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'Game of Thrones': Who Holds the Valyrian Steel Weapons?

They Could Hold the Key to Victory

By Kristy AndersonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Longclaw belongs to Jon Snow. Credit: HBO

The final season of Game Of Thronesis here, and the battle against the White Walkers is about to begin.

There are only three known ways to kill a White Walker: Dragon fire, Dragonglass, and Valyrian steel.

Our heroes are still in possession of two living dragons, and a decent cache of Dragonglass after their efforts mining it on Dragonstone in season seven. The Dragonglass is currently being forged into weapons by Gendry and the blacksmiths of Winterfell.

Valyrian steel, unfortunately, is a little harder to come by. While existing Valyrian steel can be forged into new weapons, as was done to Ned Stark's great sword, Ice, in Season Four, no one alive knows how to create new Valyrian steel. So, our heroes must take care of what precious little of it they have left.

So, who holds the Valyrian steel weapons?

Jon Snow: Longclaw

Jon Snow battles a White Walker with Longclaw.

Jon Snow holds Longclaw, probably the most well known of the Valyrian Steel swords in Game Of Thrones.

Longclaw was previously the ancestral sword of House Mormont. However, with his son Jorah shamed and exiled, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont gifted the sword to Jon Snow in season two after Jon saves him from a wight. While the swords pommel was once a bear, Jeor had it reshaped to resemble Jon's Direwolf, Ghost.

Jon was the one to discover that Valyrian Steel can kill White Walkers, after he felled one with Longclaw in Hardholme in season five.

Arya Stark: Dagger

Arya is a recent proud owner of Valyrian steel. Credit: HBO

A dagger, the only unnamed item among the Valyrian steel weapons, has passed through a few hands on the show.

It was first seen used by the assassin hired to kill Bran Stark after his fall from the tower. Littlefinger claimed that Tyrion Lannister won the dagger from him in a bet, then quickly reclaimed it for himself.

It remained in his possession until season seven, when he gave it to Bran Stark. Bran, crippled and therefore believing the blade wasted on him, then gifted it to his sister Arya, whom he knew would get much more use out of it.

Arya notably used the dagger to help her claim victory in a sparring match against Brienne of Tarth. It was then seen in the final season premiere, when she shows it to Gendry.

Brienne of Tarth: Oathkeeper

Brienne received Oathkeeper as a gift.

At the beginning of season four, Tywin Lannister has Ice, the ancestral Valyrian Steel great sword of House Stark, melted down and forged into two new swords for his own House.

One of these swords was given to his son, Jaime. Jaime, struggling to regain his former fighting prowess after losing his hand, soon passes it on to Brienne of Tarth to help her in her quest to find and protect the missing Stark girls. Brienne names the sword Oathkeeper, in memory of the oath she once swore to Catelyn Stark.

Brienne later attempts to return the sword to Jaime, but he refuses, saying that Oathkeeper rightfully belongs to her.

Jaime Lannister: Widow's Wail

Jaime has had an interesting journey. Credit: HBO

And what of the other sword forged from the remains of Ice?

Tywin Lannister presented it to his grandson, King Joffrey, a gift in honour of his engagement to Margaery Tyrell. Joffrey names the sword Widow's Wail, and quickly uses it to destroy a priceless book gifted to him by his Uncle Tyrion. After Joffrey's death, the sword presumably passed to his brother, King Tommen.

Following Tommen's tragic death, Jaime Lannister claimed Widow's Wail. He took it with him when he rode North to aid in the upcoming battle against the Army of the Dead.

Samwell Tarly: Heartsbane

Sam stole Heartsbane. Credit: HBO

Samwell Tarly became the first character on the show to kill a White Walker, using a Dragonglass knife, while defending Gilly and her son Little Sam. It seems right that he should have another Walker-vanquishing weapon.

In a very unpleasant trip to his home, Hornhill, Sam is cruelly taunted by his Father, Randyll. Randyll claims that Sam will never hold Heartsbane, the Valyrian steel sword that has been passed down through House Tarly for generations.

Sam, finally fed up with his father's wrongful treatment of him, steals Heartsbane when he leaves Hornhill with Gilly and Little Sam.

Valyrian steel is one of the few things standing between our heroes and the Night King.

Just how will these weapons factor into the great battle to come?

We will have to keep watching Game Of Thrones final season to find out.


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