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Ferrari. Movie Review.

One Man's Dream.

By Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).Published 6 months ago 3 min read
Robert M. Massimi.

"Ferrari" differs from "Ford vs Ferrari" that played several years ago. This movie deals with the personal life of Enzo Ferrari and his inner conflicts. Where "Ford vs Ferrari" dealt with the competition between the two great auto makers, this movie takes us to the life of the man in Modena,Italy.

Enzo Ferrari has had a long time mistress, Lina Lardi played by Shailene Woodling in which he has a son with her, Piero. Years before, Enzo had lost his older son (Dino) to a long illness and it has hurt him deeply; he visits his son's tomb often.

What makes "Ferrari" work so well is several-fold: the great cinematography, excellent directing by Michael Mann and the acting that each and every actor puts into their roles. One gets a sense of the time and place of where Ferrari grew up and lived his life.

In what maybe her best role since "Blow", Penelope Cruz hits it out of the park as Ferrari's wife, Laura Ferrari. Determined, classy, demanding and smart, Cruz is the true matriarch of this family; she takes no crap from anyone. Laura is bitter over losing her son; losing her husband as she toils with the car company that it teetering on bankruptcy.

Ferrari himself (Adam Driver) is a calm, calculating man who is always in control of his emotions, always. He too is a demanding man who does not suffer defeat very easily. He, after all is a car company that produces cars to support his racing team which is anathema to all the other car companies in the world. Being that he makes so few cars he needs to win races for his company to survive.

What complicates Ferrari's life is his other life, a mistress and a son that he tucks away in the countryside. Where his wife thinks that he is having multiple affairs, it his other secret life that lays bare the controversy in this movie. Only a handful of people know of Enzo's secret. Like his first child, Enzo nurtures this young boy, teaches him about engineering and even though he is young, he educates him about practical daily matters.

What makes Ferrari most appealing is that the director deftly moves us from a nasty wife at the beginning who is unlikable to a stealthy woman that we all respect at the end. Even though her husband has not been kind to her, she stands behind him at all times. She is by no means a pushover, however, she is his fortress. Laura manages the books, delves out the salaries of the workers and is a very shrewd businesswoman.

Another reason "Ferrari" appeals is the cars themselves and the racing scenes; lifelike and engaging, both the direction and cinematography make this movie a winner. I don't think I will ever forget the near end of the last race scene that involved fatalities; never have I ever witnessed a scene like that in all the years I have watched film!

Even though it is billed as a work of fiction, "Ferrari" is a work about real people who experience what the film depicts. Much of the story is based on the man, his company and his life, but not all of it is factual. What is factual about the man is that he loved his cars and his racing team, he built cars like no one else could. Where Henry Ford build an assembly line, Ferrari built works of art, something that Ford's son who would later take over the business couldn't do.

At a little over two hours, "Ferrari" for the most part moves nicely (there are some slow points), it engages the audience and keeps the characters interesting and for the most part, likeable.

Enzo Ferrari, Penelope Cruz, Adam Driver, Michael Mann, Patrick Dempsey, Hollywood, Academy Awards, Oscars.


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    Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).Written by Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).

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