Favorite Easter Eggs in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

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Revealing my favorite nuggets from the fantasy/sci-fi series

Favorite Easter Eggs in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

While almost everyone was giving their significant others flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day, yours truly saw an amazing movie. A movie that I and everyone else have been talking about for months. That movie was Sonic the Hedgehog. As of this article, it topped the box office and made $57 million dollars and $100 million worldwide, marking the largest showing for a video game adaption and surpassing Detective Pikachu, which grossed $54.3 million last year. It's expected to earn between $68-$70 million through President's Day. Movies based of off video games tend to be epic fails or flops, but Sonic proved critics wrong and if it weren't for the redesign of the titular character, the movie would have not had earnings like these.

I'll be sharing with everyone some of my favorite Easter eggs from the movie. Just to warn everyone: if you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you go see it and then come back to this article, because there will be spoilers. These nuggets are not in any particular order, so sit back and enjoy.

Sonic Loves The Flash

What does Sonic and The Flash have in common? They both like to go fast. In his cave, Sonic goes through a huge stack of Flash comics. I wonder who would win in a race.

That Weird Sonic Sketch

Way before I saw this movie, I’ve ran into this sketch on a couple of occasions online. I would have never thought it would make it into the movie. So who drew this odd sketch of Sonic? It was drawn by a YouTuber named onyxheart in 2010 and he named it Sanic the Hedgehog. He took it down soon after, but has been shared by many since.

He Looks Familiar

The echidnas who were atttacking Sonic and Longclaw wore masks and headdresses. However, there was one who looks awfully familiar. The identity of one of them had red fur, hanging hair and spiked knuckles. Those features gave it away and it’s none than Knuckles himself. I have a feeling that we might see him in a potential sequel.

We’ve Seen This Flower Before

In the beginning of the movie, a young Sonic runs all over Green Hill Zone. He gives Longclaw a flower, as seen in the first level of the original game. The yellow flower behind Sonic that is.

The Ping Pong Table Street Sign

In this scene, Sonic is playing ping pong with himself. If you look at the ping pong table, it says Hill Top Road. It’s named after Hill Top Zone, a level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Dr. Robotnik Is Not Finished with Sonic Yet

After being defeated by Sonic, Dr. Robotnik is banished into the mushroom world. His mustache had grown wider and near the end of the scene, he held one of Sonic’s quills and said that he’ll be home for Christmas. By saying that, there’s a good chance that there will be a sequel. Besides, the movie is doing exceptionally well at the box office and the numbers are proof of that. He’s not through with Sonic yet.

That Credits Sequence

If you have played any Sonic game, then you have done and/or completed one of these special stages. In the ending credits, they are recreations from the first three Sonic games. To this day, I’ve never collected all of the Chaos Emeralds.

A Familiar Face Appears

Last but not least, a familiar character appeared in the ending credits. One that I wasn’t expecting to pop up. It was Sonic’s best friend and sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower. Most people on social media were wondering where he was. I figured that he would show up at some point in the movie, but I was so happy to see Tails. Hopefully, he’ll be in the sequel. Whenever Dr. Robotnik returns, I hope that Tails will be by Sonic’s side.

So those were my favorite Easter eggs from Sonic the Hedgehog. If it weren’t for the redesign of Sonic, the movie would’ve flopped. However, it broke box office records in a positive way. How many of them did you recognize and do you think there will be a sequel? What were your favorite Easter eggs and references? I recently polled my followers on social media asking them if they wanted a Sonic sequel and everyone said yes. If there’s any news about a potential sequel, I’ll keep my eyes on it and keep everyone updated.

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