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Gear Up For Battle: March of the Machine MTG new set Unveiled

Discover the secrets of the new Magic The Gathering booster box

By Nerd EyePublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Magic The Gathering, the renowned collectible card game that has captivated players for decades, continues to evolve with exciting new releases. Among the latest offerings is the highly anticipated expansion known as March of The Machine. This remarkable set introduces a plethora of captivating cards and mechanics that promise to revolutionize the Magic The Gathering experience.

Magic The Gathering Collector Boosters box of "March of The Machine" new set

Within March of The Machine, a range of products awaits avid collectors and players alike. From the traditional Booster Box and Booster Packs to the thrilling Commander Packs and Jump-Start Boosters, there is a wealth of options to enhance your gameplay and expand your card collection. Additionally, the Bundle, Collector Booster, Draft Booster, and Prerelease Pack offer unique opportunities to obtain sought-after cards and delve deeper into the immersive world of Magic The Gathering.

March of the Machine is the ninety-sixth expansion of the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. It was released on April 21, 2023, and serves as the dramatic conclusion of the four-part Phyrexian story arc that began with Dominaria United.

Magic The Gathering commander deck of "March of The Machine" new set

The set focuses on the planes of the Multiverse and features characters from different planes coming together to fight against the Phyrexians, led by Elesh Norn. The events of this set have a profound impact on the Multiverse, causing fundamental changes to its fabric.

March of the Machine introduces several new elements and mechanics. The set features a new card type called "Battle," transforming double-faced cards that enter the battlefield with defense counters. Battles can be cast during the main phase and have unique mechanics related to sieges and combat.

Magic The Gathering Draft Boosters box of "March of The Machine" new set

The Phyrexians play a significant role in this set, and their characteristic mechanic is "Incubate." Incubate is a keyword action that creates transforming Incubator tokens, which can turn into Phyrexian creatures of variable sizes.

The set also includes mechanics such as "Backup," which allows creatures to grant their abilities to another target creature, and "Convoke," a returning mechanic that allows players to tap creatures to help pay for the mana cost of a spell.

Magic The Gathering jumpstart boosters box of "March of The Machine" new set

March of the Machine contains 281 regular cards, including common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rares. It also introduces new showcase-style cards, borderless planeswalkers, extended artwork cards, and alternate art borderless praetors/sagas.

In addition to the regular booster packs, the set is sold in Collector Boosters, Set Boosters, Jumpstart Boosters, the March of the Machine Bundle, and five Commander decks.

Magic The Gathering set boosters box of "March of The Machine" new set

The release of March of the Machine is accompanied by various events, including the Prerelease, Digital Release, Launch Party, Friday Night Magic, and Store Championship. There are also promotional cards and tokens associated with the set, including prerelease promos, bundle promos, and commander party promos.

Overall, March of the Machine offers players a thrilling conclusion to the Phyrexian story arc and introduces new mechanics and card types that add depth and excitement to the Magic The Gathering.


Magic: The Gathering offers several different formats and ways to play. Three popular game types are Commander, Draft, and Standard. Each format has its own unique rules, deck construction requirements, and gameplay dynamics, providing diverse experiences for players of all skill levels and preferences.

For those that are new to this game, here are the common ways to play it:


Commander, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), is a multiplayer format that emphasizes creativity, social interaction, and epic gameplay. In Commander, each player builds a deck consisting of 100 cards, including a legendary creature designated as their "commander." The deck must contain only cards that share a color identity with the commander. Color identity includes the colors of the mana symbols in the card's casting cost and rules text. Each player starts the game with 40 life points instead of the usual 20.

Commander games typically involve three to six players, with each player starting with their commander in the command zone. Players can cast their commander from the command zone, and if it is ever sent to the graveyard or exiled, it can be returned to the command zone instead. The goal is to reduce opponents' life totals to zero or eliminate them through other means, such as deck depletion. Commander games often feature political alliances, complex board states, and powerful interactions between unique cards, creating memorable and strategic gameplay experiences.


Drafting is a limited format where players build their decks during the event itself, using a selection of booster packs. In a typical draft, players gather in a group and open booster packs one at a time, selecting a single card from each pack before passing the remaining cards to the next player. This process continues until all the cards from the packs have been chosen. The selected cards form the player's card pool, from which they construct a deck to play with.

Drafting encourages strategic decision-making, as players must evaluate cards' power, synergy, and rarity during the selection process. It tests players' ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make the most of the cards available to them. Draft formats can vary based on the sets being used, and some sets are specifically designed for draft play. Limited events, such as booster drafts, are popular at game stores and larger tournaments, allowing players to showcase their deck-building skills and compete on a more even playing field.


Standard is a constructed format that focuses on the most recent sets released by Wizards of the Coast. It provides a dynamic and ever-evolving competitive environment, as older sets eventually rotate out of the format, and new sets are introduced. In Standard, players build decks using cards exclusively from the most recent sets in the Standard rotation, typically the past two years' worth of sets.

The rotation ensures a constantly shifting metagame and encourages players to adapt their strategies as new sets are released. Standard tournaments and events, both casual and competitive, attract players looking to test their deck-building skills and compete in a standardized environment. Players can stay up to date with the metagame by following tournament results, online discussions, and consulting resources that analyze the current state of the format.

These three formats—Commander, Draft, and Standard—represent just a fraction of the variety of ways to enjoy Magic: The Gathering. Each format offers its own set of rules, deck-building requirements, and gameplay experiences, catering to different player preferences and skill levels. Whether players seek strategic depth, social interaction, or the thrill of constructing decks on the fly, Magic: The Gathering has a format to suit their desires.


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