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film adaptations of books 2019

by Samad Mammadov 2 years ago in review
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2019 proved to be very interesting for lovers of film adaptations of popular books

Sometimes shoot great movies from books. It happens that the film adaptation is no less classic than their book option. We have already made an interesting selection of books, movies. Today let's talk about the updates. 2019 proved to be very interesting for lovers of film adaptations of popular books. We will see the remake of the classic horror Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" adaptation "goldfinches" Donna Tart, and many other great, hopefully, films. In short, we put off the book for a couple of hours away and look forward to an exciting movie.

Just try not to be frightened

Pet cemetery

Let Stephen King once again tremble to scare you! He's already done it twice: his chilling novel and the film, which was released in 1989. But this year comes a remake. Stored valerian, popcorn, stroking a cat, and look!

IT 2

Another remake of the classic Stephen King horror. However, the first to give a pale original, perhaps, the second part of the story of the meeting with the monster Pennivayz children will be more dynamic. The whole story is already familiar, but now the heroes are older and know what they will encounter.

Scary story to tell in the dark

The collection of novels alone terrifies emotional story and frightening illustrations. Author series, Alvin Schwartz, assembled and adapted urban legends, stories of the past, the old myths and fairy tales. And when the master of "horror stories", Guillermo del Toro, took the book to film - turned chilling result. The plot is quite banal: a group of teenagers solving mysteries series of deaths in the city, stepping over their fears. But the project pleases fans of horror. An interesting detail: del Toro tried to recreate a visual illustration of the book.

Drama and melodrama

Book club fans and pies made from potato peelings

Mary Ann Shaffer wrote a piercing novel about post-war events. Aspiring writer Juliet looking for inspiration for a new book. Only a single theme that is in the air - this is the theme of war. But Juliet is looking for "peace" theme, to write about the horrors of war, it would not be desirable. Suddenly, the girl falls into the hands of a letter from the farmer to the small island of Guernsey. See how events will unfold. Say in advance, the film is perfect for anyone tired of superheroes and militants.

Where are you lost, Bernadette?

Book Maria Semple tells the strange story of the missing woman, Bernadette. She disappeared for a few days before leaving on a cruise. Bernadette used to take around strange quirks. Disappeared? Well, okay! Only her daughter, 15-year-old Bi, ready to do anything for my mother searches.


Another film about the post-war time. This time the action takes place in Germany in '46. Englishman Lewis Morgan appointed interim mayor of Hamburg and is obliged to revive the city. But residents of the city and Morgan himself did not have for each other is no friendly feelings. whether each party will be able to refrain from retribution? The film is based on the novel meridian Brook's "Consequences".

... and about love

A meter apart

The film is based on the tragic love story of two teenagers with a deadly lung disease. Any infection will kill them. Therefore, the closer they are to each other by no more than a meter. Of course, the more restrictions, the greater the temptation to break them. The film is based on the eponymous book by Rachel Lippincott.

Sun is also a star

Melodrama Nikola Yuna tells the story of a girl Natasha, whose family should be deported from the United States to their homeland - Jamaica in the next few days. And it is in these 24 hours Natasha meets and falls in love with Daniel. Well, quite dramatically?

Puzzles, investigations, intrigue


Novel Donna Tart received the Pulitzer Prize in 2014. This is the story of the young Theodore Decker, who during the terrorist attack at the museum lost his mother. Miraculously survived, the boy was dying of old paintings by Carel Fabritius and the ring. From that moment, his immersion in a strange and mysterious world of underground art.

A good liar

The film is worth seeing if only for the "star couple" actors Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen. The script was created based on the novel by Nicholas Searle. In the story, the old crook, Roy Courtney decides to "retire", simple but profitable business - to charm and to rob an elderly widow Betty McLeish. Met her on the Internet, Roy arrives at her home, where gradually reveals the secrets of the past, women and charmed by it.

What kind of movies do you already see? What do you exit waiting for this year? We will be glad if you give us your feedback and recommendations.


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