'Game of Thrones' Thoughts

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Everybody has an opinion on this final season, but let's go through it all and see what we can dig.

'Game of Thrones' Thoughts
Random thought: Theon was the lone wolf who died so that his brothers and sisters could survive.

Well, the title says it all. Another rant or rave about GOT S8, right? Wrong. Well, partially right. Since it has been about a month since the final episode aired I've had time to reflect on the series as a whole. Was the show good, bad, or ugly? In truth, it is all three. The first couple of episodes of season one were so damn dry, but it wasn't their fault. They had to establish a lot in those episodes to avoid it later. Everybody's got to start somewhere. Yes, having read the books does give an advantage for the first four seasons, and parts of season five. You know what's going to happen, you can tell which characters are spliced together, and you have faith in how it's being portrayed. Most importantly, you can sit there smug while your non-book reader friends watch the Red and Purple Weddings. Gets me every time, I swear. We had a good thing going for everyone.

Then season five happens, and you have almost no clue what is going on. You've got the Boltons, Reek is fully being Reek, Sansa is in the Vale with Littlefinger, and her oh so lovely Aunt Lysa Arryn, The Nights Watch, Cersei and Jamie are trying to figure out Tywin's death, Tyrion's drunk again, oh now he's kidnapped (dwarf-napped?), Dorne is... Wait, what in the seven Hells is Dorne doing? Ellaria, woah girl, you need to relax, grieve, and then plot out your revenge with the whole family. Oh, that ship has sailed, and you are not on it. Then there's Daenerys. Oh, Dany. Trying to play peace-keeper and chief of justice. "I'll answer injustice with justice." Honey, that's not how it works. You didn't even reign for a year before the Sons of the Harpy wanted you dead. I did not understand her thought process with it. When you make decisions, you have to stand by them. The writers of the show, HBO, etc. I mean, she was trying to, but then saying she'll marry one of the noble sons, and then opening the fighting pits. Yeah, recipe for disaster. Plus how good would it have been if there was someone in the unsullied who was working with Yunkai, Astapor, and Meereen to get a better position or a place as a Master? I know it sounds crazy or far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.

I wish I had the energy to talk about Dorne. I can't. I really can't. In the books I LOVED Dorne. They were players in the game, and they played good. Similar to the Tyrells. They had the cards they needed. Shit, they wanted Marcella on the throne, which I am all for at this point. That girl is not crazy, she's smart, witty, brave (in the books, she was one of few that weren't afraid of Joffery's cruel nature), and she was sensible. The girl has it all, and if she's as smart as I hope she is, she might learn some things from Dorne to strengthen herself. But anyway, Dorne had so much going for him (I'm pretty confident a lot of book readers agree in that sense), and got nothing. I mean this is the kingdom that shot down and killed Meraxes and Queen Rhaenys! They didn't submit for the LOOOOONGEST time. C'mon! This makes no sense, but whatever D&D. You did what you wanted.

Season six was picking it up a bit. You know Jon came back (side note did it look like he was warged into a Ghost, and he moved closer to go back into his own body? Just a theory), Sansa and Theon escaped, Arya was being no one, Cersei was doing her usual, Margaery was trying to outsmart Cersei, Tommen was being a child (You know that's him. Without Jamie, Tommen didn't know what to do.), Marcella's body came home (You know, the Sand Snakes killed for no. Damn. Reason. Let me tell you there was no reason for that. That girl could have been convinced to join the Dornish side. It wouldn't have been hard. She was engaged to the little Prince of Dorne. Then they kill the prince. Like, that's your cousin, and he did nothing to you. He didn't even want to fight your asses. What the seven Hells? Seriously! Have they never heard of taking prisoners? No! Because they did during Aegon I's reign. They took Orys Baratheon, the bastard brother, and Hand of the King! And they cut his sword hand off! How the Hell do we go from badass to nearly glacial in, what, 300+ years? Okay, back recap-rant. Whatever is it that I'm doing? I'm not a journalist.), Sam and Gilly are adventuring sort of, Bran decides to start his teenage rebellion phase with the three-eyed raven, etc., etc.

I mean, this season gave us all hope! We were rooting for it! Daenerys was remembering who she was. It was great! I mean let's talk about the Battle of the Bastards. Rickon, honey, you suck. I'm not sorry. You had no place being there. Osha should have taken you somewhere way better. Shit, she could have taken some of Theon's money, and sailed away to Bravos or something. There were options. Actually, she could have taken him to House Reed. That makes perfect sense! Oh, but then there's no reason for Jon to face Hells Winterfell Ramsey. Yeah, there is. How about getting revenge on him raping Sansa and mutilating Theon? Hmm...? Maybe? Or to get Winterfell back? They knew they weren't going to get Rickon back. I don't blame Sansa for hiding the army of the Vale from Jon. It was necessary. If she didn't, I feel like Jon would end up acting slightly off, and would have thrown off Ramsey.

Now let's talk about the episode that I had to rewatch about three times before bed the night it aired (Side note: my keyboard lights up, and it switched to red when I got to this part). I mean, guys, gals, and Bessie. Cersei did not play! Did! Not! Play! I was waiting for this and I was not disappointed. Just so you know Cersei is one of my favorite characters in this show (I have quite a few: Davos, Margaery, Jon, GENDRY {Mmmm-mmmm. He's fine!}, Sandor, Brianne, Tormund, Tyrion, Sam, Gilly, Olenna, etc.). Though I was sad to see Margaery go, she went out with a blaze! Mind you, I was sitting with a friend, and right after the explosion, I said, "Oh no! Tommen he's not strong enough for this. He's going to kill himself." Then he did and I was, like, "I didn't mean it, Baby boy!" I loved it. It went back to the way the Game of Thrones works. You win or you die. And that was very much true in this episode.

Overall, Season six was great, but there was one thing (other than Rickon). Fucking Bran! I mean really! Causing Hodor's death, the children of the Forest's deaths, almost killing Meera. All because your ass was bored? And then to find out you're the reason Hodor is Hodor. No, Wyllis is Hodor. Ruining a poor stable boy, because of your own boredom. Wasn't it enough that Meera lost Jojen? By the Old Gods, this is becoming a long ranty recap, isn't it? Hehe, I guess that is how it goes. Oh, and with my little emo baby, Jon, being named King in the North. And Sansa seems happy? I think so. Maybe? Baelish isn't, that is for sure. Now, we're going to get to the bigger issues.

Season seven. I don't even know what they were doing. The whole season was choppy and kind of sloppy. The only good part was the fact that the Sand Snake got what they deserved. I was just tired of their pettiness. How are there no good Lannisters? Oh, wait, because you killed the only truly good one! then there's another fave of mine; Olenna Tyrell. Oh, I did love this lady. She is what you aspire to be when you are older. But that whole "Be a dragon" thing. Yeaaah, that doesn't work. She survived those cunning men because she outwitted them. Not because she "acted like a rose," or was "Growing strong." Danerys being a dragon would only cause more harm than good (which it does later on.) Burning shit to the ground doesn't do anything or help anyone, but you know, you do you.

Then we got Euron. Now, I didn't expect book Euron, but I've got no clue who this Euron is. I just know that we got this Euron. And wow, he is something else. I mean, he's vicious like the OG Euron, but the OG is much more... persuasive, unpredictable, and cunning. Not to mention he has black hair, one eye in an eyepatch, a bunch of bastard kids (which would have been cool to have some featured), etc. I mean there were theories about Euron being Dario Naharis, because they are very similar in a lot of things. Unfortunately, that is via book comparisons of them. I just didn't understand a lot of what he was doing. I mean I know he wanted either Dany or Cersei, but he wasn't what I expected. Sure, he appeared in season six first, became the ruler of the Iron Born, and caused Theon and Yara (Asha) to leave, and get to Danerys first. But he had some issues. Like serious issues. But I'm getting off topic. This season had bad pacing. Winterfell was Winterhell, Jon, well, was Jon. Davos, lord. That man was trying to save everyone from Stannis to Jon. It's like, put fucking Davos on the Iron Throne! Damn! Man needs a medal or something. Anyway, season seven was an uphill battle they were fighting downhill.

Now to season eight: the finale, the end of the thrones, the clincher, the tearjerker. Mmm... let me get back to you on that one. I don't really know what to feel at the end of it. What do you call a problem like Maria (Brownie points to all the theater, and movie aficionados who know that one. It's not hard or unknown)? Well, you call it a flop. A lukewarm flop. I went in thinking it'll break my heart, and give us a GRRM ending we can talk about for years.

Yeah, we'll talk about it for years, but not in a good way. Eh, some in a good way. Some deaths made me sad, but most were just meh. Losing Theon got me in tears, and sobbing, "No, not my baby." Now Theon is one of those Jamie-like characters. You hate him at the beginning, but as time goes on, you empathize with him and root for him to find a good ending. Does it happen? Sort of? He got forgiveness by Jon, Sansa, and kind of Bran. Arya, I don't believe she knew about what Theon did (or didn't do) since she spent the rest of her childhood years with either Tywin, The Brotherhood, or The Faceless Men. He got what he needed. From them and Yara. But that Night King (Nights King? No Night King). Man, oh man. Getting beat by a young lady. I mean, yeah, I can see it. Wish it was Meera (Since in the show, Jojen died because of the wights) to finish the cycle. By the way, side note, WHERE THE FUCK IS MEERA? Did they just forget about her or Howland Reed?

Alright, alright. Here is one of my biggest issues (one of them. You know I'm going to cover more. Maybe.), why was Jon's parentage that big of a deal? No one outside of Varys, Sansa, Jon, Daenerys, Arya, Bran, Sam, or Tyrion knew. Shit, not even Davos knew! Damn Jon, you could have at least told your advisor. But NOOOOO, you tell your family. I'm starting to think Bran did this so that Jon couldn't become king, and be corrupted or tormented by the other lords and ladies. Or just so Bran could be king. It's really one or the other. Who knows. I would have liked Jon as King with Davos as Hand, Tyrion as Master of Coin, Varys still alive and Master of Whispers, etc. It was just a big let down.

For Daenerys to kill Varys for slightly plotting against her is extreme at best. It represented nothing. It was nothing but her becoming just as fearful as her father. Just as mad as her father. Actually no. She became her father. It reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). **Spoilers ahead for AOT** When the first King "Reiss" (Karl Fritz) embeds the Reiss/Fritz ideology into the Founding Titan formula—If you didn't know, it was him that created the walls, put a bunch of humans inside, and erased their memories. So anyone in the Reiss/Fritz family that becomes the Founding Titan adopts this ideology (Granted it takes a difference in each one, but it's similar to it. They won't talk about the past, or reveal any part of the past to the people in the walls). It's pretty similar. It could be something that Jon or Dany find in a fever dream. Find the truth about their family. I don't know. I'm grasping at straws.

Now my BIG issue: Missandei should have never been on that boat in the first place (insert clap hand emojis after every word). She shouldn't have been there at all. Daenerys that was on you and Grey Worm/Torgo Nudho for allowing her to be on that boat. She can't fight! You know she can't fight! I loved Missandei, but she earned it for that. Also, girl, you should have jumped, you had a 50/50 chance of living with that. Worst case scenario, you end up like Bran. Is that bad? No, at least he's still alive.

The angst between them and Sansa too. It got on my nerves. I didn't expect them to like each other, but Sansa dealt with shit rulers too. Why not talk about it? Shit, pull a Cersei, and drink and talk while the fighting is going on. Maybe then Missandei can be like "My Queen, the best way to talk to Sansa is to understand where she came from, and how she wants to protect her family and people," or something like it. You and Grey Worm (and Jorah) are the ones she trusts the most. Mind you, I am Black and I love these two characters, but that does not excuse their bullshit ways of handling things. Grey Worm with that whole "This our country now." Honey, this is not the movie Captain Philips with the whole, "I am the captain now," crap. These lords and ladies can still wipe you clean. I didn't like Arya that much, but don't make her go all no one on you.

Come on, Grey Worm! And when he said that the soldiers chose who to follow. OOOHH I was so mad. They don't get to choose. They get put in the armor, and told to fight—like you used to! Don't act all high and mighty over that. By the way, I literally thought Sansa was gonna get up, and smack him when he said that. I would have. If I had someone like Arya or Brianne vetting for me, Hells yeah, I would. I do believe that if the show had continued, it would have been better, but we can't have what we want. Sad but true. In the end, it felt hollow and numb. Not even the numb sad, but odd as I felt at the end of Harry Potter. It was just "Oh, it's over. Um... wow. Okay." I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Now, I didn't really mention Cersei or Jamie for season eight, because they weren't really in it. For the most part, Cersei wasn't being herself. I mean, I liked it. Like she was finally showing what years of pain have caused her to become. Euron and her? Ew. Just Ew. Just ugh. Jamie and Brianne? Goals. Then really, Jamie? You let her go for your sister? But it made sense. He knew they would die together, and he didn't want her to feel it alone. He knew who she truly was under all the pain and anger; a scared little girl who wanted comfort. Does this excuse her for what she has done in the past? No, not even close, but that's the point. The good don't always get what they want, and the bad don't always get what's coming to them. That's the point they were making.

Drogo died because of Daenerys' decisions and actions, as well as his own. Ned died because of his choices in not seeing the bigger picture of what was happening. Rob died because he was stupid enough to trust Walder Frey, and caused deaths to so many others. Tywin died because he didn't put confidence in the right people, and couldn't get beyond his own past. That is what this show is telling us. Blind faith, blind adoration, blind trust, blind confidence, blind happiness, blind love, blind intentions can cause devastating results. As Tommen and Tywin stated, "Wisdom makes a good king." It's true. In this show, and in life.

Now, was it worth watching it to the end? No, not really. I mean, we got an ending. Some liked it, some hated it, and most felt numb after it. In the end, George could play this off all Twilight-style as a dragon dream of Daenerys' or Jon's, or even a fear that Tyrion or Varys discuss with each other. I do believe that Jon will kill Daenerys in the books, but I think it will be when she is too far gone. When they've filled her head with thoughts, dreams, and misleading suggestions. I do think she will go too far with someone or something. It's possible she could hurt someone close to Jon, or even hurt Rickon, Bran, Sansa, or Arya. I don't know. It's a strange series with many characters we have yet to see, and stories whose ink isn't dry yet. I just hope George finishes them soon-ish, and that they match with what he truly wants for the series.

Thanks for reading and play nice!

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