belong on this list.

Now last but not is A Knight’s Tale. Heath Ledger, and Alan Tudyk are wonderful in this movie. The way it uses music is brilliant and it is one of the most fun watches for any piece of media ever.

These are all films that I consider perfect movies. They are rewatchable and comfortable and there is always an occasion to watch them. These are all movies that I am literally always in the mood to see. I strongly encourage everyone to watch every film on this list because they are great.

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  • Mark Sams5 months ago

    great movie choices, all people especially children should watch these.

  • Kendall Defoe 5 months ago

    I like you!

  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Those are all great movies! Good choices!

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