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Game of Throne's Magic: the Gathering Set - 200+ Cards

Magic: the Gathering Comes to Westeros

By Steve BrewerPublished 4 years ago 21 min read

This is an expansion upon my original article. I originally only made 6 cards for each House and the Night's Watch, with this expansion I am giving each House, the Night’s Watch & Freefolk 15 cards each and the Whitewalkers 20+ cards.

I love Game of Thrones, I was very late getting into the series (I started the series in the months before Season 7 debuted) but once I started I could not stop. I finished Seasons 1-6 before Season 7 aired and was able to enjoy the new season as it aired too.

I recently did another re-watch of the entire series and started to wonder what a card set of Game of Thrones would like and began experimenting with the cards of different characters and events. After a while it was clear I wouldn't be able to stop so I decided to make the cards using the various online programs available and share them here with you.

Now, a few disclaimers.

First, I limited myself to each of the major houses, Night's Watch, Freefolk, Whitewalkers and five cycles of cards. I know there are many other characters and organizations, but I needed to limit myself to avoid making an outrageously huge set of cards.

Second, I know many of the non-legendary cards I have below have names and titles. With Game of Thrones, you’d be hard-pressed to find a character who isn’t named, but I couldn’t make them all legendary due to the gameplay balance.

Third, not every character will have a card and the vassal houses will not appear either. With the exception of the Whitewalkers and the cycles of cards, I followed the format of 3 legendary creatures, 5 nonlegendary creatures, 2 instants, 2 sorceries, 1 saga, 1 land, and 1 legendary land.

Fourth, the titles changed often in the series and would make the card names next to impossible to fit in the boxes if I used every one. The only titles I included in the names are King, Queen, and Ser, and only if the character had them before Season 8.

Fifth, I have added what house, group, or organization many of the cards belong to in their Creature Types as Allegiance Type. Some of the cards may be of vassals whose true allegiance lies to their liege lord so the vassal houses won't appear as Allegiance Types. Some of the less loyal subjects won't have their liege lords as their Allegiance Type to show their disloyalty.

Also, to avoid uploading 100+ images and causing the load time of this article to skyrocket, I will be posting the images from each House/group or cycle grouped together. A complete text list of the cards will be linked below to make reading the effects easier.

Finally, the cards are only based on my views of the characters from the show. You may feel the characters should be different colors or have different effects which is fine, we all have our perspectives and opinions so please be kind on my interpretations.

With all that out of the way let's get into the article!

Click here to view a complete text list of all the cards

House Arryn

Ability: Battalion

I had a difficult time deciding on what ability to give to the honorable House Arryn, I was heavily leaned toward Exalted but after remembering about the Knights of the Vale I decided on Battalion.

For the legendary creatures, I chose Jon Arryn (who I had to use a picture of Liam Neeson as a stand-in), Robin & Lysa. Jon has many connections and friendships with other lords whom he can bring into battle with him. Robin is taking after his father but isn't fully developed yet so he can still bring his soldiers in to fight with him. Lysa isn't a fighter, but still supports the cause with her ability.

The nonlegendary creatures were trickier, but I tried to keep them to either having battalion, supporting the Arryns, or being ideal to use for attacking to trigger battalion.

The instants and sorceries were easy to choose for the Arryns, the Moon Door, the Bloody Gate, and the sky cells are iconic to the Arryns as their words which made all of them natural picks to feature on their cards.

The saga was hard for me to pick for the Arryns, but I eventually chose the Final Days of Jon Arryn. The first effect represents his investigation into whether or not Robert's heirs were actually his children, the second effect is Jon discovering all of Robert's bastards, and the final effect is the conspirators discovering the investigation and Jon's death.

The lands were easy decisions, the Eyrie is my favorite Game of Thrones location and makes the honorable Arryns hard to attack.

House Baratheon

Ability: Battle cry

For the Baratheons, I had one choice for their ability, battle cry. Robert and Stannis are seasoned warriors with both having proven track records of leading men into battle. Renly was not involved in the wars but was able to rally a large and loyal force to help him. The Baratheon brothers are the creatures I selected to represent their house.

The legendary Baratheons were easy enough to select, three Baratheons play an intergal part of the story in the early seasons and made them each the perfect picks for the legends. Robert has the ability to push his men through the thick of battle, so I gave him the ability to buff blocked creatures so they can overcome whatever is in their way. Stannis is a stalwart commander who is able to get the best from his men which is why he can untap all attacking creatures you control so they can be utilized more. Renly is new to war, but he is a gentle soul who would best fit in green and white life gain.

The nonlegendary creatures I made either have battle cry or support it depending on the character the card is based on.

For the instants and sorceries I made a point of selecting a quote from each of the Baratheon brothers to become cards along with their house words.

I chose Robert's Rebellion for the Baratheon saga, a war built on love and lies. The first ability represents the early stage of the war, when the key players gathered and alliances were struck. The second ability is the climax of the rebellion, fierce battles were being fought throughout the realm that determined the fate of the rebellion. The final effect is the outcome of the rebellion, a decisive victory for the rebels and their coalition.

The lands were straightforward, I love the lore behind Storm's End and how it was destroyed by the gods several times before it's current incarnation was able to survive their wrath. This along with the fact that the Baratheons love their battle is why I gave it it's effect.

House Greyjoy

Ability: Crew

The Greyjoys were an easy choice for ability, they do love their ships so the crew ability is the ability for them. In particular, the Greyjoys giving the vehicles they're crewed to buffs and bonuses. Most of their spells also grant their vehicles buffs in addition to their other effects.

The first legendary Greyjoy I chose for the set was Euron Greyjoy, the most brutal and bloodthirsty Greyjoy we saw in the show is more than deserving of granting his controller a second battle phase so the vehicles under their control can attack again. The second Greyjoy legend I selected is one of my favorite characters from the show, Yara. An amazing captain who inspires great devotion in her crew, her card allows her men to pull double duty by untapping them once they crew a vehicle for the first time each turn. The final legendary Greyjoy had to be Theon who is a bit unconventional when it comes to the Greyjoys, so he does not have islandwalk but does have nonbasic landwalk which he will give the vehicle he crews.

The three nonlegendary Greyjoys support your vehicles. Sorry to the Balon fans out there, if you exist, but he is the first head of a major house you will see as a nonlegendary creature in this article.

Unlike the other Houses I did have to give the Greyjoys legendary artifacts in their ships. While technically not creatures when they enter the battlefield but I counted them in the House Greyjoy creatures anyways. Why? ...because I said so!

The instants and sorceries for the Greyjoys are their words and some of their iconic sayings.

The Greyjoy Saga I chose is the Greyjoy Rebellion, their failed rebellion that took before the events of the show. The first and second effects of the saga represent the opening stages of the rebellion when the Greyjoys destroyed the Lannister fleet and made some gains. The third effect represents the turning point of the rebellion when the rest of the realm rose up to quash the rebellion. The final effect represents the end of the rebellion, defeat of the Greyjoys.

The lands were easy to choose, Pyke supports your vehicles and their crews to help you pillage your opponents.

House Lannister

Ability: Conspire

There were many conspiracies and schemes in Game of Thrones, but the Lannisters were the house to best benefit from all the schemes and conspiracies they put together, so they are the house I decided to give Conspire to. Unlike the Conspire from Shadowmoor, this iteration comes with the benefit of creatures who would love nothing more than plot and scheme behind the backs of their enemies.

The three legendary Lannister creatures were obvious choices, seeing as the three have been around since the first episode of the show. Cersei loves a good, brutal scheme and whenever she conspires against your opponents they will not live long to regret it. Jaime, while more of a morally ambiguous character than his sister, still does conspire and he will bring a few of his men to back him up. Tyrion's conspiring will give you the benefit of his knowledge and wisdom, but he still has his family's temper.

The nonlegendary Lannisters include some noteworthy members of the family, but end up nonlegendary due to my three legendaries per House rule. They all love themselves a good conspiracy and taking part in them.

For the instants and sorceries I chose the official words of the Lannisters as well as their famous unofficial words. The Rains of Castamere was a must inclusion along with my favorite moment from Cersei, when she put Littlefinger in his place.

The saga I chose for the Lannisters is The Red Wedding as it perfectly showcases their scheming. Despite not being there directly they still wiped out a major enemy. The first effect of the saga grants all the cards in your hand conspire which represents the plans for the wedding and massacre being put together. The second effect of destroying a creature and all related creatures is the massacre itself, RIP Rob. The final effect is the period of prosperity that the Lannisters found after The Red Wedding which came to an abrupt end soon after.

The lands were obvious picks, Casterly Rock fully supports your conspiring creatures.

House Martell

Ability: Prowess

The Martells were a tough choice for ability, I went back and forth before deciding on Prowess. It seemed to be a perfect fit for them as Oberyn, the Sand Snakes and the Dornish soldiers were shown to be highly skilled in combat. I also gave a few of their spells the ability to cast another, weaker spell without casting it to help pump their prowess up.

For the legendary Martell creatures, I chose Oberyn, Doran, and Trystane. Oberyn is a force to be reckoned with, and his card is no exception. Prowess with first strike and deathtouch shows his skills as a fighter, but it is his death that will bring his daughters to avenge him. Doran is not a direct force to be reckoned with in the show so his card is the same. Each time you cast a spell without paying its converted mana cost he will buff your creatures. Trystane didn't have much screen time on the show but his interaction with Bronn is what inspired his card.

The nonlegendary creatures either have prowess or support your creatures with prowess.

The instants and sorceries beside the words of House Martell were hard to choose, mostly because they almost were all from Oberyn. I made a point to try to use different characters in them to diversify the cards better.

For the Martell Saga I chose Oberyn's quest for justice for his sister. The first effect of causing your opponent to lose life and discard a card and you to gain life and draw a card represents his arrival in Kings Landing and all his snubs towards the Lannisters. The second ability of giving a creature lifelink and deathtouch is his volunteering as Tyrion's champion. The final effect is the Trial by Combat itself, a nail-biting gamble which can go two very different ways.

Sunspear was one of the few strongholds of a major House that didn't appear in the show so I did have to use fanart for it, but it helps your creatures with prowess by making your spells untouchable to your opponents.

House Stark

Ability: Persist

From the beginning, I wanted to give the Starks persist. They have been put the worst adversities but have persevered each time, the surviving ones that is. As much as I wanted to include Ned and Cat in the cards I just leaned more towards the Stark kids instead.

Sansa has truly endured much throughout the show and has shown how her experiences have influenced the person she has become. She is a great leader and peacemaker which is why I gave her the ability to stop damage reducing your life below 1. Arya is my favorite character so she was the first creature card I made with her ability to transform into her defeated enemies. Bran was the last Stark character I chose and his greensight will help you by revealing the top card of your library.

House Stark is a large House, so a few of the characters did not get cards of their own. The nonlegendary creatures of House Stark all have persist or support it.

The instants and sorceries of House Stark either put +1/+1 counters on your creatures to remove the -1/-1 counters on them or to pump them up.

The Battle of the Bastards is the Stark saga, the first effect of each tapped creature dealing damage to itself is the battle itself. The second effect of two creatures fighting is the end of the battle where Jon and Ramsey finally faced each other directly. The final effect of giving each creature you control a +1/+1 counter and each planeswalker you control a loyalty counter is the aftermath of the battle when the Starks retook Winterfell.

Winterfell holds many secrets, and if you can keep your creatures alive long enough to learn them it will grant you the game.

House Targaryen

Ability: Madness

House Targaryen was carried throughout the show by Dany, and boy did she bring much fire and blood wherever she went. Madness was my first and only choice for the Targaryens, they certainly had their moments of insanity which defined major events throughout the show.

Dany was really a given as is her ability to burn an enemy and heal you when a dragon enters the battlefield. Viserys was trickier but I feel like weakening an opponent at the expense of yourself is in line with his character. For the last Targaryen legend I debated on doing Drogon but chose to do the Mad King instead, his madness works well with his House's cards.

The nonlegendaries of the Targaryens are a diverse lot which include a dragon and Madness tempering supporters.

The Targaryen instants and sorceries all have Madness and include the house words and commands for the dragons.

I had a few different events I wanted to make into the Targaryen saga before I went back to the Season One finale and chose the rebirth of dragons. The first effect represents the funeral pyre of Khal Drogo with the discard requirement and giving you mana to use. The second effect represents the birth of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion by allowing you to bring three dragons back from the graveyard. The final effect represents how Dany used the dragons, making it so enemy creatures who've been burned can't block.

The lands for the Targaryens were hard to select, at the start of the series they had no lands to call their own. I ended up settling on The Crownlands which were formed by the Targaryens and Dragonstone which was their ancestoral home before Kings' Landing. Dragonstone ensures the madness of the Targaryens would go unchallenged.

House Tully

Ability: Bolster

House Tully is another favorite of mine, one which got criminally low amounts of screen time throughout the series. This made it difficult for me to create their cards, but even more so when it came to selecting their ability. I finally settled on bolster, House Tully grew in power through marriage arrangements and bolster helping the weakest creature you control become stronger seemed like a good fit for the Tullys.

For Hoster Tully I did have to use a stand-in photo, unfortunately I couldn't find any photo from the show I liked for him. As the head of House Tully I gave him the ability to bolster anytime a non-token creature entered the battlefield under your control. The Blackfish was more straight forward, as the more militant Tully I gave him the ability to bolster whenever he attacks. Edmure was trickier but I feel like he would be good with the ability to bolster when you gain life.

The nonlegendary Tully creatures were hard to choose as House Tully had one of the least amount of characters of all the major houses we saw in the show. I mostly choose smallfolk who especially love to bolstered by their liegelords.

The Tully instants and sorceries had to include the house words, but I wanted to ensure Harrenhal and Riverrun got their representation too.

The Tully saga was tricky to settle on but I decided on their marriage alliances to the other powerful Houses of Westeros. The first effect of bolstering and scrying is the match being arranged and the deal made. The second effect of searching for the legendary creatures of various families is the marriage taking place. The final effect of winning the game if three matches were made is House Tully advancing itself in the political environment of Westeros.

Riverrun is my second favorite seat of a major house in Game of Thrones, and I wanted to ensure it has a powerful in game effect that matches its lore.

House Tyrell

Ability: Heroic

The Tyrells are an interesting house, they not only gave us the infamous Queen of Thorns but also her grandchildren Loras and Margaery as well. They all share one defining feature, they are all seeking to advance themselves and their House in the political circles. To do this they like to do good deeds and feats when they have an audience to watch them. Loras is an accomplished knight in jousting, Margaery helps the poor and less fortunate, and Olenna knows how to make herself known.

All this led to me giving them the Heroic ability, they like to be the center of attention so they will love being the targets of your spells!

Olenna, as the matriach of the House, boosts your creatures for each basic land you control when she is targeted by a spell you control. Margaery inspires your other creatures to give back to the needy (you) by giving them a slight bump and lifelink. Loras, as the Tyrell's knight in shining armor, becomes stronger when you target him.

The nonlegendaries of House Tyrell were tricky as they only had four characters throughout the show and were fully usurped by the end of the show. The Tarlys and Mace make up most of the nonlegendaries for this house as a result.

The Tyrell instants and sorceries almost all have the effect of targeting a creature you control to trigger the Heroic effect.

For the Tyrell saga, I gave them the Purple Wedding, a sordid affair with many players involved in the scheme to depose the... "honorable"... King Joffrey. The first effect symbolizes the wedding ceremony where Margaery becomes Queen and everyone is happy. The second effect is the assassination of Joffrey which brings the wedding to a macabre end. The final effect represents the aftermath the dicey plot brought and the political maneuvering the Tyrells embarked on afterward.

High Garden has the fitting effect of adding additional mana to your mana pool when a land is tapped which suits the capital of the Reach perfectly.

The Night's Watch

Ability: Winterize

I ran into an issue with the Night's Watch, I could not find a mechanic that I felt was a good fit for them. So, I improvised and made a mechanic for them, Winterize. A perfect term for the Watch, to winterize something is to prepare it for winter. Winterize gives an additional effect if you control 4 or more snow permanents.

The Wall was an obvious choice to represent the Watch and it has the ability to stop your opponent's creatures from attacking you. Commander Mormont was one of my favorite characters from the show so he made it onto a card which, like him, his the ability to lead his men into the thick of battle. Jon Snow was the final but another obvious choice who can help his brothers with their battle prowess.

The non legendaries include several familiar faces and all sport the winterize abilities to help prepare you for the horrors that the winter can bring.

The Night's Watch instants and sorceries are some of my favorite moments from the show involving the Night's Watch and all have winterize to give you more powerful effects. Plus I had to throw the Nightfort in for good measure.

The oath of the Night's Watch is too long to use as a spell, so I used Take the Black as the saga for the Watch. The first ability that prevents damage to your Night's Watch creatures and scrying represents the training stage of the brothers. The second ability which pools your creature's abilities represents the members of the Watch becoming brothers and bringing their collective skills together. The last ability which wins you the game if you control all basic snow land types and a creature of each color represents what the Watch can do when at full power.

For the lands, I was originally planning to do the Shadow Tower, Castle Black, and Eastwatch but decided to go a simpler route. Castle Black made the cut and helps your creatures get ready for what lays beyond the wall.


Mechanic: Love for Snow-Covered Basic Lands

I was not originally going to include the Freefolk but was encouraged to do so by several people who read this article when I first released it. I realized that the Freefolk had a large role in the war with the Whitewalkers and decided to include them in the expanded article.

For the Freefolk I decided not to give them a keyword or mechanic per se, instead, I opted to make their abilities more attune to their surroundings. Their abilities rely on you controlling snow-covered basic lands and vary depending on the character and which type you control.

The legends were easy to select for the Freefolk, Mance, Tormund & Ygritte. Mance Rayder keeps his Night's Watch Winterize ability with a Freefolk flare. Tormund is my favorite Freefolk so gets the strongest buff of them all. Ygritte was my second favorite Freefolk and puts her archery skills on show in her card.

For the nonlegendary creatures, I wanted each to have an effect that was triggered by a specific snow-covered basic land type entering the battlefield under your control.

The Freefolk instants and sorceries are quotes from the Freefolk legends and their effects relate to the quotes and who said them.

I had a hard time deciding on what to make the Freefolk saga but did decide on the Battle of Castle Black. The first effect is the Freefolk gathering to strike Castle Black, the second represents the battle itself and the third represents the Freefolk's defeat.

The lands were tricky as I gave the Whitewalkers the traditional Freefolk lands so I had to be creative when it came to the Freefolk's lands. Hardhome was the only Freefolk land I could think of and helps support your Freefolk who fled their actual homes.


Mechanic: Colorless Mana

I was originally going to release the Whitewalkers in an expansion set, but when I decided to expand this article with the new cards for the houses I decided to release them in the expanded article instead.

The Whitewalker cards feature colorless mana costs which must be paid by colorless mana. I felt this was the best for the Whitewalkers who want to plunge the world into an eternal winter. All the creatures are snow creatures including the wights who have lost their former identities.

I only created two Legendary Whitewalker creatures, The Night King for the Whitewalkers themselves and Viserion for the wights. The Night King sports his trademark ability to raise the dead around him while Viserion can reek serious devastation on any opponent who cannot deal with it.

The nonlegendary Whitewalker creatures buff your snow creatures or weaken your opponents at the cost of additional colorless mana. I made a point to create a diverse group of wights using examples from throughout the tv series.

The colorless Whitewalker spells help support and protect your snow permanents while hindering your opponents' progress.

The Long Night was the perfect pick for the Whitewalker saga. The first effect represents the onset of the Long Night and how resources became strained. The second effect (which I missed putting the III. on the card for) is the arrival of the Whitewalkers and their undead army and the brutal warfare that followed. The final effect is the dawn and the end of the Long Night.

I heavily debated on the lands and ultimately decided to give the Frostfangs, Haunted Forest, and Lands of Always Winter to the Whitewalkers who had already driven the Freefolk from much of each by the start of the series. Individually they are able to help the Whitewalkers, but together they become a powerful engine.

The Miracle Cycle

Keyword: Miracle

There are five gods, or sets of gods, that are mentioned the most throughout the show. These five gods are; The Seven, The Drowned God, The Many-Faced God, The Lord of Light, and The Old Gods, this makes a very nice complete cycle for Magic: the Gathering since there is a set for each of the five colors of Magic.

Miracle is a keyword I like to build modern decks around and it is a perfect fit for what I am calling the Miracle Cycle. But this is not the same Miracle that debuted in Avacyn Restored, these Miracle cards come with a twist.

The five cards all follow the same formula, they have a standard ability if cast normally but it is when the god or gods answer that things get interesting. When the miracle cost of each card is paid a more powerful effect is added to or replaces the first effect.

The Six Cycle

Mechanic: Hybrid Mana

First, I apologize for the lower quality of the card images for the Six Cycle. I had to use a different website than the rest of the set due to the website I was using not having the hybrid mana costs.

This cycle was inspired by Beseech the Queen and how well it could work if reprinted into the set. I wanted to construct an entire cycle to compliment Beseech the Queen and fit the set, and I managed to make cards for the other four colors. Each effect grants a positive effect depending on the number of basic lands you control and the color of the card.

The Night King's Cycle

I originally made a single Night King's card (Night King's Sight) but realized there were many more aspects of the Night King and ended up creating an entire cycle of cards within the Whitewalker cards dedicated to his awesomeness.

Loose Cannon Cycle

When I was completing the Houses I realized there were several characters who I wanted to include, but whose allegiances never truly belonged to one House. They may have pledged loyalty or followed one House or another, but they ultimately had allegiance to other interests. The cards do not all share a single mechanic or keyword but are all legendary creatures whose clothes strangely match their colors

Minor Figures Cycle

Like the Loose Cannon Cycle above, the Minor Figures cycle was to help me represent more characters that did not fit in with the Houses. They do not have a specific keyword or mechanic but instead are nonlegendary creatures of characters who had limited screentime or impact on the story.

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