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Fitz and Mellie's relationship could have worked.

"We're a team"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a year ago Updated 8 months ago 7 min read
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I like numerous things about Scandal, however, this show made us encourage an affair while depicting the wife to be some putrid depression-inducing monster. To Olivia choosing someone other than Fitz would seem to be a betrayal as she said and I sort of understand this because:

  • of all they had been through (history).
  • of all they went through in their history.
  • of the consistent sneaking.
  • Fitz's dependency on Liv.
  • the precious Doux Bébé "sweet baby" ring Fitz gave her.
  • he declared war to save her.
  • she has had positions in his campaigns
  • of the Vermont dream.
  • of the house they have.
  • of the two press cycles of Olivia being his mistress.
  • of his depression when he couldn't find her (as she was on the Island)
  • of his consistent attempts to leave everything for her etc.
  • Yes, they loved each other which is great but this man was married, a father, and THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, he couldn't be more unavailable. Everyone acknowledges this. Olivia knows this but still follows through with it because they keep coming back to each other. Of course, they come back to each other, SHE WORKS FOR HIM and can't stay away from the White House. She has a burner phone for him and people have called her back to get involved with him if he is down including his wife. When she didn't or wouldn't, she was okay apart from the fact most of her clients were high profile which increased her chances of seeing him but did not guarantee it. He was willing to give EVERYTHING up for her including the office they all cheated and worked hard for.

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    After multiple back and forths, and the realization that life is short he decided to fully go for this. He was the support of their relationship which she seemed utterly frightened of.

    A brief timeline of how this went:

    He divorced Mellie, started dating Olivia officially, moved her into the White House, she was the acting first lady, he proposed to her, she rejected, then accepted, then didn't go through with it, aborted their baby, He came to the realization that she liked him unavailable and she came to the realization that she preferred it when she was the mistress and she left the White House.

    She didn't like being in a powerless role doing the trivial tasks of a first lady such as table setting, conversing, etc. that Mellie normally would do. At this moment they seemed to realize the three of them worked doing each part sort of in a three-person relationship but Mellie did not benefit in any way.

    Fitz felt that Mellie lost love, faith, and interest in him. He thought he was being punished and unloved by her in the past because she was now with Andrew Nichols(Jon Tenney). He makes it clear that he would have never gone looking for anyone else while blaming her for the failure of their marriage.

    She couldn't say that she was raped by his dad and consistently had pains questioning the true paternity of her son as he kept blaming her. As Fitz was unaware of the truth, he thought she was just being mean to him but this was a lot of blame, and times like this are when I feel bad for Mellie. She is not that bad a person. She has been through tough times most of it alone and Andrew was the person that cared for her back when she wanted to overdose and end her life. So, I understand her having affection for him because he seemed to be the only person that cared. She became less focused on marital or sexual needs and all in for political causes. If Mellie was that terrible and conniving like they make her out to be the affair could be justified as an escape from his entrapment to most people but she wasn't that bad.

    Video Credit: CollegeGirlKEY on YouTube.

    Olivia interrupting was rude. She could have waited a bit, no matter what. He's here demanding answers from his wife which could lead to something and she disturbed that. No matter the love they have for each other, I felt this was the right response. She thought she could calm him down by calling him, Fitz at this moment but it was a private moment and should have been treated as such. It is also horrible that Fitz got to know about Mellie and his father from Olivia instead of his wife which depicts Olivia's position always being in the middle of them. He apologized to Liv but didn't to Mellie. She looked as though she wanted to say something but it was so hurtful to utter and didn't get the chance to. This is not something just anyone should know and the fact she couldn't get to tell him as she was hurting was unfair despite not wanting to.

    Video Credit: Andy Granko on YouTube.

    ANOTHER EXCELLENT SCENE. I was so happy Mellie got her moment to talk to Fitz about all she has been through in this marriage. Mellie had been the object of blame, shame and made out to be a monster since the beginning of the show. She was made to seem negative for her political ideas and wanted her marriage and family to be tight-knit. She lied severally but like everyone, "I serve at the pleasure of the President" which she accepted regardless of happiness. As the show progresses, I realized she was probably one of the most innocent people compared to others. She tried numerous times to fix the marriage by doing things together but to no avail.

    She was insulted when Olivia saved her daughter, Karen (Madeline Carroll) from a dilemma because she was her mother. She probably felt Olivia took her husband and cannot take her daughter but she is always made to deal with things because Olivia is good at her job. She became Senator of Virginia and he helped her saying they will be a team until she was President.

    She tried explaining why she gave a list of jurors to Rowan posing to be a sponsor but he kicked her out of the White House without just hearing. She never knew Rowan, what he was capable of and what he had done but she knew she had to do what he wanted to save her family. I felt he had A LOT of nerve saying she had blood on her hands when he did as well. Fitz was angry at Mellie for trying to get him impeached but was open to the world about his affair inconsiderate of how she would feel as he blamed her for getting into a "fabricated marriage with the only woman" he's ever loved.

    There were numerous claims she didn't love him, which she never agreed to but people think should be the reason Mellie deserves pain. He thinks the worst of her every time and tries to frame her as the bad guy. When she was grieving her son's death, he helped tend to her but gave up after 2 weeks. She tended to him all those years and put up with all she did. He told her to return to actual Mellie and not some version of herself.

    When she did, he was not happy with something she did and she reminded him he didn't like the real Mellie. When Olivia told her Rowan was her father and he killed her son, she cried in the hallway and was left there but became friends with Liv because of her desire to run for Presidency. Mellie is very strong for putting all these aside to focus on the main objective every single time. She deserved so much and I was happy she finally blamed him after all she endured. He continued helping her as a friend and teammate but that may have been short-lived. I was happy she got a divorce from Fitz. I wished she was not associated with them anymore but she is a part of the cast and part of Olivia's game.

    Do you think they could have worked?

    This was originally written in my "Scandal is exhaustingly good" write-up.

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